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Animaland Do-It-Yourself Stuffed Animal Plush

Statistics show that approximately 350 million plush toys are sold in the U.S. annually. Collectors purchased a staggering $400 million worth of teddy bears in North America alone. You and I know that's true because if you look into your childrens' rooms, you're likely to find more than one plush toy lying around. Truth be told, we never ever grow out of loving and wanting to hug a soft, fluffy plush. That's why Animaland is so successful.

Animaland Do-It-Yourself Stuffed Animal PlushFounded in 2003, Animaland is a manufacturer and supplier of Stuff-It-Yourself plush animal systems, animal plush, outfits and accessories. We don't just help customers create their own plush animals, we believe we help our customers create their very own animal friends. Every self-stuffed Animaland plush animal becomes a personal friend because customers participate in the very creation of it - from choosing the type of animal to stuffing them to selecting their outfits and finally naming them.

Animaland's stuffed animals are profitable because they're small and manageable, made of durable, non-toxic, non flammable materials that are safe for small children. All animal skins, outfits and accessories are sold at a standard unit price which make cost control easy. Best of all, every aspect of an Animaland stuffed animal is customizable. Learning to create an Animaland stuffed animal is super easy which means customers can concentrate on having fun doing it!

Animaland Do-It-Yourself Stuffed Animal PlushHere's just short list of why Animaland is THE business for you :

  • Low initial investment and low overhead mean low risk.
  • Small footprint and mobile - which makes it easy to set up shop almost anywhere.
  • High gross profit per square foot (low cost to retailer)
  • Profitable - one animal with one outfit costs you (the operator) approximately $7.50 and sell for a suggested retail price of $19.95 to $24.95.
  • Patented and protected product and system.
  • Hands-on experience is a very fun, exciting visual event - your business sells itself when people see customers having fun creating their own Animaland stuffed animal.
  • Animaland Do-It-Yourself Stuffed Animal PlushBranding - designed for collectibles :
    • Licensed products
    • Sports, celebrity, movie characters, cartoons
    • Registration/transferable ownership
    • Limited product runs help to build "I gotta have it" excitement
  • 1 Animaland stuffed animal an hour in a 10 hour day yields a net profit of over $50,000 a year (Our machines can stuff over 50 animals per hour!)
  • The Animaland brand is a worldwide established brand
  • Exclusive licensing relationships
  • e-Commerce presence

If there's one thing that our Animaland business owners know, it's this - Animaland customers don't just stuff animals and have fun - they also stuff their business accounts with cold hard cash. We think that's a pretty good reason to be part of the Animaland stuffed animal family!

Animaland Entertainment Inc.
6160 Stevenson Way, Suite C
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

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