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Friendly Folks
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Friendly Folks

Friendly Folks is an established and respected gift company that produces personalized gifts. But Friendly Folks is MORE than just a gift company. We're a business opportunity that's recession-proof with an incredible potential. We give moms, retirees and anyone who sees the potential in owning their own business a chance to make up to $500 per week working part-time.

We know what a challenge it is to find that perfect gift for the person who has everything. Friendly Folks is the perfect place to find that special gift to end all gifts in terms of originality and thoughfulness. Plus, it's always nice to be the person who thought of that "special" gift right? When you're a part of the Friendly Folks business family, you can be the "where and who" people go to when they need that special something for that special someone. Best of all, you can be your own boss, working from home and make great money too!

Friendly FolksJoining the Friendly Folks family means becoming part of the nation's premier personalized cartoon gift company. Here's just a small list of advantages that come with your small one-time joining fee :

  • A complete set of training and software materials that allow you to start up and run your own personalized cartoon gift business including framed/matted prints, caps, mugs, key chains, magnets, mouse pads, t-shirts and everything in-between.

  • A comprehensive catalog of product variations to choose from, allowing you to meet any need across genders, number of subjects, interest, occasion and/or occupation.

  • Unlimited market potential - where you can promote your personalized products at venues that range from arts and crafts shows, mall kiosks, retail displays in appropriate stores, high-end flea markets, holiday fairs etc. You'll find that the family-friendly nature of our business, our products are readily accepted and welcome in all types of organizations from schools, churches, youth groups to daycare centers and marching bands.

  • Friendly FolksAttractive markups of up to 500% on every item you sell.

  • Earn up to $500 per week working par-time

  • Take orders on your own website where customers can explore all of the options with regard to not only product, but how their final personalized item will look when it is completed. (There is a nominal monthly tech support fee for all dealers who select this option.)

  • Low-cost, high-quality personalized gifts that are in demand regardless of the current economic climate mean that you provide customers with an attractive, affordable choice of gifts.

  • Be assured of limited competition from other Friendly Folks dealers, if any, in your area.

“It’s nice to have EXTRA CASH again!”
Janice, like I promised, here’s the picture of our newest grandson Tyler. Isn’t he beautiful? Just so you know, we’re having a lot of fun with this. We’re so used to living off our government check that it’s so nice to have extra cash again. I know that sounds silly. Thanks for the recent newsletter with your display ideas and please tell Scott to call me about how to set up a website.
Bill and Eleanor Bartram

“I finally feel stable. As a single mom, that means everything”
“Hey guys, last week I had a fun experience at a show and I thought y’all would get a hoot out of it. Being a single mom with four kids is definitely not easy but I finally got smart. I brought my kids and they helped me at the show! And guess what? We all have so much fun together. I can’t thank you guys enough. For the first time in quite awhile, I finally feel a sense of stability, like I used to. As a single mom, that means everything to me and the fact that I get to spend quality time with my kids is an extra bonus!
Michelle, Kaitlyn, Brian, Travis and Brandi Patillo

Friendly Folks“Theresa Was Able to Quit Her Job”
Last year was the best profit year that we have ever had. We concentrate on the bigger shows. These shows run 3 - 5 days in length and attract 5,000 - 30,000 people. The days are long and they are expensive to do but the profits make it all worthwhile. Last year in December we did a 5 day show. We rented a double booth to allow comfortable traffic flow and put together an amazing display. It all paid off with sales over $8500. Even though it was Christmas time, it was almost hard to believe. We did better than most of the other merchants there. Theresa was able to quit her job and she is just thrilled, as you can imagine. I’m so glad we called you and got started. We’re both looking forward to all the new stuff that’s coming out!
Victor, Theresa and baby Janessa

“Able to Spoil our Grandkids”
Janice, I just wanted to let you know that Marvin and I have had a great response at the flea market. Every weekend the Friendly Folks prints have been selling like gang busters (my grand daughter likes to say that!) and we’re now able to give more to our grandchildren. We’ve met so many wonderful people who are here for the tourist season and no matter where they’re from, they all love the cartoons.
Marvin and Sylvia Wolnick

Friendly Folks offers the perfect solution for any gift-giver who is on a mission to find something that is truly unique and special. And the Friendly Folks business opportunity is an affordable, profitable, fun and flexible business opportunity that’s especially suited to someone starting a business of their own for the first time. If becoming a member of our growing, nationwide family of dealers is something you’d be interested in learning more about, we’d like to talk with you.

Friendly Folks, Inc.
328 Franklin Avenue
Belleville, NJ 07109
Phone: 800-963-6557
Fax: 559-751-5808

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