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Keepsake Stuffer
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Keepsake Balloon Stuffer Business Opportunity

Being one of the original balloon stuffing and balloon gift wrapping service companies, KS International Inc. has been manufacturing and developing balloon stuffing machines since 1889. We lead the industry with the most creative ballooon machines together with the largest balloon stuffing supply available anywhere. Thousands of people all over the world have made us their #1 stop for balloon stuffing needs because of our combined experience in the balloon stuffing industry and our wealth of knowledge and understanding in how to help you succeed in the balloon stuffing business.

Business owners who become part of the KS International Inc. family never run their business alone. We believe that they secret to our success is to make sure that our partners are successful. That's why we're always just a phone call away - for the lifetime of your business - to meet all your technical and balloon supply needs. We also believe that you should get to keep all the profit you earn through your own efforts, so we do not charge any franchise fees or royalties.

Keepsake Balloon Stuffer Business OpportunityOur Keepsake Balloon Stuffer balloon business partners in more than 41 countries all over the world run profitable businesses because when you become our partner, you're in business for yourself, not by yourself. We're a financially secure company with dedicated, enthusiastic personnel who all want the same thing - to help you build a successful balloon business. This business gives you control of your life, but never leaves you alone when you have questions or needs.

The Keepsake Balloon Stuffer business opportunity helps you create special moments in people's lives with beautiful, unique gifts that they want and enjoy. As a business, its one of the most fun and exciting business opportunities around where you can actually see the look of amazement as you fill balloons with special gifts chosen personally by the giver for their loved ones. The Keepsake Balloon Stuffer business literally sells itself whenever people see it in action. You'll have people standing in line to purchase your gifts and balloons and when you combine that reality with the fact that you can start with business with a low, low investment, you won't be surprised at how your profits will inflate (pun intended)!

Keepsake Balloon Stuffer Business OpportunityBalloon stuffing is so profitable because of the high profit margins you make on fast selling products. Every item you sell can potentially give you huge profit margins when you stuff them inside balloons. The Keepsake Balloon Stuffer can literally turn 26 cents into $5 or $10 profit. That's right - a 26 cent balloon stretched and inflated so that you can place almost any object inside make it an irresistable way to give gifts. Now imagine if you were to do it approximately every 5 minutes a day, day after day!

Everyone wants their gift to show that special love and excitement they feel for the recipient. The Keepsake Balloon Stuffer business opportunity helps you jump into a business that's fun, exciting AND most of all, profitable!Just hear what some of our partners have to say :

I've had mine over 10 years, I CAN'T WEAR IT OUT
I wanted to let you know that I have had my Keepsake Stuffer way over 10yrs. It has never failed me and it is so easy to use. I love it. My customers love watching me stuff their "gifts in a balloon" with it. I had my choice of a Classy Wrap or the Keepsake Stuffer and I choose the Keepsake Stuffer because of the carrying case and the small space needed to use it. I carry it anywhere with the case. When I need a replacement... it will be the Keepsake Stuffer...
Cindy Mueller, WA USA

I am writing this testimonial letter to thank KS International for the good, kind service. And for the quality of the Keepsake Stuffer machine. Thanks, ...
Martha Andrade. CA

I want you folks to know what a great time I’ve had with the Keepsake Stuffer and we have truly made a lot of easy money with it over the years. Only thing I ever saw in my life that I could put a 5.00 dollar plush in side of and get a 20.00 bill in return for it. Another 1.00 dollar inside and get 25 dollars for it. I mean, they see this is really a fun way to make a great return on their time and investment. Just writing about this makes me want to get back up again and do some more myself.......maybe I will.... Thanks for the opportunity... Buford Morton

KS International, Inc.
945 Dairy Lane
Idaho Falls, ID 83404, USA
Fax: 1-435-214-2589
Phone: 1-208-221-8625
Phone: 1-800-982-4480
se habla español: 208-313-5714

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