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Grout Medic
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The Grout Medic Franchise Opportunity

The professionals at the Grout Medic use the very latest grout cleaning techniques and restoration technology available to bring tile floors back to their original pristine beauty. Our proprietary restoration techniques practiced by certified and trained technicians have earned us the #1 ranking (Maintenance - Grout Repair category) from Entrepreneur Magazine for 2 consecutive years from 2008. As many of the country's leading tile and grout manufacturers select Grout Medic as the after-care expert of choice, we've gained the respect of the industry and have become the leading solution in the aftermarket grout and tile services market.

The Grout Medic Franchise OpportunityThe Grout Medic's comprehensive restoration services are engaged all over the world to clean and seal tile and grout, tile and grout repair or replacement, and staining existing grout for a brand new look. The Grout Medic's comprehensive restoration services with confidence knowing that they will receive the very best in service and results backed by a national brand they can trust. Because of the recognition of Grout Medic as a the leading tile and grout specialist, business is growing and we're expanding our franchise territories to communities all across the country. The Grout Medic franchise opportunity is a world-class business opportunity that includes comprehensive and profressional systems, training, marketing and support.

The Grout Medic Advantage

Competitive edge. You immediately gain a competitive edge as a Grout Medic franchise owner because you will be part of an established business model with proven systems and remarkable growth potential. We believe that our franchise owners should be in business for themselves, but not by themselves, so you'll also experience a rewarding balance of business independence and national support. With our national brand backing you and the buying power of our franchise network, you'll be able to keep your supply costs low and your profits high.

Business and Technical Training. Grout Medic invests heavily in research and development to enable our franchisees to utilize the most effective and environmentally friendly technologies available. Our highly effective and comprehensive training educates you in all that you need to know to be an effective (and profitable) Grout Medic franchisee and provides your franchise with lifetime mentorship. Your training will include the following :

  • Legal and Liability
  • Financial Management
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Sales and Referrals
  • Staffing and Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Managing Margins
  • Reporting and Tracking
  • Mock set ups for every environment in the field
  • One on one instruction
  • Hands on use of all the tools and products

The Grout Medic Franchise OpportunityMarketing Support. One of the biggest concerns for any business is marketing and promotions. However, Grout Medic franchisees will tell you that because of the Grout Medic brand, they're usually ahead of the curve and they benefit from our wealth of experience. Our programs are designed with the knowledge of what works and what doesn't and this helps tremendously in the transition from business start-up to being and established franchise.

Our marketing systems are continuously refined to include everything to maintain a successful Grout Medic franchise. Professionally designed collateral and support materials help you project a winning image right from day one. You'll win new customers right away because we know what residential and commercial market needs and we tailor our promotional programs to target those needs. With the added benefit of our close relationship with leading direct mail providers, national contract pricing reduces your advertising costs and the promotional efforts are cooordinated via our corporate office to ensure your marketing activities are executed in a timely and professinal fashion. Marketing support for you Grout Medic franchise includes :

  • Professionally designed brochures, ad slicks, business cards, certificates, and much mor
  • e.Media-ready advertising copy
  • Television and Radio spots
  • Targeted marketing collateral for commercial and residential markets
  • National contract pricing with several leading direct mail providers
  • Campaign coordination via our corporate office

The Grout Medic Franchise OpportunityOnline Ordering. Growing in tandem with your Grout Medic franchise, our e-commerce website is constantly available to make ordering marketing materials quick and easy. You'll never have to worry about running out of critical supplies to sustain your business. On top of that, franchisees enjoy Grout Medic's national buying power that makes it possible for owners to receive marketing collateral at a much lower rate than commecially available, providing franchisees with even greater profitability. We do the nitty gritty of negotiating volume pricing, making supplies available at the lowest cost possible so you can spend your time building your business and providing superior service. Our online ordering system makes it possibel to provide 24/7 access to supplies so we can rush orders after business to keep pace with yoru growing business.

Quality Supplies. In addition to our proven business processes that have been refined to optimize the ongoing success of each franchise, we have developed a comprehensive package of equipment, tools and supplies to get your business off to an optimal start. The Grout Medic franchise package includes everything you need to start business right away and includes the following:

Extensive Partnership Network. The Grout Medic is the grout and tile restoration expert of choice for many of the county’s leading tile and grout manufacturers. As national service providers, each franchise has a valuable source of customer referrals. In addition, our partnerships with other well-known and related service providers like Perma Glaze® and Laticrete Grout® give franchise owners an additional competitive edge when it comes to lead sourcing and lead sharing. Cooperative advertising, complementary Web promotion, and preferred provider status mean that your Grout Medic franchise is associated with a network of national partnerships that drives customer referrals in your local territory.

... I eventually found The Grout Medic and I liked the royalties and the structure they had. I didn’t want to select a franchise that charges 10-12% in royalties as that lead me to believe I was being punished for growing my business. I have grown my franchise into one of the top 5 in the company in less than a year. This business is so simple you can run it with 1-2 people, or you can do it my way and have an office, company vehicles, and employees. This business will grow at your pace, whether you want to be owner/operator, or simply just the owner.
David Muirhead, The Grout Medic - Northern Virginia

... I was looking for a business that I could start and do the work by myself. My real objective was to grow the business by adding employees. The Grout Medic met my criteria. I was looking for an opportunity that provided formal training, proven systems and ongoing support. My background demanded the highest level of Customer satisfaction and professionalism and I was very sensitive during due diligence of the company's responsiveness and in depth discussions with existing franchisees. My wife and I have not been disappointed with our decision. The work is very rewarding and at the end of the job it is very satisfying when the customer says "WOW" when they see the finished product. Running a new business has challenges, but you know you've got someone to call if needed.
Steve Steffey, The Grout Medic of El Paso County, Colorado

... In my search for a new opportunity, I found my way to the Grout Medic. It combined everything I was looking for. The training knowledge was easy to adapt to, the start up expense wasn't difficult, and it gave me more freedom to spend time with my family. Most importantly, the support was there for me to answer every question I had along the way in the beginning stages. Questions were answered in a timely manner and helped to complete the picture in terms of the knowledge needed in the field. The numbers are manageable and you can maximize them quickly. Go for it, I'm glad I did.
Ted Lawlor - The Grout Medic of Ocean County NJ.

The Grout Medic
2241 E. Continental Blvd.
Suite 150
Southlake, TX 76092
Toll Free : 800-700-1411

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