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Junk King
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Junk King

Everyone has clutter and unwanted items in their homes. It's amazing how junk just piles up over the weeks, not to mention over the years. With the economic climate the way it is, more people prefer to stay put in their own homes instead of moving to bigger ones. Creating more space and clearing clutter is also an increasingly popular home improvement lifestyle that people choose to adopt. So, to make room for growing children and families, it becomes important to seriously remove clutter and unwanted items. Whether it's a family with two working parents who hardly have time to clear the garage or basement to create more space for the kids, single moms who need to empty a room of clutter to turn it into a home office or small businesses who need to clear their stores to maximize retail space, there's always a need for professionals like Junk Kiing™ who specialize in efficient, reliable junk disposal.

Starting in 2005, our company’s founders, Mike Andreacchi and Brian Reardon, knew there were customers looking for dependable junk hauling service to clear clutter and unwanted items from homes and businesses. Starting out by working from their garage, the two long-time friends founded Junk King™. Since then the company has grown rapidly, but the superior service and attention to detail that made them stand out has remained the same.

Junk KingWhy Junk King?
If you've ever spring-cleaned your home you'll know just how much time and effort it takes - and when you're all done, you still have the problem of how and where to get rid of the stuff that you don't want. Now if there are bulky items that you've decided to get rid off but don't have a car big enough to cart it away, you're most likely going to "leave it till later" and you know that "later" can easily turn into weeks or months and you'd still haven't solve the problem! That's why Junk King is the easiest and most cost effective solutiion :

  • Your time is valuable. Whether you are a homeowner, realtor, or business owner, you have more important things to do than to remove your clutter and unwanted junk. We’re here to give your kingdom back to you. Call to schedule a junk removal appointment and our trained staff will come give you an estimate, and we will provide a quick and dependable service that allows you to reclaim your castle.

  • Your space is valuable. Your home is your castle and we understand you lead busy lives. We can give you back your garage, basement or spare rooms so that your home will look like you always dreamed.

  • Your planet is valuable. At Junk King™, we believe a greener planet is a better planet. We recycle junk: up to 60 percent of all the items we haul away from unwanted clothing, furniture, and scrap metal. You get your space back by de-cluttering without filling up the landfill. You can feel like you have done your part to save our resources and our landfills when you use the Junk King™’s green junk hauling services.

Junk KingThe Junk King Advantage
Once you go into business with Junk King™, we'll always be just one phone call away to provide you with all the critical junk removal franchise support you need. Junk King™ believes in helping you go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. We're proud that we provide a whole long, comprehensive list of services to you as a Junk King™ business owners, which includes :

  • A state-of-the-art Customer Care Center: Our representatives perform critical customer tasks so you don’t have to. They explain our services, schedule appointments and conduct post-job satisfaction surveys to help your junk removal business improve and thrive. This allows you to focus on your team, your vehicles and marketing your business.

  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring throughout your first year. At Junk King™ you will be a respected member of our Round Table of fellow business owners. Team work helps you succeed.

  • A comprehensive assessment of your operations within 180 days of your business launch. You want your business to succeed. We want to help you meet your goals for success.

  • Owner’s hotline and Owner’s help desk. While some franchise companies provide little support after you launch your business and others treat franchise owners as employees, with Junk King™ you’ll always be a valued member of our team. Our Owner’s hotline and Owner’s help desk will be there to serve you whenever you need.

  • Strategic marketing and public relations formulas. You want customers to find your business. We’ll help you trumpet its arrival.

  • Reviews, including an annual summary, of your operation. Our experienced advisors will review where your business is working and where it needs improving so that you’ll be crowned with success.

  • Peer support at our annual junk removal franchise meetings and online forums of franchise owners and operators. At Junk King™ you’ll be part of a team of fellow successful franchise owners and operators. You’ll be part of a Round Table of your peers.

Junk KingThe Junk King Guarantee
We supply a strong, no-fail business model and best practices for every junk franchise operation. You don’t have to spend time and money making mistakes. We show you how to get started, how to run your daily operations and how to hit the ground running to profitability. You get what you need to succeed, so here's our guarantee : If you do not achieve a minimum revenue goal of $125,000 in your first 12 months of business, we will refund 100% of your Franchise Fee on your 1st Territory, and allow you to return your franchise.

Junk King™
969 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA. 94070
Tel : 1-800-995-JUNK(5865)
Fax : (650) 631-4346

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