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Minuteman Press
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Minuteman Press

Imagine a business where your potential market is every other business in your city, state and country. Every business, large or small, simple or high-tech, use printed material - from forms to flyers to pamphlets - to market and run their business. The printing industry serves a huge market base. As a Minuteman Press owner, you will command a unique place in this industry, with the capability to serve practically any printing requirement businesses may have. If you're looking for a creative, challenging and exciting business with tremendous growth potential, then Minuteman Press is the right business for you. Using our wealth of experience in the printing industry to assist, educate, guide and work with you on an on-going basis, you'll find peace of mind even as you face the exciticement and satisfaction of owning your own business.

Minuteman PressWhen we discovered there was a void in the print industry in meeting the total graphics needs of businesses, we dedicated ourselves to filling this void by opening a versatile and productive full-service print center. Since opening our prototype Minuteman Press center in Farmingdale, Long Island in 1974, we've established a unique position in the printing industry - by being a one-stop center for all graphic needs. Today, there are over 950 Minuteman Press Full Service Printing Centes all over the world. Minuteman Press' concepts and capabililties enables our franchise owners to offer quality and efficient service that generates a high rate of repeat business. We're proud that men and women from all walks of life have found their niche and are part of our vast network of proud franchise owners operating their own Minuteman Press Full Service Printing Centers.

Minuteman PressThe MinuteMan Advantage
We believe that being a MinuteMan Press Full Service Printing Center business operator is more than just learning about and meeting the needs in the printing industry - it's about learning to be successful and experiencing the fulfilment that comes from being your own boss. For this reason, MinuteMan Press provides you with a head start by giving you many advantages :

  • Financing. Once you are accepted as a Minuteman Press franchisee, you may be eligible to finance the equipment package. While there are many advantages to this financing program, you are certainly entitled to select any independent financing program which best suits your needs.

  • Purchasing Power. Minuteman Press franchisees get to take advantageof the enourmous savings in costs available through MMP Supply Company. MMP Supply Company deals with a large network of vendors who each have multiple distribution points. Our mass purchasing power allows us to pass savings to Minuteman Press franchisees. Minuteman Press International has also negotiated special discounted prices with vendors you may deal with in running your Minuteman Press business.

  • Equipment and software. The Minuteman Press equipment package combines the quality of commecial printers with the ease and flexibility of instant printers and are designed with versatility, durability and productivity to produce high quality products. Our innovative proprietary management software has been developed to streamline the administration processes of your Minuteman Press business. It includes a customer information database, order history database, shop work-flow control and tracking, invoice database as well as A/R tracking, sales force management reports and database utilities.

    Minuteman Press
  • Comprehensive Training. Minuteman Press has an exceptional training program that is conducted for two and a half weeks in our modern training facility at World Headquarters in Farmingdale, New York. The training program will cover the full range of topics and skills you will need to run your Minuteman Press business - from technical skills to business knowledge such as bookkeeping, computerized and manual pricing as well as management techniques. Knowing that most of Minuteman Press owners come from non-printing backgrounds, we provide "on site training" at your business premises to assist you with interviewing, testing, hiring and training to be a successful Minuteman Press franchise owner.

  • Excellent Support. Minuteman Press prides itself on having one of the best technical and marketing support teams in the franchise industry. With a wide network of strategically located regional support offices, we make sure that you are in business "for yourself but not by yourself". Our support team maintains high levels of communication and offer continuous service to our franchise owners. In addition, Minuteman Press holds regular regional meetings to further educate our owners on new trends in the industry.

  • Site Selection. One of the most critical aspects of starting any business is the selection of your business site. We work hand in hand with our owners to locate, shortlist, investigate and evaluate potential sites to set up their Minuteman Press business. We do a thorough analysis based on the area's population, surrounding business areas, location of existing and potential business parks and many other factors that will affect the long-term growth of your Minuteman Press business. Once a location has been secure, Minuteman Press staff will assist you in the design and setup of your business premise, taking into account work flow efficiency and customer comfort.

  • Marketing & Promotion. Our management and marketing philosophies have proven effective given the high number of new entrants into the President's Million Dollar Circle. We believe that the keys to the success and growth of your Minuteman Press business is effective and professional marketing and promotions. Since every location will have different customer and business demographics, we believe in working closely with all our owners to determine the best approach to marketing and promoting their specific Minuteman Press business.

Minuteman PressPartners In Growth Working Towards Your Success
You will find that Minuteman Press is a people-oriented company; made up of individuals who are concerned with our franchise owners. We provide an opportunity for you to develop a whole new way of life and an opportunity for many of you to take control of your future for the first time. It is an exciting time for Minuteman Press, and we hope that you take part in this stimulating and challenging franchise opportunity.

The concept of franchising, as the working together between franchisor and franchisee, has been a principal ingredient in the development of Minuteman Press. Our Open Door philosophy has been instrumental in establishing Minuteman Press as one of the leaders in the franchise industry.

By being a Minuteman Press franchise owner, you are part of an international network of store owners, as well as being part of a very unique and exciting franchise system. Since we started Minuteman Press in 1973, we have continuously worked on not only improving and refining our procedures, with items such as computerized pricing and management software, but also seeking out ways to better serve our franchise owners.

You will share in the knowledge, continuous research and development, and ongoing support services made available to our owners. Communication and support are of the utmost importance. As a Minuteman Press owner, you will be afforded this communication and support.

Minuteman Press International, Inc.
61 Executive Boulevard
Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA
Phone: 631-249-1370
Fax: 631-249-5618
Toll-Free: 800-645-3006

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