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TeleVenture Home Entertainment Business Opportunity

During the 50's and 60's, when television and hi-fi-audio were introduce to the world, TV antenna installation specialists mushroomed to keep up with the surge in demand from buyers from all across the nation. This sole proprietor business opportunity was lucrative and lasted for more than 20 years before the home electronics industry took the next leap into a new era with technological advances.

For the next 30 years, come satelite reception created a voracious demand for more channels and higher resolution TVs - which required more sophisticated roof-top antennas and satelite dishes installed by cable companies. Entrepreneurs saw the prospects and profitability in a new business opportunity. They combined their elementary understanding of visual and audio technologies with home entertainment products to create a booming industry that is set to be the next wave of opportunity. Most of today's independent home entertainment specialists make upwards of $80 per hour doing routine maintenance and installation tasks for both residential and commercial customers. The promise of continued business grows with every new leap in technology.

Televenture.TV is poised to lead the next wave of opportunity in professional services - the Media Entertainment Specialist now encompasses integrating high definition cable and satelite systems with Plasma/LCD/LED TV's along with surround sound, DVD, TIVO™, and a multitude of other audio-visual enhancements. Televenture.TV has created a ground floor licensing business opportunity to take advantage of this emerging market by owning your own Home Based STV installation business.

TeleVenture Home Entertainment Business OpportunityTeleVenture.TV provides training and initial set up for entrepreneurs looking to establish a home based business installing and servicing television and audio entertainment systems. As a TeleVenture.TV-trained audio-visual setup specialist, your primary customers will come from the general public, established businesses (hotels, sports bars, family restaurants etc.), property management groups and contractors.

At an average rate of approximately $80 per hour your earnings potential can be very substantial. You'll be able to cover a wider market and handle more projects to maximize your earnings potential if you hire staff. However, since you can dictate the wages of your hired help and still mark up the components that you purchased at wholesale, your earnings potential becomes quite substantial.

TeleVenture.TV is making news with the newest home-based service business opportunity around. Our licensees install and maintain the hottest home entertainment systems in the world for homeowners and small business owners.

More reasons why you'll love this business :

  • No special equipment is required
  • No inventory is required
  • No royalty fees
  • No obligation to buy from us

You don't need to stock or sell electronic equipment because you're installing for the retailers that sold the entertainment systems and for the people who thought they could do it themselves. Follow our direction and contract the work out to already trained field techs and YOU be the boss, or do the work yourself. We’ll get you started with low cost guerilla marketing, ready-to-use marketing materials, show you where to buy quality accessories that have huge mark ups and give you the training and support you need. We’ve been doing home entertainment for over 30 years and can deliver you to the address of success!

TeleVenture Home Entertainment Business OpportunityHome entertainment equipment service volumes are driven by new technology releases, more choices in equipment, increasing complexity of systems and an aging population. Flat panel sales were up in 2008 and new High Definition TV signal requirements plus booming sales of HD DVD (Blu-ray) continue the growth in this market.

A movie at home on a high definition, flat panel TV with surround sound is the new ‘night out’ for millions of families. And prices for those big high definition monitors have come way down so that millions are getting their first big screen or are upgrading to something even bigger. So get into a business that grows when others retreat and booms when times are good.

Getting a home entertainment system connected properly, hanging a flat panel screen on the wall, installing built-in speakers and programming a universal remote is beyond the average person. They will pay you well to make their entertainment system work right. YOU CAN DO THIS! We’ll help you build a fun and interesting business that is profitable, grows easily and that you’ll be proud to own.

31855 Date Palm Drive, Unit 3-420
Cathedral City, California 92234
Office: 760) 345-5629
Toll-Free: 888) 773-4747
Fax: 760) 766-1667

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