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Speaking Roses
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Speaking Roses

Imagine being able to print any message or image on live flowers and leveraging on this ability to service a vast market to reap the financial rewards. Imagine being able to do all this because you have everything you need - equipment, supplies, technical, marketing and business training, and support - to succeed at it. Imagine being able to tap into the enormous potential of the floral, promotional, gift and greeting card markets - markets that never diminish.

When you become part of the Speaking Roses family, you won't have to imagine - you'll live the reality of running a successful and always-in-demand business and reaping the profits that come with that success.

Well over a decade ago, Speaking Roses invented the process of transferring images and messages onto fresh-cut flowers. The process that neither harms nor shortens the life of flowers soon revolutionized the floral industry. It provided a refreshing and enhancing twist to both giving and receiving flowers. Our technique not only garnered internation acclaim - it became phenomenally successful. With 2 patents in the United States and many others in other countries pending or already received, we are the first and the only business legally allowed to produce and sell personalized, fresh-cut flowers with images or messages right on the petals.

Our Technology
The Speaking Roses process has been refned, tested and patented, creating a system that our licensees will find easy to learn. New licensees average about 6 flowers a minute and soon gain the skills and experience to produce up to 10 flowers a munute. Our equipment and process are designed to be efficient and low-maintenance - whether you need a few stems a week or hundreds of bouquets a month. The Speaking Rose sytems is flexible enough to handle low and high volumes, in tandem with your business growth. Best of all, however, is our promise to be with you every step of the way. Our experienced Customer Support Team will guide you through the growing process, not only when you first start out, but also as your business experiences the growth and the new challenges of expansion.

Speaking RosesOur Training
Because we understand the importance of personalizing your business to meet your goals and reach your market potential, our training sessions are only offered in small groups. This allows for optimal interaction and personal attention and thereby enhances your Speaking Roses training experience. The personalized and state-of-the-art training program will include the following :

  • Tools: We are able to tailor your training to fit the needs of the market, the customer, and you, providing you with all of the necessary tools to take your business wherever you want it to go.

  • Experience: Sharing our experience in business development, marketing strategies and public relations in both local and nation-wide media will truly make your training more fun.

  • Floral Handling Skills: We will teach you how to select the best flower varieties, suppliers and handling methods and how to use the potential of our patented technology to reach your particular niche in the flower, advertising specialties and gift markets.

  • Product Applications and Marketing:
    - Everyday events: Happy Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate branding, Employee recognition, Customer appreciation, and more.
    - Holidays: such as creating poinsettias with a personalized messages “Happy Holidays - Love the Jones Family” to be given as a corporate gift to employees or customers.
    - Events: Imprinting a Chinese Mambu with a salutation for the Chinese New Year.
    - Celebrations: Introducing a line of blue and pink "It's a Boy!" and "It's a Girl" imprinted flowers for your local hospital gift shop.
    - Whatever you can dream up – your imagination is the only limit!
  • New Product Ideas: To assist you in the development of new products and pricing to become comfortable with creating new ideas of your own.

  • Production: Using our patented flower-imprinting processes and equipment, we will have you producing anywhere from 6-9 roses per minute! Remember, no prior experience is needed or expected to produce results like this.

  • Best Practices: We will share with you the best practices and how to develop production strategies so that you will not only be able to handle orders in large quantities, but will also be able to handle them calmly and effectively.

Speaking RosesExcellent Customer Support
With our wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry, you can rest assured that you're not alone. From day on of your business producing personalized flowers and all through your business growth, we offer you all the support you need to meet any challenge. We've purposely designed our system to be easy to master so that you spend less time on technical issues and more time on actually doing and growing your business. Whether it's technical or marketing support, we take the guesswork out of running your business so you can concentrate on running a successful Speaking Roses business.

Market Potential
Because Speaking Roses combines the beauty and elegance of a gift of flowers with the personalization of a greeting card, becoming a Speaking Roses licensee puts you in a position to tap into an almost 80 billion dollar market in the USA alone. And while Speaking Roses has garnered both national and celebrity attention, the opportunity to serve local and larger markets is still mostly untouched.

According to a marketing report from the Boston Consulting Group, the market for personalization is exploding. By offering those consumers the freedom to not only choose the color, arrangement and tone of the flowers they buy, but also the chance to add their own personal touch, be it words or pictures, Speaking Roses is meeting a need in a fast-expanding market. When it comes to tapping into such huge market potential, you will find that Speaking Roses are the perfect product for the following occasions, and many more:

- Birthdays
- Anniversaries
- Congratulations
- Corporate Gifts
- Employee Recognition
- Marriage Proposals
- Funerals
- Business Lobbies
- Fundraising
- Family Reunions
- Motivation & Incentives
- New Product Rollouts
- Hospital Visits
- Baby Showers or Announcements
- Non-profit Organizations
- Hotel Romance Packages
- Home Shows
- Graduation
- Promotions
- Piano Stores

- Weddings
- Dances
- Proms
- Special Events
- Romantic Anything
- Decorations
- Grand Openings
- Customer Appreciation Gifts
- Church Functions
- Invitations
- Recognition / Awards
- Trade Show Promotion
- Get Well Gift
- Bonus to Purchases
- New Home Purchases
- Restaurant VIP’s
- Welcome Home Bouquets
- Airport Send-offs
- Car Dealerships
- Aesthetically Upscale Events

When you include major celebrations like Valentine's Day or Mother’s Day, you'll see that the market potential is gigantic, and the time has never been better to be a Speaking Roses licensee.

Speaking RosesUnlimited Potential
Your potential with Speaking Roses is unlimited! The floral, gifts, advertisement, corporate, and greeting card markets make up an $80 billion dollar industry in the USA alone, and we provide you with all of the tools needed to help you tap into those markets. With the ability to place anything from a corporate logo to a marriage proposal on fresh-cut flowers, we have opened a door to an advertising world that is only just beginning to unfold.

When you join our team as a Speaking Roses licensed owner, you will have access to the "know how" of experienced professionals, and you will join a company that is already experiencing unheard-of success, having already earned recognition from magazines such as Forbes, Family Circle, In Touch, and many more.

Speaking Roses
1536 North Woodland Park Drive, Suite #130
Layton, Utah 84041
1-800-664-9201, 1-801-807-0106

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