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DVDNow Kiosk

Reports indicate that the revenue from sales and rentals of DVDs in 2005 alone amounted to well over $20 billion. It's also a well known fact that 90% of traditional DVD rental stores are derived from new releases. The remainder of their inventory - usually consisting of thousands of older titles only accounts for 10% of their total rental revenue. Operating a video rental storefront becomes are really tough business when you consider that you take into account staff and management overhead, rental costs in high-traffic areas and other operational costs. Yet, despite the high costs involved, movie rental stores continue to be a favorite business for entrepreneurs because the potential for profit.

Video rental operators have long realized that their business would be a whole lot easier if they could just offer the hottest new releases without the burden of carrying a bloated inventory of 'classics'. When DVDNow set out to solve this problem, we designed a revolutionary DVD rental kiosks that could maintain focus on movies that brought in 90% of the rental revenue while at the same time mininizing the initial capital outlay, completely eliminating the overhead created by rent, property taxes, utilities and staff costs.

Imagine if you could offer all the latest releases to thousands of customers through a machine that's as easy to operate as an ATM. Imagine having all the revenue deposited automatically into your bank account while you enjoy quality time with your family or doing whatever it is you enjoy doing. Your DVDNow machine operates unsupervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a small fraction of the costs of a traditional rental store and minus the hassles and complaints that come with having staff. If the DVDNow model is beginning to make sense to you, and you are the kind of person that wants more out of life, then you may have what it takes to be a DVDNow distributor.

DVDNow KioskThe DVDNow automated rental kiosks enable entrepreneurs to tap in on the $20 billion DVD industry. Our program allows independent operators to establish a network of state-of-the-art DVD rental terminals at almost any location - from grocery and convenience stores to fast food restaurants to apartment complexes. The DVDNow business model focusses on the profitable and readily available independent or mid-sized chain locations. Mid-sized chains and independent locations realize the benefits of offering DVD rentals and are turning to DVDNow to satisfy consumer demand. This translates into savings for the entrepreneur who now doesn't have to raise millions of dollars in investment to be able to deploy into the costly large chains like McDonald's and Krogers Grocery Stores.

DVDNow terminals generate revenue through four primary sources.

  1. The rental of DVD’s and video games
  2. Late fees from overdue movies
  3. The sale of advertisements (onscreen and positioned within the DVD jewel case)
  4. The sale of previously viewed DVD’s

The DVDNow program is without a doubt the most comprehensive offering in the industry. From our ground breaking DVD rental kiosk, to our warranty, technical support, placement services and training programs, everything is best in class and here's just a small list of the advantages that a DVDNow kiosk business owner enjoys :

DVDNow KioskRevolutionary Product. DVDNow Kiosks has established one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry, with automated DVDNow rental kiosks available coast to coast. However, even with its phenomenal popularity with consumers, the DVD rental kiosk industry is still in the early stages of explosive growth. Rental kiosks already outnumber video stores in the United States and statistics show the potential to double in the coming years. We'd like you to be part of that explosive growth.

Recession-Proof Business. DVD rentals are recession-proof. In fact, in times of recession and economic slow-down, DVD rentals become one of the most popular forms of entertainment simply because it's inexpensive. In fact, DVD rentals increased by 4% in the last quarter of 2008 due to a surge in demand for affordable entertainment by a growing number of budget-conscious consumers.

Convenience is Key. Just like fast-food, people are flocking to our DVDNow Kiosks because it's fast and it's convenient. Our DVDNow automated DVD rental kiosks fit perfectly in and complement any business - from grocery and convenience stores to gas stations, condominium complexes and any other high consumer traffic areas. Our self-service DVD rental kiosks allow movie renters to easily grab a DVD without making an extra stop along the way home.

DVDNow KioskDVD Renting is now Fun and Easy. DVDNow customers can browse through a complete offering of the latest movie titles, watch movie trailers, and most importantly, avoid a time consuming and inconvenient trip to an overcrowded traditional video store.

Offer The Most In-Demand New Release Movies. In a traditional video store, 90% of ALL movie rentals are new releases. Our self-service DVD rental kiosks focus exclusively on these high demand, heavily rented, and highly profitable new titles, without the burden of carrying a catalogue of under-producing older movies. DVDNow rental kiosks also have the flexibility to rent video games and Blu-ray DVDs, enabling you to tailor your inventory to what is in highest demand in your local market.

Easy to own and operate your own chain of DVDNow kiosks. With the number of DVD rental kiosks in the United States expected to double within the next few years, DVDNow is offering you a business opportunity that is exciting and profitable. With the ease of use of our system, it's possible to own and operate multiple units of DVDNow kiosks without the headaches of traditional video rental stores.

DVDNow KioskCapitalize on a $20+ Billion DVD industry. DVDNow rental kiosks enable entrepreneurs to capitalize on the massive DVD industry by allowing them to participate in a market that was previously only open to large corporations such as Redbox or MovieCube. With our program, entrepreneurs and independent operators are able to establish a network of state-of-the-art DVD rental kiosks in high traffic locations such as grocery and convenience stores, fast food restaurants, university/college campuses and large apartment or condo complexes.

Untapped Market. Our model is simple; focus on the highly profitable, and readily available, independent or mid-sized chain locations. These locations are for the most part overlooked by the other companies in this industry as they raise tens of millions of dollars to deploy corporately operated kiosks into the largest of the grocery and fast food chains. Mid-sized chains and independent locations realize the benefits of offering DVD rentals and are turning to independently operated DVDNow rental kiosks to satisfy huge consumer demand.

DVDNow Kiosks, Inc.
140-890 Harbourside Dr.
North Vancouver, BC V7P 3T7 Canada
Sales : (877) 849-4272
Support : (877) 849-4272 Ext. 2
Fax : (604) 608-9595

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