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Oxi Fresh
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OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® leads the carpet cleaning industry with a wealth of business experience and innovative products that have proven to make carpets like new right before the customer's eyes. Using a three-part oxygenated cleaning solution, carpet stains are broken down, encapsulated and effectively removed from the carpet pile. Our natural carpet cleaning system is all-natural and safe for children and pets. With an average dry-time of one hour, Oxi Fresh doesn't leave any sticky residue and reduces returning stains.

Green Carpet Cleaning with the Oxi Fresh Method.
Mother nature has used oxygen to naturally purify the earth for thousands of years. Now Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is offering the most innovative carpet cleaning method to potential franchise cleaning business owners everywhere. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® is commited to being a green, environmentally friendly business. While most carpet cleaners leave customers less than satisfied with their chemical and soap based cleaning processes, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® converts them into loyal repeat customers with our one-of-a-kind oxygenated carpet cleaning system. Oxi Fresh's eco-friendly system does more than clean carpets - it promotes healthy family environments. The possibility of mold and mildew so common in other carpet cleaning systems is tremendously reduced with our one-hour dry time. No matter the size of the project, Oxi Fresh's dry, effective and environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning system is sure to please and satisfy each and every customer.

OxiFresh Carpet CleaningOxi Fresh Marketing Support
We've taken the guess work out of marketing by establishing a solid, tested and proven marketing system that works. We know that having the best cleaning system in the industry means nothing if that system never makes it to our customers. In fact, our marketing campaigns are up and ready for use by our franchise owners whenever they need it. Among the benefits of our proven marketing system are :

  • Ready-to-use templates designed for you as a franchise owner - you only need to insert your city's name, contact number and pricing information.
  • Vendor list with National Accounts to save you time and money so you only have to make a few phone calls to implement your carpet cleaning franchise marketing campaign.
  • Special discounts resulting in large savings - made possible by the high marketing volume of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®.

OxiFresh Carpet CleaningOxi Fresh Call Center
Making sure customer enquiries and requests are handled efficiently and professionally is critical to a business' survival. And beyond that first call and service, it's crucial to manage customers' details and information for efficient follow up. That's why Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning owns and operates a call center for all its franchisees. The call center serves your customers (and you) by anwering phone calls, scheduling jobs and keeping a database of customers for Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise owners. Our franchise owners can rest easy with the knowledge that when customers call, their call is being answered by staff who are trained to provide professional and accurate information.

OxiFresh Carpet CleaningOxi Fresh Rewards
Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® are always astonished by the results of our technique, which results in a high rate of customer retention, good reputation and incresing revenues. Our business is one that's built simply on success, delivering our franchises the abililty to own their own business, create their own work schedules and gain a direct path to financial freedom. The many rewards and benefits of being part of the Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® family include :

  • Great exclusive and protected territories still available!
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Excellent franchise recurring revenue stream.
  • Easy operation and low overhead.
  • Powerful marketing plan.
  • Start-up support, training and on-going operational support.
  • Additional services available: upholstery cleaning and tile/grout cleaning.
  • Live call center.
  • Personalized Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® website.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Discovery Day
At Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®, we understand that owning your own business is a big decision. In order to conquer all of your new carpet cleaning franchise fears and answer all of your questions, we have created a Discovery Day so you can "discover" first hand if this business is for you. Discovery Day is conducted by our President, Jonathan L. Barnett. The Discovery Day team consists of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® executive staff members, franchise owners and distributors. Each member of the team has expertise is a specific area and will provide valuable small business franchise information to participants.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
143 Union Blvd., #825
Lakewood, Colorado 80228

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