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Gryphon Mobile Pet Groomer
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Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming Trailer

Americans are now spending approximately $41 billion a year on their pets! The amount spent on pets today is double what was shelled out ten years ago, and the annual spending is expected to hit over $52 billion over the next couple of years, according to consumer research company Packaged Facts. The phrase "a dog's life" used to mean sleeping outside, enduring the elements, living with aches, sitting under the dinner table, waiting for bits of scraps to land on the floor, but today's dog has it a whole lot better. More than half of all dog owners say they apportion a percentage of their finance for their pets. With the rising status of pets, an unprecedented wave of entrepreneurship has begun in an industry once epitomized by felt mice, rubber bones and rubber balls. Pet products today aim to make people feel they're being extra loving to their little ones - just like toymakers have long encouraged parents to spoil their kids.

Some of the pet-related businesses that have benefitted from the new status of pets include doggie spas, pet grooming, pedicure services, professional dog walkers, and massage therapy for animals. It's amazing to note that in the last 10 years, not only has pet grooming has moved away from only for the rich and famous to being affordable enough for the average pet owner, but it has spawned multi-million dollar industry with pet groomers literally mushrooming all over the world.

One particular niche has begun to enjoy tremendous growth in the pet industry is the mobile pet grooming business. This is where Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming trailers lead the industry. We're enabling thousands of pet-loving entrepreneurs to participate in the booming pet industry by equipping them with the best mobile pet grooming trailer money can buy!

Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming TrailerIf you already own a pet grooming business, then a Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming trailer is a logical expansion and extension of your business. It allows you to service a wider area and take your business to your customers when they can't come to you. Best of all, it increases your profitability. If you're a pet owner with some grooming business, then you might want to consider a Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming trailer as your start in a highly profitable industry. A Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming trailer helps you on the way to discovering a nice part-time income. You never know - it might just lead to a career change! Here's just a few advantages of starting a Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming business :

Freedom to set your own schedule and be your own boss.

  • Flexibility to run your business the way you want to - you can have a career that allows you to balance your personal life and business, too.
  • Exciting and growing industry - Be a part of the ever-growing pet industry and profit from offering a quality professional service with added convenience.
  • Low overhead and expenses - With a Gryphon Mobile Spa, there is no rent or utilities to pay, and product costs are low.
  • High margin services - Mobile grooming is a specialty service with added convenience that customers are willing to pay a premium for.
  • Earning potential - Because the overhead and ongoing expenses are low, and the profit margins are high, the earning potential for mobile groomers is great.
  • Residual business - Pets need grooming on a regular basis! Once you build a client base you will profit from repeat business with little or no additional advertising.
  • Low start-up cost - There are no franchise or territory fees to pay when you start your grooming business with Gryphon Trailers.
  • Quick start-up time - because we stock trailer shells we can have your custom Gryphon Trailer ready in 4 weeks.

Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming TrailerWhy aGryphon Mobile Pet Grooming trailer and not a grooming van?

  • Price - Grooming trailers are generally more affordable than vans, with lower monthly payment and less maintenance needs. Because a Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming trailer IS a trailer and doesn't have an engine, you won't be saddled with costly repairs too.

  • Down Time - When a grooming van needs engine work or maintenance, your pet grooming business goes into the workshop as well - it just grinds to a halt. With no mobile salon, you'll be missing out on jobs and profits and worse, you may be out of business for days or weeks! A Gryphon Mobile Pet Grooming trailer means you can hook up your trailer to another vehicle even if you regular towing vehicle needs time in the workshop. That means your business keeps running, and your profits keep rolling in.

  • Flexibility - Grooming trailers allow you to unhook from your towing vehicle so you can use your car, truck or SUV for other personal life matters. No need to show up at the theatre or fancy restaurant in your grooming salon! Although we encourage groomers to use their mobile salon as an effective advertising tool, there will undoubtedly be times and places that it’s not appropriate or convenient for you to arrive in your mobile grooming trailer! Using a grooming trailer for your mobile rig allows you to decide when you take your mobile salon, and when you leave it parked at home.

  • Mileage - Grooming trailers don’t have odometers, and therefore don’t accumulate mileage like grooming vans. Thus, grooming trailers do not depreciate as quickly over time like grooming vans do.

  • Insurance - Grooming trailers are typically less expensive to insure than a grooming van.

Mobile pet grooming is both a personally and financially rewarding career. For a very small investment, you can be in control of your own hours, your own paycheck, and LOVE what you do every day! It's time for you to join thousands of others in the mobile pet grooming business, making a good living spending time with pets all day!

Gryphon Enterprises Inc
54 Danbury Road #213
Ridgefield, CT 06877
Toll-free : 866-611-6360
Tel : 772-257-4661

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