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Battery Giant
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Battery Giant

There are roughly 200 million cell phones in use in the United States. The average American family has 3 or more cellphones in addition to at least 5 cordless electronic products. Combine that with automobiles and you get one simple fact - America and the world need batteries. Our daily activities and livelihood depend on the ability to work and use equipment and gadgets that run on batteries.

Battery Giant is an extension of Energy Products. Headquartered in Michigan. With six retail locations, three fulfillment centers located throughout the mid-west and more on the way, we are one of the world's leading experts when it comes to batteries. With more than a decade of service in retail battery sales, wholesale distribution, telecom engineering, stand-by power systems, and mobile equipment power, Battery Giant offers the most innovative, cost-effective solutions available today. Some of the areas we're involved in are :

  • Motive Power Solutions
  • Automotive Battery Wholesale Distribution
  • Consumer Electronic Batteries
  • Recycling Flooded & Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
  • Recycling NiMh, NiCd & Li-Ion Batteries

Battery GiantTop Reasons Why Battery Giant is The Best Choice!
Battery Giant was born out of several already successful, established businesses. Working with our knowledgeable team and offering trusted brand names ensures you the very best experience as a new business owner.

The battery market is huge and safe :

  • Battery market estimated at $73 billion a year with a 6% average growth rate.
  • Growing need for Battery Specialists.
  • Not a flash in the pan business model.
  • Seven separate sources of revenue.
  • Widespread product usage among a wide customer base.
  • Limited product spoilage (unlike the food service industry).

Battery GiantBattery Giant is a trusted brand and business opportunity with super potential :

  • Nationally recognized brands.
  • A great mix of retail / commercial business.
  • Larger geographic area protection.
  • Prime markets available.
  • Develop markets outside your territory
  • You share in ecommerce sales

Battey Giant keeps your costs low :

  • A super-low franchising fee.
  • Lower total cost to start up.
  • A low corporate overhead cost structure saves you money

Battery Giant provides support from day one :

  • Battery Giant sets up your store.
  • Kits created for simplified puchasing of store setup.
  • Ongoing training programs (Battery 101 online, classroom and field training.
  • On-site support. and in-store training
  • Online Buy Site where you can purchase your equipment and inventory
  • Ten year agreement.

Multiple Revenue Sources :

  • Retail Sales
  • Business to Business (B2B) Sales
  • Repair Center Sales
  • Building Custom Battery Pack Sales
  • Recycling Sales
  • Ecommerce Sales
  • National Account Sales

Battery GiantThe Battery Giant business model is designed with one goal - to help you become a super battery specialist. We train you to provide retail and commercial customers with a satisfactory and positive experience that's fast and friendly. They give you return business because they are confident that you know their needs and more importantly, you always have what they need - you are their one-stop center for all their battery needs. And as you give service that's second to none and they in turn give you continued return business, your commercial sales will be consistent because it's built on dependable relationships. That translates to a stable, dependable income for you. We want you to be able to pass you business on from one generation tot he next.

Battery Giant
6550 Sims Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
Tel: 586.446.6194
Fax: 586.446.6198

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