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Lil Angels
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Lil Angels Photography Business OpportunityLil' Angels Photography created an innovative concept portraiture for children that has received international recognition from publications like Woman's World and Entrepreneur magazine. Since 1996, Lil' Angels has taken portraits of a staggering number of children - the last we counted it was over 350,000 - from infants through school age. Up till the time of publishing this opportunity, Lil' Angels registered approximately 100 franchise owners, working closely with one of the best photography labs in the country.

Lil Angels Photography Business OpportunityRepeatedly rated in the top 500 franchises of the world by Entrepreneur Magazine, Lil' Angels Photography is a growing network of franchise owners who specialize in children's portraiture. Taking it's state-of-the-art photography setup on-site to pre-schools, daycares and other child care centers, every photography franchise provides studio-quality portraits at school picture prices.

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Lil' Angels Photography franchise offers a long list of benefits that make it very attractive to prospective franchise owners :

  • Great product. People love photos - especially if they're of their children. Lil' Angels leverages on the wonderful technology of digital imaging to provide customers a simple, cost effective and hassle-free way to get high quallity children's portraits. "Fashion for Kids" is by far the most popular fun, theme portrait program from Lil' Angels, where children are photographs in supplied outfits. To ensure the best results possible, Lil' Angels entrusts the printing process to one of the finest professional labs in the country.

  • Low investment. Prospective franchise owners know exactly what they're buying into and what they're getting for their reasonable investment. We believe that one of the best ways to give our franchisees a headstart toward profitability is to keep our costs low and our costs transparent.

  • Home-based franchise business. Lil' Angels is a wonderfully mobile business. It has a technically efficient way to bring its studio to the customer or any place where they're called to. There are no special building or technical requirements. The franchise owner can easily work from home or go wherever they customer is - be it at the customer's home, a mall, daycare or school.

  • Completely flexible schedule. It's one of the things we pride ourselves on - being able to manage where and when our franchisees work. It's what makes a Lil-Angels business so attractive. Franchise owners get to manage the scheduling of photo-shoots and portrait sales. Add to that the fact that most childcare industry operators operate from Mondays to Fridays, our Lil' Angels franchisees get to leave their weekends open. Of course if you WANT to work weekends to make that extra cash, you're more than free to do so because YOU are the boss!

  • Experienced and knowledgeable leadership. In addition to the tools, training and ongoing support that we mentioned, the Lil' Angels leadership team comes with a wealth of over 100 years of combined experience in the photography industry. More importantly, they're passionate about sharing their expertise with franchise owners to give them the best possible chance of making a success of their Lil' Angels business.

  • Valuable Tools and Training. We believe that franchise owners stand a better chance of being successful when they start off with state-of-the-art equipment, training and on-going guidance to lay a solid foundation for success. Then, it's up to the franchise owners to drive their business to the top with the eagerness to learn and the willingness to work hard.

  • Protected territory. Every franchise owner is designated a geographical area where no other Lil' Angel photographer is permitted to shoot. Setting a territory eliminates competition within the Lil' Angels network so that each franchisee can concentrate on making money - not fighting for their right to the slice of the pie.

  • Proprietor-Based Commissions. While the earning potential of most photography businesses is limited by the work capacity of a single photographer, Lil' Angels provides the opportunity for unlimited growth without the need to hire more employees or invest more capital.

  • Commission and Vesting. Lil' Angels provides the opportunity for unlimited growth through its commissions and vesting program. Franchise Owners are encouraged to refer others to the franchisor and in return receive commission on all work done by that franchise owner. A vesting program is also offered to provide continued income to the franchise owner. This is a great way to earn extra income just for recommending people to the business.

  • Ongoing Support. We truly believe that in order for us to be successful, we need to help all our franchisees be successful. That means that we need to provide the best support that we can to our network. When you are in need of advice or help with a problem related to your business, the leadership is just a phone call away. Another way that Lil' Angels provides ongoing support is through regional training sessions and national conferences. At these events, new products and marketing strategies are unveiled, questions are answered, and relevant instruction is provided to help franchise owners succeed in their business.

Lil Angels Photography Business OpportunityNetworking among franchise owners is another very important benefit to these events. Getting to know each other and learn from each other is so important to the franchise's growth. As you evaluate whether or not to move forward in your future with a franchise like Lil' Angels, do not underestimate the value and importance of having this growing network of like-minded professionals on your side. When you compare, we stand head and shoulders above the rest!

Here's what our franchise owners have to say a bout the training and support they received :

"When you guys said you think of everything, you really do think of everything; even down to the smallest detail."
-Shelby Deal, Southern California

"The instructors were well prepared and did a great job presenting the material."
-Joy Jackson, Seattle, Washington

"As a single parent, Lil' Angels has provided me the flexibility and income to raise my daughter properly. I get to pick my own schedule so I am able to attend all her important events. It continues to be a wonderful experience."
-Jeff Hersh, Denver, Colorado

"Lil Angels lets me do what I enjoy, working for myself. I drove a truck for 31 years and now I make my own hours. I would do this again, but I would have done it earlier."
-Wayne Kamper, Fort Worth, Texas

Lil' Angels Photography
Mike Sondag, General Manager
6831 Crumpler Blvd, Suite 101
Olive Branch, MS. 38654
Phone : 662-890-9103
Fax : 662-890-9104

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