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Conwin Online Balloon Decor  Master Series Instructional DVD

One of the most popular ways to attract people to your business or promotional event is to use balloons. There are lots of applications for balloons - from simple decorations to full-blown 30-foot arches (or higher) to balloon sculpting and stuffing. People just love balloons because they're bright, colorful and fun! It's this simple reason that makes balloon decorating such a profitable business. Armed with just your imagination, you can turn 25-cent balloons into wonderful creations that command a very healty profit margin. The secret that most balloon decorators don't want you to know is that the balloon decoration business offers a significant income potential whether you do it part-time or full-time. Working a ballooon decorating business between 10-25 hours per week could potentially earn you $65,000 ++ annually. Those who work their business on a full-time basis stand to earn between $110K - $150K per year (depending on factors unique to your location).

Conwin Online Balloon Decor  Master Series Instructional DVDBalloons can be used just about anywhere because your cost is so low. Your customer's budget determines the size of your balloon creation, but you can still make a healthy profit margin with just about any size project. Here's just a small sample of where your balloons can be used :

  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Sports events
  • Corporate promotion events
  • Kindergarten events
  • High School prom
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Company family day
  • Sales promotions
  • Malls and supermarkets
  • Store openings
  • Radio and TV station events

Conwin Online Balloon Decor  Master Series Instructional DVDOne of the best products you can get at Conwin would be the Balloon Decor Master Series Instructional DVD set. This superb DVD training set takes you from wherever you are right now and teaches you all the skills you need to be a master balloon decor expert.

Conwin has all the balloon supplies, equipment and training material you will need to become a skilled balloon decorator. By supplying you with a full line of materials, you'll never have to source for your balloon needs all over the place. Conwin makes sure you get the best quality at the most affordable prices. With wide network of Conwin distributors in the U.S. and all over the world, getting your supplies is as easy as picking up the phone. Conwin's Balloon Decor Master Series Instructional DVD set is your first step into the fun and exciting world of balloons, business and being your own boss!

Conwin Headquarters:
Los Angeles, California USA
1-800-877-8889 (tel)
1-818-246-9233 (tel)
1-818-246-6862 (fax)

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