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Tax Centers of America
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Tax Centers of America Business Opportunity

Tax Centers of America (TCOA) is a franchise-based corporation that specializes in income tax preparation, online and electronic tax filling for taxpayers who want to get the refund fast. We offer the same service that other companies such as H & R Block, Jackson-Hewitt, and others do.

TCOA works really hard to achieve excellence in meeting and exceeding our partner expectations by providing superb customer service. We do that by providing information and services to our clients efficiently and professionally, always keeping in mind the need to be cost-effective. We believe that it's through our "fanatical" customer service that we create value for all.

Tax Centers of America Business OpportunityDeciding to start your own business isn't the easiest thing in the world. For those completely new to entrepreneurship, it can mean more question than answers. What kind of a business plan do I want to have? Where will my start-up capital come from? Who and how many people do I hire? How much should I pay them? How do I get people to buy my products or services? All these questions can seem overwhelming to try and figure out on your own. Which is why millions of people choose to start their own franchise business.

Franchising makes it a whole lot easier for the new entrepreneur to take that first dive into the world of business. Franchisors take all the lessons learnt from years of doing business - including the mistakes - and turn them into a system that's easy and cost effective. As a Tax Centers of America franchisee, you'll automatically gain from the wealth of knowledge and experience we've gained from being the leader in the tax preparation business for years. However, being a TCOA franchisee isn't just about following a system - we train you to use all this knowledge and apply our experience to make your own decisions. We've proven that this blend of independence and support is what makes TCOA such a popular business opportunity. Our franchisees run the day-to-day operations of their TCOA franchise just like any other small business owner but they get to set their own hours because their their own boss! Franchisees enjoy the benefits of an established brand name, which assists you in building your customer base.

Tax Centers of America Business OpportunityLeveraging on TCOA's brand name increases your opportunities and potential for success. Statistics show that 97% of franchise businesses are still operating afer 1 year as compared to independent businesses that pull in at 62%. After 5 years, 92% of franchised businesses still operate compared to just 23% of independenstate the obvious and speaks of the sustainability of running a reputable franchise such as TCOA. However, you may be thinking to yourself that your more concerned about YOUR OWN success than a bunch of statistics. So are we. We're committed to making YOU a success - in fact, we're committed to making ALL our franchisees successes. That's why OUR success rate is high. Your chance to reach your dreams and goals are dramatically increased through franchising, and we believe a Tax Centers of America franchise is the opportunity to attain your independence.

Consider this: How many business customers are required to?

  • File a report on an annual basis
  • Pay a penalty if this report isn’t filed
  • Receive cash back from filing this report

Tax Centers of America Business OpportunityThis sounds ridiculous, but as you know the April 15th deadline is real and most Americans receive a portion of the taxes paid during the year back in the form of a refund. Do you want to own a business that provides a service that returns CASH to your customers, is paid well for providing this service and has a full-time income for part-time work? If so, discuss the Tax Centers of America franchise opportunity with us and let’s get started!!

While having previous tax preparation experience would be helpful, it isn't necessary for you to join the TCOA team. Our training program is so comprehensive, we'll start first-timers off at the basics and get them to a competent level in no time at all. During the four days of intensive training, you will learn all the skill you'll need to manage and operate your own TCOA office. Some of the things you'll learn include :

  • Shortcut to preparing taxes
  • Basic rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service
  • Fundamentals of electronic filing
  • Tax software program

You'll also receive the following to make your start into business as a TCOA franchisee :

  • Accounting software and training to begin a bookkeeping business.
  • Five Thousand advertisement flyers with your office location on them so everyone will know who and where you are.
  • Support of experienced tax professionals and support staff.
  • Extensive annual training to keep you up to date with current laws and software.
  • Comprehensive operating manual that walks you through the steps of the electronic filing process.

Tax Centers of America Business OpportunityWith your modem and hard work plus our software and support, you'll be on your way to offering your clients services from simple tax preparation to electronic filing with Refund Anticipation Loans. Our software puts at your fingertips you all the tools you will need to quickly and correctly prepare and electronically file tax returns. At Tax Centers of America, Inc., we know the value of communication. It can make the difference between a good relationship and a bad relationship. For this reason, we are dedicated to helping you anytime of the year. Answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

Our program is designed for you! You are what will make your company a success. You will gain valuable skills to assist you in running your business efficiently and effectively. Our training and support will continue throughout the ownership of your business. TCOA believes that we're successful because we help every one of our franchisees to be successful.

Tax Centers of America
1611 East Main Street
Russellville, AR 72801

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