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Barefoot Books
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Barefoot Books create books, CD's and gifts that are super fun with high educational value. We design our products for a lifetime of sharing and enjoyment. Working with business partners from every walk of life, we believe in honoring different traditions and celebrating the complex web of interdependence in the life systems that support us. Among the wonderful people who have joined us in this journey are booksellers, librarians, work-at-home parents, educators and gift retailers.

To promote Barefoot Books' values, we focus our attention on themes that encourage group or adult-child discussions, performances, artistic sessions, dance, etc. Our products are intended to act as springboards for children's hearts and minds to help them express themselves confidently and with integrity. We also believe in opening avenues for children to explore the world in new and positive ways. In an every changing world that is so fragile, we believe these are essential skills that all children need to build. We believe everyone is born with the seeds of creativity, but it requires the right kind or nurturing and care, with an emphasis on imaginative development to help those seeds grow.

We're always looking for like minded friends to join us in building Barefoot Books as a Barefoof Stall holder. As you do so, you will be starting a home based business that is profitable, satisfying and meaningful. All across the world, Barefoot Stallholders bring inspiration and imagination into their communities. We help you turn your enthusiasm into a successful career and home based business.

As a Barefoot Stallholder, you can rest assured that you are offering high quality products to children that contribute to their well-being. Our Stallholders' knowledge and passion for our products make being a Barefoot Stallholder a truly rewarding experience, while giving you flexibility and independence.

  • Start your own creative business with low start-up costs and low overheads. Experience not necessary!
  • Sell in homes and your local community, and create a community of customers who also love Barefoot and share our values.
  • Give back to your community by fundraising for the school or organization of your choice.
  • Promote your events and sell online with your very own, customizable Barefoot Business Website, available to all Stallholders.
  • Earn immediately with upfront discounts, free products, monthly bonuses, fantastic special offers and commission on web sales.
  • Enjoy prizes, incentives, workshops and get-togethers… and simply doing something you love!
  • Mentor other Stallholders and create your own Barefoot community.
  • Embrace creativity and bring something a little different to traditional book-selling… from storytelling and craft activities to children's art and writing competitions, the Stallholder program allows you to explore your own creativity and create a community buzz!

Barefoot Books US Office
2067 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
Telephone: (617) 576-0660
Toll-free 24 Hour Order Line: (866) 417-2369
Toll-free Customer Service: (866) 215-1756 (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST)
Fax: (617) 576-0049


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