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Parrot Place
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Parrot Place business opportunity

Parrot Place is a business opportunity that combines pet retail, wildlife education (specifically about parrots) and business. The Parrot Place doesn't just sell birds - we provide Companion Parrots at a superb value while offering a comprehensive range of services and support that go hand in hand with caring for parrots. These include providing specialty products as well as educational and nurturing guidance training programs. We believe that as we educate our customers, we raise the quality and ethics of the companion bird industry.

Parrot Place business opportunityCareer advisors often tell people that to be truly happy, you need to find something that you love to do and then, find a way to make money doing it. Many people have found that Parrot Place perfectly combines their love for pets and a profitable business opportunity, but while those are the primary reasons, others include :

  • To be a part of a Nationwide Organization that is dedicated to raising the standards of which parrots are raised and sold under.
  • To work with and experience many different species of parrots.
  • To be a stay at home caregiver working from home while tending to their family.
  • Retired or soon to retire people that want to continue earning, doing something they enjoy, at their own pace.
  • To own a home business that can be profitable, safe and enjoyable.
  • To have a business of their own.
  • To change their lives.

What will you be doing that will make you love this business?

  • Educating others. You will be teaching people about parrots, helping them match one to their lifestyle and explaining the responsibility they will have owning a parrot for a pet.

  • Being an authority. Through our educational and training programs, you will become an authority on raising and handling parrots. As you do that, you'll be able tomaximize each bird's potential for talking and handling. You'll then be able to teach your customers how to maintain the quality of their birds.

  • Own the birds you want. You can personally own the birds you've always dreamed of having. Using them as show birds to help with sales for your business, they'll even be tax deductible. With our nurturing guidance techniques you may even improve the quality of the birds you already own.

  • Improve the industry. You will be helping to improve the conditions that parrots are raised and sold under in America by educating the consumer. The Parrot Place sets the standard for how birds should be raised and sold.

Parrot Place business opportunityThe best thing about your Parrot Place business is it's FUN! You'll be working with one of the most intelligent and beautiful of nature's creatures - the parrot. As you and your family hand raise Moluccans, Umbrellas, Amazons, Greys, Macaws from about the time they're six weeks old, you'll love seeing their own little personalities form. As you hand feed baby birds and teach them to step up and stay where you put them, you'll also be teaching them how to vocalize and maximize their talking ability. This makes them a sure-fire attraction whenever you take them places, interacting with people - who will eventually be your customers. What other business allows you to play with your own products?

Another great thing about starting a Parrot Place business is the fact that it makes a really great family business and career that can provide you with a nice income source even into your retirement. As you learn and become an authority on parrots, you can impart this knowledge to your children who can take over the business when they've grown up. This gives them a headstart in running a profitable business selling birds, cages, food, toys and accessories. It's a good income source to complement their career income should they choose to run their Parrot Place business part-time.

While it's really FUN being part of the Parrot Place family, this IS a business. It's a business that fun, lucrative and flexible. Some of the advantages of starting your own Parrot Place business are :

  • Earn an income doing something you love.
  • Independence - you will create a lifestyle of independence that others will envy.
  • Freedom from the 9-5 job.
  • Work the hours you want.
  • Work by appointment only.
  • Raise your own children and tend to your family.
  • Freedom. Plan vacations and away knowing that when you return you can re-open and not have lost any sales.
  • Security. Should you get sick or have an emergency arise, you can close and re-open as needed.

Parrot Place business opportunityCan you make money selling birds?
Parrot Place wouldn't be in business for so long if we didn't make money! Sure it's a FUN business, but fun without money coming in would make it a hobby - not the profitable business that it truly it.

Selling approximately four birds a month from your home can give you an estimated net income of about $25,000 per year, with profit margins ranging from $500 to $1000 per sale. We've even recorded income as high as $80,000 from bird sales! Research clearly shows that customers want VALUE with their purchase and are willing to pay more money for the value added features :

  • A One Year Limited Warranty.
  • A 24 Hour Emergency Phone Number.
  • Written Care and Feeding Instructions.
  • A List of Nurturing Guidance Techniques to maintain their birds pet quality and maximize its potential for talking and handling.
  • Free Behavioral Consultation for as long as they own the bird.

Add to that other sources of income like behavioral work, sales of cages, supplies, grooming and boarding birds and you should be making a tidy sum of money every month! And best of all, believe it or not, people DO walk in and give you birds for free - that they find injured or trapped in fences etc - for you to work with and sell.

Whether you decide to keep your business big or small, you will have many options to suit your work and lifestyle. You could even open a store if you want or get otheres to sell birds for you, but one thins is for sure - Parrot Place offers its business partners lots more advantages :

  • You'll receive tax savings.
  • You don't have to leave your job or start full time.
  • You have access to an unlimited use of our breeders.
  • You have the ability to sell birds for the rest of your life.
  • You will receive referral sales from us and others.
  • You will never get stuck with birds you can't sell.
  • You can relocate your business if you move.
  • You can start and stop your business at will.
  • You are learning from the success of others.
  • We'll will help you sell your business should you ever want to.
  • No one has ever lost money using our methods.
  • We're a member of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Functioning Parrot Place Location- we're not going to disappear.
  • Training facility
  • Access to our online Parrot Place Community

Parrot Place Community has a vibrant and active online community that offers lots of support and help to its memebers. We have added a significant new support system as of October 1, 2007. It's where all Parrot Place business partners gather to share information. Listed below are just a few of the forums that are available on the new site:

  • Member Introductions - a place to get to know the other Members of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization (NPPO)
  • Breeder Introductions - a place to get to know our NPPO breeders
  • Confidential Breeder List - all the contact information for the breeders
  • Confidential Bird Availability List
  • Business Sales and Marketing Advice
  • Business Management Advice
  • Help in taking Your Parrot Place to the Web
  • How to get the most from advertising
  • Feedback and reviews of NPPO breeders and vendors
  • Forum covering the Raising and Caring for Baby Parrot
  • Health and Veterinarian Recommendations
  • Ask the Avian Vet Forum
  • Description of Parrot Species

Parrot Place believes that to remain successful and profitable, our business partners have to be successful and profitable. We have years of knowledge and experience that we're ready to share with you. We believe that Parrot Place is a business with enormous potential that's EASY to LEARN and FUN to DO. All you have to do is that the steps to make it happen.

Parrot Place
PO Box 91 Zeeland MI 49464
Tel : 616.875.2341

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