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Candlefun Small Business Opportunity

Carved candles don't just have an air of exclusivity about them - they ARE EXCLUSIVE. You won't be able to find them in every department stores, supermarkets, craft stores or even candle stores. They're exclusive and relatively rare - which makes them an item that customers are willing to pay a lot for. For example, a nine-incy carved candle can sell for anywhere from $25 - $45, depending on the complexity of the design, added figurines or other customization. Wedding candles are a popular item that sells for upwards of $60.

Carved candles are exclusive enough that many people make huge profits by selling them through online stores and websites such as eBay. Because of their unique and "exclusive" look, they're a big hit wherever they're sold. They become an even bigger crowd attraction when carvers demonstrate their craft or give candle carving lessons on site.

Candlefun Small Business OpportunityThis is a small business that you can start in your kitchen, basement or garage and grow to any size you desire. Many entrepreneurs have gone from selling their carved candles part-time at craft fairs to owning multiple candle stores with their carved candles as the main attraction. Your talent, creativity and hard work will determine how far you go as an expert candle carver.

To help you get there, you can start learning the art of carving beautiful candles from our DVDs or personal candle carving lessons. They're available from Candlefun in Indianapolis. Our specially designed candle carving tools make it easy for a beginner to start carving beautiful candles on the very first day. The candles you carve will be treasured for their permanent beauty, because they burn candle oil and not the wax of the candle itself. The carved candles are truly a permanent, collectible, lifetime carved candle! You can see the carving method in the 'making candles' section. The available candle carving lessons on DVDs have many different designs, but after trying them you will be ready to try your own ideas! Try different color combinations and create new designs.See final results in 30 minutes. In one evening you can imagine, dip, and carve several new designs, from start to finish!

Candlefun Small Business OpportunityTwo ways to learn candle carving with Candlefun :

  1. Candle carving lessons are available on DVDs. DVD #1 shows how all the tools are used to mold the core candles, and how to dip, carve, and glaze three different candle designs. The other DVDs show how different designs are dipped and/or carved. Usually a DVD will have three different designs on it, but the 'home' page shows specifically which designs are on which DVDs. Using the DVDs most beginners can learn to carve a beautiful candle on the first day... some people learn to do a design with two or three tries, but for other people it takes a few more tries. Each DVD is $30.

  2. Personal, one-on-one candle carving lessons are also available in Indianapolis or at your location. With personal candle carving training many beginners carve commercially saleable candles on their first or second try. During personal training you will be closely guided, with continuous feedback on your progress. Suggestionsand recommendations will be offered of how you could improve, and positive approval will be given when desirable technique is achieved. $500 per 8 hour day is charged for personal training. For training at your location a quote will be provided for travel expenses. In 8 hours of personal candle carving training you can expect to learn 4 to 6 candle designs.

We believe that the best way to convince you that carved candles can make money is by showing you some of the exquisite designs that are possible :


Here are just some ways to make money with Candlefun :

  • Take orders for personal, hand carved candle gifts for friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers in their favorite designs and colors - use school colors for special gifts. Candles have permanent wicks and contain a refillable candle oil tube - the candle is an 'enjoy forever' gift.
  • Split equipment purchase price with friends, pay for it quickly by selling carved candles... let the buyers pay for your hobby!
  • Perfect for raising funds for church, club, school, or other organization. Take orders for specific colors and designs from church members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
  • Set up small workshops for a fee. People really get to exercise their creativity and imagination while going through candle carving training and making friends. The experienced carvers can then offer candle carving lessons to other members.

Candlefun is a great opportunity that you can run from home part-time as a small business or as a full-time income source. Candlefun will give you all the training you need to start this profitable business from scratch. All that's needed now is YOUR willingness to learn and to succeed!

2432 Pinebark Drive,
Indianapolis, IN 46217.
Office phone 317-788-2828.
Cell phone 317-258-4030

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