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BallStars Photo Ball System

The BallStars Photo Ball System is a revolutionary technique and the only process in the world that can heat transfer images, logos or text onto full inflated sports balls quickly, efficiently and most of all, cost effectively. Best of all, the BallStars Heat Transfer System can be used to produce Photo Sports Balls without minumums - which means anyone can be a potential customer. Our now famous products have been sold in the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and have been featured in Sports Illustrated.

The BallStars Photo Ball System business opportunity comes complete with everything you need to start sellling personalized sports balls. Using our system, you will be able to print photos, graphics, text, logos and anything else you could ever imagine right onto authentic signature style sports balls - from footballs to soccer balls and baseballs to basketballs. Our system is so easy to use, you can create high value personalized products live on-site where you customers can actually see their own one-of-a-kind keepsake photo sports balls and logo-ed products being created.

BallStars Photo Ball SystemThis is the perfect sports based business for entrepreneurs who want to make and work as much as they want, on their own terms. It's a sports based business opportunity that turns your passion for sports into profit! To put it simply, there are very simple reasons why BallStars is the right business opportunity for you :

  • It's easy to learn! The simple production process make it easy to create one-of-a-kind keepsake photo and logo sports balls and ornaments.
  • Tremendous profit potential! Need we say more?
  • Permanent or Mobile - system allows you the freedom to work from home, work while you travel or start your own retail store!
  • Unique Marketability - coupled high value personalized products with the passion of sports!
  • Exceptional Quality - images are virtually indestructible and all balls are premium grade synthetic leather!

According to the SGMA, there are literally millions of sports participants in America alone. With organized basketball participants alone numbering at roughly 8.7 million, you can imagine the huge market that would love to have their game-winning season memorialized with a special photo sports ball?

Most Popular Organized Sports in the U.S.Based on Participation
(Age 6 and older)



Organized Participants





Outdoor Soccer



Slow-Pitch Softball






Court Volleyball



Tackle Football



Touch Football



Indoor Soccer



Fast-Pitch Softball



Sand/Beach Volleyball



Grass Volleyball


Ideas to profit with your BallStars Photo Ball System
If we listed all the many ways you could profit with a BallStars Photo Ball System, it would probably fill hundreds and hundreds of pages. The market is huge, but here's just a small sample of the numerous markets available to you and how our dealers are selling these highly prized photo balls into those markets.

* Youth Sports Teams
* High Schools
* Photographers
* Little Leagues
* Trophy Shops
* Universities
* Corporate Incentives

* School Bands
* Civic Groups
* Clubs
* Tournaments
* Amusement Parks
* Athletic Directors
* Fundraising

* Booster Clubs
* Churches
* Gift Stores
* Hospitals
* New Parents
* Grandparents

BallStars Photo Ball SystemWe have an All-Star lineup to choose from:
Based on your business goals and growth strategy, you can be sure one of our business systems will fit your needs. Whether you want to start out small with our starter Model 2200 Sports Business System or hit the ground running with our fully packed Model 9500 Pro Sports Business System. Each business system includes our patented arched press head and is designed to press all sizes of our custom coated sports balls.

BallStars Photo Ball SystemBallStars Training and Support
BallStars is always there when you need support. Right from day one, we're available to answer any question you may have by email and phone. We also have blogs, newsletters and a Licensee Only Support Site made available to you 24/7. Other methods of training available on request includes live, on-line PC to PC training with a trainer or by conference call. And if your particular situation justifies it, we will even travel to your place of business or manufacturing facility to train all necessary staff.

Another benefit you'll receive from BallStars that you will not find with any other business opportunity is the personalized, one on one Training and Marketing Consultation services you’ll receive with your system purchase. These services are personalized and tailored to fit your particular situation so you can start your business out on the right foot and to ensure you'll be productive and profitable as soon as possible. Training and Consultation services are held at our facilities in New Century Kansas where you’ll have hands-on access to all of our equipment and software.

BallStars Photo Ball SystemYour training will include :

  • Hands on Photo Sports Ball Printing
    • Photo ball heat press setup, operation & maintenance
    • Proper ball preparation, inflation, storage and how to clean mistakes
    • Workflow setup and production approaches for onsite events, retail stores, home offices and centralized multi-location fulfillment centers.
  • Graphic Software Training for the Beginner
    • Comprehensive instruction using our own BallStar Designer Pro software
    • Different methods utilizing available on-line design wizard website
    • Overview of our full featured Corel graphics suite
  • Tailored Advertising & Marketing Strategies
    • Best practices for on-site events, retail store chains, and mall kiosks
    • Help you plan an advertising and marketing strategy to your first set of identified target markets.
  • Basic Sports Action Photography Tactics
    • Shooting Indoors vs. Outdoors
    • Optional Equipment
    • Resources for learning

Quick Return on Investment
How fast can you pay back the investment on your purchase? Well, that's a question only you can answer. On average the small and mini inflatable, individually personalized photo sports balls will profit about you about $15 profit per ball. The full sized sports balls that have been individually personalized will profit you from $25 on up. The great thing is that you control your own wholesale and retail pricing.

The BallStars Photo Ball System is the perfect way for you to start a business and make money with your passion for sports!

100 Mission Woods Drive
New Century, KS 66031
Tel : (800) 237-0653

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