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Bits Bytes and Bots
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Bits Bytes and Bots

Getting a Bits, Bytes and Bots license is more than just about getting a license to teach kids how to use the computer. It's about opening up a whole new world of creative thinking to children through fun, meaningful activities. Our training programs teach children how to take control of the technology they love, how to become creative problem solvers and how to produce games, videos and robots that appeal to their own interests. A Bits, Bytes and Bots license is about helping shape a promising future for students.

A note from the founder:

After a decade of working as a software developer, I was ready to have fun with my life and my career. I wanted to reconnect with my teaching background and work at something that gave back to the community. From my son's experiences with school and summer camps, I knew there was a need for programs that presented children's technology education in a fun and exciting format. To fulfill this need, I developed the curriculum for Bits, Bytes & Bots Computer Adventures®.

Kids crave exciting, project-based learning opportunities. Bits, Bytes & Bots Computer Adventures® provide interesting curricula focused on computers and technology. Our classes teach students how to build and program robots, make stop-motion animated movies, create 2D & 3Dcomputer games and produce anime-how cool is that? Our curriculum creates eager students who crave more of what we teach. Parents and teachers will love how enthusiastic their children and students are about technology education.Nate makes a movie

Bits Bytes and BotsLet's face it, most schools are not able to buy the equipment nor train the staff to bring robotics engineering, stop motion animated movie-making and computer video game creation into the classroom. Yet these activities teach children a number of crucial skills, such as problem-solving, logic, trial-and-error, programming, narrative and algebra. Our curriculum is perfect for schools, home school groups, scout groups, birthday parties, and summer camps. Our curriculum provides the computer opportunities kids need.

Bits, Bytes, & Bots license availability is limited and demand is high, so we hope to hear from you soon!

Tom Marx, President
Bits, Bytes & Bots Computer Adventures, Inc.

Bits Bytes and BotsThe Bits, Bytes and Bots advantages :

  1. Complete, step-by-step curriculum for teaching classes and camps in Game Creation, Lego® Robotics and Animation.

  2. Information about starting and operating your business.

  3. Marketing materials, graphics, photos and flyers for customizing for your own marketing needs

  4. Web pages that you can edit and a blog on the Bits, Bytes & Bots website to promote your business and post your events.

  5. Helpful tips for maximizing your earnings.

  6. Forum for support from the staff and other licensees.

  7. Free access to our sister site, Tektoma.com, which provides step-by-step tutorials for you and your teachers to learn computer game creation.

Bits Bytes and BotsWho is the Bits, Bytes and Bots license for?

  1. Anyone looking to start their own business in the growing private education industry

  2. Teachers who want to earn extra income in the summer

  3. Schools that want to offer robotics, animation and game creation classes during the school day or after school, or that wish to offer summer camp classes for additional income

  4. Stay-at-home Parents who want to earn extra income doing something their kids will love while still being home when their kids are home
    Business Owners who wish to supplement their income by offering programs oriented towards children 6-14 years old

  5. Museums and Recreation Centers that want to add technology programs to their offerings

A Bits, Bytes and Bots license allows you to run computer camps, teach classes in your school, offer new programming for your school, museum or recreation center, supplement your current child-orented business with new programs and offer exciting birthday parties. Best of all, kids, parents and teachers love our prgrams and theya re fun to teach and take. We'd like to give you the opportunity to turn your passion for children and technology into a thriving business that you'll love.

Bits, Bytes and Bots
10 Donswood Court
Clifton Park, NY 12065
(518) 533-8018

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