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Christmas Concepts
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Christmas Concept Christmas  decorations rental

Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for retailers -it's when they make tons of money. That why it's critical for them to deck their stores with colorful decorations, bright lights and green trees. However, retailers aren't the only ones who have a budget for their Christmas decorations. Companies and non-retail businesses also put up decorations to create a merry atmosphere - and keep customers cheery.

At Christmas Concepts, we've found that clients would rather Rent Christmas for $4000 than buy it for $3000 - and that really is the truth. Busy companies don't want to store it and they don't have the staff or time to decorate themselves. What they'd really like is for the decorations to magically appear before the holidays and then magically disappear again after everything's done. Then they next year, they'd like the same magic to happen again! That's why they're delighted to pay you good money and step back to watch the Holiday Season come to life right in front of their own eyes. Because of the convenience Christmas Concepts offers them, you'll easily secure a multi-year contract with them do decorate their offices and buildings with the exact same decorations and pay you the same exorbitant amount of money over and over again. That's why Christmas Concept is a really great way to supplement your income year after year!

Christmas Concept Christmas  decorations rentalChrismas Concepts' business opportunity allows you to work just one month a year to make as much as your full time job! Whether the economy is robust or slows down, companies still need to provide beautiful commecal holiday decorations for their customers and clients. Festive holiday displays not only liven the atmosphere and cheer up their customes, but they also give a successful image and first impression. Chrismas Concepts gives you the opportunity tomake money doing something that you could really enjoy. The Christmas decorations rental business is a relatively untapped market with enourmous profit potential that you can work at while keeping your full time job or run on a seasonal basis. You'll find that the additional income will be extraordinary.

Clients pay extremely well for seasonal displays and the same applies to your Christmas decorations business. The best part is that they'll pay you to do it all over again year after year. This low priced franchise creates a stream of residual income that's perfect for stay-at-home moms, college students on a break and retired folk. From simple office decorations to large projects that involve whole buildings, every hotel, bank, doctor's office, retirement home - the list goes on and on - needs to put up decorations so why not reap the rewards of this wide seasonal market? These companies give you budget and you deliver, install and remove after the holidays - what could be more simple?!

Christmas Concept Christmas  decorations rentalOur Christmas rental business is "AAA" rating with the Better Business Bureau, the highest rating the BBB offers. We are registered in Santa Barbara County, California. We are proud members of the "Sellers Assisted Marketing Plan", regulated by the Attorney General's Office, Department of Justice, for the State of California. This carefully regulated program guarantees the highest lever of professionalism that a franchise can offer. Your payment is deposited into a Trust Account and no funds can be transferred until all products have been delivered to you. This is one more way to earn your trust; and we wouldn't want it any other way!

When you join our large family of Christmas Concepts business owners, you will receive :

  • 3 thick binders packed with information for your new business. 35 years all outlined in each to follow step by step instructions
  • Actual bid forms, invoices, monthly billing coupon book, and all the knoledge needed to succeed.
  • Corporate references that will make you look established and professional from day one!
  • Black Leather Portfolio with 50 amazing glossy photo designs, members from all over the world have contributed to this area
  • DVD training from our best seminars, watch this over and over for simple refreshers and motivation
  • Click and drag software to build your proposals
  • Software DVD design secrets
  • Hand embroidered Caps and Aprons
  • Trademarked logo for stationary, invoicing, business cards and advertising
  • Customized trademarked logos
  • 50 wholesalers with amazing prices
  • Exclusive area for your continued education
  • Monthly Newsletter: Keeps you in touch
  • Photoclub to see examples of work
  • E-mail notification of hot leads in your area
  • Optional customized website with your new e-mail and website address
  • Optional months of 1 on 1 consulting with our staff and president
  • Optional webinar training for continued education
  • Opportunities to attend upcoming training seminars
  • Customized website for your new business with incredible Savings

In addition to the massive list above, you'll gain access to our exclusive members area where you find powerful and insightful information for continued education to help you sustain and grow your business. The following are just a sample of what you'll find in the members' area :

  • New Secret sales tools that close deals quickly
  • The latest ways to market and promote your business
  • Articles on overall business health
  • Creating higher NET profits while building residual monthly income
  • Membership suggestions, new photos and ideas from all over the world
  • Monthly newsletter with information on new wholesalers and products
  • Questions and answers each month from our 800 members worldwide
  • Secret ways to save on taxes each year
  • Newly published articles that educate and inspire

Christmas Concept Christmas  decorations rentalPamel Dorn, the President of Chrismas Concepts says "We create entrepreneurs every day and you found us for a reason; this is your chance to change your life forever. This program gives you absolutely everything to get up and running quickly, all the back up to build a successful profitable business quickly. 800+ members worldwide.

Working 2 months a year, to make $300,000.00 per season became a huge part of our business overnight. I'm not saying it happened overnight, it took several years to get to that point, but I was determined to make a better life for my family and this was and is still an untapped market. You can fit this business around your current full time job or downsize out of that dead end job. You get back your power to plan your future the way you want.We have members all over the world, and most are doing really really well! Like anything in life, it will take planning and work.

Now here we are in years laet and everyone is still looking for that second income just to stay even, and here is the best news of all, every company out there will always need Christmas Decorations! If you love what you do, nothing is more satisfying, and the money winds up being an extra bonus!"

Christmas Concepts
P.O. Box 6090
Los Osos, California 93412
Phone: (805) 782-0128
Fax: (805) 782-0127

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