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Over 400 million cups of coffee is served every day in the United States alone which makes caffeine one of the most consumed substances in the world. Along with coffee, energy drinks have exploded in recent years to become a multi-billion dollar market. With the popularity of coffee and energy drinks, we at Jitterbeans™ thought to ourselves "Why do we need them in liquid form?". Liquids pose so many problems - from potential scalding from hot coffee to equipment problems cause by spills and leakages and maintenance costs involved in cleaning up sticky energy drinks. By eliminating the liquid and improving the quality of ingredients, Jitterbeans™ have enabled consumers to get their caffeine fix anywhere, anytime by engineering delicious super food product that provides great taste without the excess sugars, hydrogenated oils or high fructose syrups found in most food products these days. We're proud to say that Jitterbeans™ is the first gourmet functional confection of its kind!

Jitterbeans™ are delicately roasted espresso beans covered in gourmet cocoa dark chocolate, coated with a thin candy shell and a potent portion of caffeine. Customers visit our machines morning, afternoon and evening for their delicious energy fix at a cost of only 50 cents. This is huge savings when compared to the cost of a cup of coffee at shops like Starbucks. Based on the cost of coffee at such shops, our customers pay only 33 cents per cup of coffee minus the mess and fuss. Coffee and chocolate are consumed whatever the economic climate. The candy industy historically does well regardless of economic conditions.

We're extremely excited about the Jitterbeans™ business opportunity for the potential consumer markets that it brings together. Anyone and everyone from all walks of like who need a boost of energy from time to time will appreciate Jitterbeans™. With a handsome profit margin per load of Jitterbeans™ machine, the enormous market, lack of competition and no franchising fees, this is the perfect business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to benefit from an exciting, innovative and lucrative program.

Potential profits: Each machine holds approximately. Ten (10 lbs.) of product, which equates to approximately 3,000 beans. You get approximately 430 turns per empty at $0.50 cents per vend which equals approximately $215.00 gross. Your net profit is approximately $0.35 cents per vend which equals approximately a $150.00 dollar net every time each machine empties. So for example 30 machines on one empty would equal approximately $6,450.00 dollar gross or $4,500.00 dollar net. You might have noticed many candy products come and go in vending machines over the years. This is because unlike Jitterbeans™ combination of gourmet food and enerdy, they lack any functional benefit. Remember, we said that coffee and chocolate are always consumed all over the world regardless of economic conditions. This is why Jitterbeans™ has the power to be a money maker for years to come.


The Jitterbeans™ Goal
Jitterbeans™' main goal is for you to be in business for yourself but NOT BY YOURSELF. For a long time now, United Marketing has helped ordinary people like you get into business for themselves - and to excel at being successful entrepreneurs. As you operate your business, you'll be supported by a dedicated team of professionals who are vending experts. No question or issue is too big or too small for us - you only need to pick up the phone we'll offer you all the advice and guidance you need.

Unlike most franchises, we don't charge you on-going fees. We're confident that we don't need to charge any franchise fees because you'll be purchasing new equipment from us on a regular basis. You'll be doing this because we're confident that the more successful you are, the more you'll want to expand your business with us. In order for you to achieve that level, we believe that the best way is to help guide you through our time-proven method for sucess.

We also believe in giving you a head-start to profitability by providing you with the lowest possible start up cost. We can do that because we manufacture our own equipment. Being one of the largest vending manufacturers in the US with factories and warehouse facilities all across the country means we get to control and give you the best prices and service in the industry.


Jitterbeans™ Support and Placement
Aside from the quality of our machinery, timely delivery, and excellent customer service, location is an intricate part of this business. Our machines are so versatile and attractive that they can go anywhere and everywhere. Throughout our extensive vending experience we have aligned ourselves with the industries most elite locating and placement companies across the country. We work with professionals that are experts in locating your vending equipment in the most profitable locations possible. We'll put you in contact with a location expert in your area who will work with you to customize your vending route to best fit your needs.

The following quotes are from leading industry trade publications regarding this explosive new industry.

JitterbeansNearly 52% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day. This represents over 100 million daily drinkers.
The National Coffee Association and The Specialty Coffee Association of America

Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day making the United States the LEADING CONSUMER of coffee in the world.
The National Coffee Association and The Specialty Coffee Association of America

Dark Chocolate sales accelerating by 50%+ in 2007, trend to continue
National Confectioner's Association

Chocolate is the largest selling confection category
National Confectioner's Association 2007 Industry Review

The United States is set to become the largest energy drink consuming country in the world by 2009
"Caffeine and Health: Clarifying the Controversies", International Food Information Council Federation (IFIC)

The energy drink market became a $5.4 billion dollar market in 2007, and both Goldman Sachs and Mintel predict that it will hit $10 billion by 2010.
Mintel Energy Drink Report 2006

Vending confections in candy is a $1.2 Billion dollar market
National Confectioner's Association

Caffeine is the world's most popular mood-altering drug, eclipsing nicotine and alcohol
Jan/Feb 2006 Candy Business.

Jitterbeans™ are an excellent opportunity to get involved in the rapidly market with a unique product. This unique opportunity delivers with little competition, no franchising fees, and a HUGE potential for return on your investment in a short period of time, regardless of the economic conditions. We offer you the best machine, the hottest new products, real customer service and the know how that 10 years in the vending business brings.

Osmanium Inc.
P.O. Box 511485
Milwaukee, WI 53203
800-495-0174 x3

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