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Fast-Fix Watch and Jewelry Repair

Since 1984, Fast-Fix has perfected a system for fast, efficient and professional jewelry and watch repair, firmly establishing itself as the world's largest franchise in the industry. With its first franchise in 1987, Fast-Fix has grown from strength to strength to well over 150 franchised locations in high traffic areas of regional shopping malls in the United States and Canada. With over 20 years of success and experience in the jewelry and watch repair industry under our belts, Fast-Fix has rightly earned the reputation of being one of the top franchise business opportunities in North America. With Fast-Fix's well defined formula for success available to you, we believe that we ARE the business opportunity that will take you to personal and professional success.

The FAST-FIX Difference.
Fast-Fix offers you the chance to build and develop a business that is limited only by the amount of time and effort you are willing to commit and restricted only by the amount of imagination you possess. The one thing that all our franchise owners have - they come from all walks of life, from corporate executives to educators to restaurateurs - is a strong desire to succeed and a passion for customer satisfaction. For well over 25 years, the Fast-Fix brand has been working side by side with our franchisees to make hundreds of independently owned and operated businesses successful.

Fast-Fix Watch and Jewelry RepairThe FAST-FIX Family.
Fast-Fix is more than just about joing a franchise. It's about joining a family. From step one of day one, the Fast-Fix systems gives you all the training and guidance you will need in operating your store. The 25 year success of our system hinges on around the relationship that we build with our franchise owners. And just like a family, we value our franchise owners as we collaborate with them on virtually every aspect of their business. We're certain once you've experienced what our franchise system has to offer, you'll understand why so many people have joined the FAST-FIX family.

FAST-FIX offers you a complete package for your exciting new business. Don't worry if you have no jewelry or watch repair experience - FAST-FIX gives you full training. Our superb support system will help you with your business every step of the way.

  • No experience necessary. FAST-FIX franchise owners come from all walks of life. Our business system allows our franchise owners with absolutely no jewelry background to succeed by taking advantage of 22 years of refinement of a proven business model.

  • Full training given. We believe a major component of our success is the multi-tiered classroom and onsite approach to training you receive prior to becoming a franchise owner. New franchisee orientation and training takes place for 10 days at the FAST-FIX University School, located in Delray Beach, Florida. Our training program covers every aspect of our business - including hiring, training, store organization and workflow, sales, intake, customer service, store policy, management tools, POS, inventory, marketing and merchandising, and safety & security - so that you have the materials and tools to be successful in the jewelry and watch repair business.

  • Site Selection & Real Estate. FAST-FIX provides everything you need to get started. We secure the most visible site in the mall; we negotiate the lease; we construct your store and we provide the initial inventory and equipment to so that you don't have to sweat the details.

  • Grand Opening Assistance. A FAST-FIX trainer will be with you prior to, and during the opening of your new store to ensure a smooth start. In a matter of days, you will be ready to serve customers on your own, with FAST-FIX's 24/7 support department just a phone call away. Also, every new FAST-FIX franchised store launches a coordinated grand opening media launch engineered to increase awareness and educate customers in your area. FAST-FIX's program includes banners, invitations, flyers, giveaways and the assistance to make your opening truly grand!

  • Support. FAST-FIX Operations and Franchising staff work directly with you from the moment you graduate from our training program. The primary job of the Operations staff is to be with you every step of the way, providing assistance to our franchise owners whenever it is needed.

  • Ongoing Training. FAST-FIX has an extensive ongoing training system which includes refresher programs at FAST-FIX University, and regional marketing meetings in your area. Also, through our Annual National Conventions, you'll be able to meet and interact with other FAST-FIX franchise owners and where we are able to come together as an organization to learn about new products, services and technologies.

  • Marketing and advertising support. FAST-FIX also provides extensive support in marketing and advertising. To maintain and take advantage of our leadership position in the jewelry and watch repair industry, we have created a national Monthly Advertising Program (M.A.P) that all stores benefit where each store will receive a box containing specific materials - easel signs, ceiling danglers, coupons / bagstuffers, calendars with perforated coupons, Passport to Savings, table tents, cash register signs, contest signs & ballots - to help market their services and products. Inside the box will be a different advertising campaign each month incorporating various themes. The combined power of a synergistic marketing program has helped FAST-FIX create a nationwide brand unmatched in the jewelry and watch repair industry -- an advantage beyond measure for your individual FAST-FIX store.
Fast-Fix Watch and Jewelry Repair

Real People. Real Success.

Here's what our franchise partners have to say about FAST-FIX :

# Having been on the manufacturing end of the jewelry business for nearly 20 years, I knew it was time for a change. However, as I looked into various business opportunities in other industries, I realized that the jewelry business was where my passion was and that the FAST-FIX Jewelry and Watch Repairs franchise was my past as well as my future. Adam Katz

# We opened our store on St. Patrick's Day along with the mall's grand opening. John was so stressed out that he already figured out how many months it would take for us to lose everything! Opening day was phenomenal, doing over two times what Linda and Chris, who helped us open, projected the best possible day could be! John and Lesa Crown

# Before buying a FAST-FIX franchise, I worked in a repair shop in a major department store and after working in that store for 3 years, I realized the money making potential in this business - the profit margin in this business was unheard of. Benny Mirpuri

# I knew the potential when I saw an article about FAST-FIX in National Jeweler. The idea of having this kind of service in major regional malls was exciting. Bob Roberts

# I bought a FAST-FIX franchise because I was tired of working for someone else. I managed a store for a large jewelry chain, working 6 days a week with little reward or satisfaction. I wanted to be in business for myself in the jewelry industry but not be just another jewelry store in the mall competing against every other jewelry store in the mall. The FAST-FIX concept was a much needed service that had little or no competition. David Gomberg

# I was a general manager in the food services industry for over 25 years, and was tired of the constraints of working for someone else. FAST-FIX has helped me achieve my goals. Their franchising system offers support, while allowing the individual owners to control their stores. Fred Gosielewski

# My brother and I have spent our careers working for others. He as a bench jeweler and I as a financial executive. We decided to use our skills to work for ourselves. John and Don Thurman

Fast-Fix Watch and Jewelry Repair# We opened our FAST-FIX franchise in July of 1999. What we enjoy most about being part of the FAST-FIX family is having the opportunity to attend the annual conventions that are sponsored by the FAST-FIX home office. Max and Dottie Kohler

# Prior to purchasing a FAST-FIX franchised store, I had owned and operated two very successful businesses. However, I wanted to position myself in an in-demand service business with little to no competition and after much research decided that FAST-FIX was my next, best, big thing. Due to the success of my first store, I opened my second store a little over a year later to expand into the other regional mall in Tucson, Arizona. Michael Barrett

# We are very proud to be part of the FAST-FIX family of franchise owners…not only do we love what we do ... but we have a business that offers us financial stability and independence, not to mention the amount of free time we get to go on vacation. Mikhail and Razan Zeeb

# I've been in the marketing and merchandising end of the jewelry industry for over 20 years, working for retail store chains and major manufacturers. I found that there was a consumer need to be filled by fast, efficient, quality jewelry and watch repairs. Peter LeCody

# I wanted to invest in restaurants - that's what I'd done for 20 years, but my wife said no. She suggested I check into a business that did watch repairs - it was an item we always needed to get fixed. Rick Slavinskas

# Becoming a FAST-FIX franchisee means you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

FastFix Jewelry Repair Enterprises, Inc.
1300 NW 17th Avenue, Suite 170
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Tel : 1 800-359-0407

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