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The Hygienic Home
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Hygienic Home Business Opportunity

More and more people are gaining awareness of the multitude of polutants that exist not only outdoors but indoors as well. Homes are never the "safe" place to be when it comes to allergens, pollutants and germs. In fact, most homes harbor potentially toxic and health aggravating allergens and pollutants not to mention germs and bacteria. Some of the most common unseen nasties include pet dander, dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, smoke and soot. They contribute to infection, health problems and lingering odors. Ordinary cleaning usually gives only reaches the exterior surfaces and gives us the false impression of cleanliness. However, contaminants still find lots of places to hide. That's where The Hygienic Home comes in.

Hygienic Home Business OpportunityThe Hygienic Home is the first professional green cleaning company in the United States. We focus exclusively on locating and eliminating hidden and harmful contaminants in and around your home. What makes The Hygienic Home different is our exclusive “Hygienitizing™” process that cleans deeper and more effectively to eliminate harmful contaminants. Our cleaning process uses unique European technologies that include only safe, eco-friendly products, leaving no harsh irritants or residues. After a The Hygienic Home cleaning session, you can be sure of a clean, green, healthy home environment.

Our green cleaning services include :

  • green carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning
  • air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning
  • barbeque and oven cleaning
  • mattress cleaning
  • grout and tile cleaning
  • refrigerators, freezers and coolers
  • steam cleaning counters, floors, windows, doors and more

Hygienic Home Business OpportunityThe Hygienic Home franchise opportunity is a unique business. It make the world better, meets a growing demand for green services, gives you the chance to make a difference in people's homes all over the world AND probably most importantly, it gives you a golden opportunity to change your own world.

  • Imagine going to work every day knowing that what you do makes a difference – for your family, your community and the environment.
  • Imagine building an independent, secure future for you and your family -- while creating healthier homes for your customers and protecting the environment.
  • Imagine owning your own business that’s part of the growing $500 billion green movement.

Hygienic Home Business OpportunityThe Hygienic Home Franchise Benefits
Operating the business from the convenience of your home, you will benefit from our full back-up and continuing support. You may start as an owner/operator, where you’ll carry out the van-based service yourself or you can be an owner with multiple units and hire others to provide the service while you concentrate on managing and growing the business. Among the long list of benefits to starting your own The Hygienic Home franchise include :

  • As a The Hygienic Home franchisee you will be joining the market leader
  • Affordable start up costs
  • Our total commitment to building your business and helping you succeed
  • Significant prospect pool – because you offer 5 services every household is a potential client
  • Generous territory in which to develop your franchise
  • Simple, straightforward business that’s easy to run and requires no previous experience
  • State of the art equipment and environmentally safe products
  • Tested operational, administrative and marketing methods and procedures
  • Flexible working hours – you can mold the business around your lifestyle, working hours that suit you
  • Our total commitment to your future – we train you, help you launch your business and utilize regional (and ultimately, national) marketing campaigns
  • Opportunity to grow your own business with the potential for a substantial multi-van operation

How much you earn as a The Hygienic Home franchisee will depend on your ability and the time you commit to providing the service. It’s really up to you and the commitment and effort you are willing to invest. The tested The Hygienic Home franchise model gives you the opportunity to realize your ambitions and build a successful business. And we’ll help you to develop your business to its full potential.

The Hygienic Home
285 Passaic Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601

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