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Admats Admenus

Admats/Admenus are highly attractive placemats/menus that you find on restaurant tables. Sometimes, they're used as traymats in fast food restaurants. We get local businesses to advertise their products or services on our Admats/Admenus by charging a small fee. Their ads are compiled and presented as placemats and menus on restaurant tables. Our Admats/Admenus are right there on the table where restaurant patrons can read them while they wait for service. We've found that this is a highly effective and cost-efficient way for businesses to target potential customers in their immediate area. Our Admats/Admenus give businesses advertising exclusivity at a very affordable cost. Restaurants love Admats/Admenus because they're free but offer a host of other benefits which include :

  • Provides sterile surface for dinnerware & food
  • Gives customers a table attraction
  • Allows easy table clean-up
  • Puts restaurant weekly specials or children's menu in front of each customer
  • Saves restaurant dollar spent on take-out menus
  • Provides restaurant with free menus to distribute at local hotels, businesses, Chamber of Commerces and other area attractions
  • Brings in new customers from advertisers

Admats AdmenusFor a low one-time investment of $500, you can enjoy earning up to $2400 weekly* with the Admats/Admenus home based business opportunity. You only have to talk to your local restaurants and eateries and offer the Admats/Admenus to them. We've found that this business is perfect for folks who enjoy meeting and talking with people. The more you talk, the more your earnings potential. Simply talking to your local business owners and playing "show and tell" can quickly earn you up to $2400 weekly! You'll get our proven system (agreements and sample placemats/menus) to start making money fast! The business owners write the checks directly to your dba/Admats/Admenus business so you get paid daily!

Admats AdmenusAdmats/Admenus offer lots of advantages:

  • $500 low cost start-up
  • Protected territories
  • Profitability in the very first week
  • Affordable advertising format for clients
  • Full training
  • Business can be done in any city or state in the country
  • Simple business plan
  • Residual income


Admats/Admenus can make it happen! Consider these outstanding benefits for you:

  • Provide this free service to restaurants
  • Sell low cost advertising that works
  • Market a program that sells itself
  • Target businesses near each restaurant
  • Make a quick sale in just 5 minutes
  • Grow your business at your own pace
  • Make your own hours/work your own schedule
  • Create residual income Admat/Admenu after Admat/Admenu
  • Get business owners calling you to advertise
  • Turn-around time is only three weeks

Admats AdmenusThis opportunity is simple to operate and puts you in business for a low, one-time fee of just $500! The first completed admat pays for your investment, leaving significant profit for you on all subsequent sales! Here's the run-down on how it works out :

Sell 12 ads @ $298 each (sold out Admats/Admenus) - $3,576
Printing/shipping cost (10,000 color Admats/Admenus) - $900
Graphic design/proofing cost (per Admat/Admenu) - $300
Your net income per placemat/menu (based on 12 sales) - $2,376

Admats/Admenus are the perfect small home based business that you can run from home and still have time for your own personal interests. It can either be a side business that puts extra cash into your pockets or a full-time business that brings in a full-time income. The choice is up to you.

Office: 919-562-9223
Toll Free: 877-562-9223
Fax number: 866-642-3616
Wake Forest, North Carolina

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