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Water Vendors by Us
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Water Vendors by Us Vending Business Opportunity

Water Vendors by Us water vending machines are a fantastic business opportunity that needs only a small investment to get started. What makes it even better is that the Return on Investment (ROI) is spectacular. This CASH based business makes for a great, flexible, part-time business that's just perfect for retirement. With our factory located in Atlanta Georgia, where we build our water vending machines, we pride ourselves on how we "change water into cash".

Imagine being the owner of 25 of our vending machines which hook up to the city's water system, processing city water into low-cost, HIGH QUALITY products for you to earn money! Our vending machine does not require you to purchase or reload products! Water Vendors by Us water vending machines last for decades and require minimal servicing from you. In return, you get a vending machine that :

  • Changes water into cash.
  • If easy to learn - and we'll even teach you all you need to know.
  • Makes your business stress free and fun!

Water Vendors by Us Vending Business OpportunityAll over the country, machines manufactured by Water Vendors by Us have the same quality, reliability and service that our customers/operators have come to know and depend on. Whether you're a small single store or multi-route operator or a major commercial entity, we have the innovation to create a product for you. But that's not just what we say but what others have experienced for themselves :

  • “I enjoy working with the Water Vendors by Us Water product and the whole concept of Bulk Water Vending. The business has been Very lucrative and it has helped me do some of the things I have always wanted to do because of the extra money. I’m semi-retired now and this is just part time self-employment. I love the freedom it adds to the family time.” – Peter D. Wernick, Stuart, Fl. – 140 Machines

  • “During one of Florida's recent hurricanes, our water machine moved (literally walked) about 20 feet before falling over. She (we think of our machine as female) also had 75 gallons of storage water inside. We up righted it, noticed a few scratches and bumps but she worked and is still working like a champ. We are very pleased with the quality and durability of the Water Vendors by Us machines. P.S. Our machine is now heavily strapped down in concrete; ready for anything.” - Sandy Barringer - Big Spring Water, Florida

  • "We have about 50 vending machines in small grocery stores throughout Northeastern Ohio. Eight of our newer machines are from Water Vendors by Us. The help/service has been terrific and the machines have great curb appeal. The fiberglass cabinet is stronger and, at our request, they even insulated it for our colder northern climates." - Tony Pappas - Purely Water, Ohio

  • "I retired several years ago, discovered the area had bad drinking water and decided the water purification business was the right business for me. Water is a necessity and I can do it on my own schedule. My partner and I have 25 machine up and down the Oregon coast. Eight of them are machines by Water Vendors by Us. Several others are older, used equipment. I'm not only happy with the Water Vendors by Us equipment but I buy parts, mostly controllers, from them to change out on other machines. I am also pleased with their service and availability to help trouble shoot any problems and always recommend Don and his machines to anyone who asks.” - Don Rubin - Western Water Vendor, Oregon

Water Vendors by Us make money. However, the amount of money each vending machine makes depends on several factors :

  • The size of the existing bottle water market. A good indicator of local consumption levels and their perception of city water would be how much bottled water is on the shelves in local grocery stores.
  • Your local demographics. Family and ethnic groups tend to be more inclined to consume high quality drinking water at affordable prices.
  • The foot traffic at the vending machine location. Obviously the highter the level of traffic, the more customer potential for business.
  • The type of location. Grocery stores have traditionally been the best income locations.

Water Vendors by Us Vending Business OpportunityThe factors above are generally major ones affecting any Water Vendors by Us vending machine profitability, but each location is unique and will have many other factors affecting its potential to make money. Unlike establishing a fixed retail location, a vending machine can be moved at minimum cost should your location selection not prove profitable. A good sales target for any location should be $750 per month or 100 gallons per day at $.25 per gallon. This would represent 20, five-gallon bottles. Most customers bring two, five-gallon bottles a trip, therefore, you would need about 10 customers per day.

Water Vendors by Us Vending Business OpportunityWhat makes our machines better than competitors?
Water Vendors by Us prides itself in producing well-engineered machines to provide years of trouble free operation. To achieve this, we keep construction as simple as possible while utilizing the finest components. We try our best to reduce service calls and have found that, with a little extra attention to detail, most major problems can be minimized if not eliminated from the day the machines leave our factory.

Here are a few key factors that make Water Vendors by Us a better choice :

  • Our fiberglass cabinets utilize a hand laid method. Every other fiberglass cabinet on the market today uses the chop gun construction method. While cabinets might look the same, to the untrained eye, there are major differences. Just ask anyone who has purchased both. Quality fiberglass boats utilize the hand laid method because of the enormous stress which occurs while boats plow through the water. This extra durability and security are what most far-sighted buyers appreciate and want - a machine that lasts. One of our customers recently experienced a Florida hurricane that blew our machine 20 feet from its location. He brought it back, replaced a few internal parts and had it working and still looking good in no time.

  • Our vending control systems have been tested world wide and proven extremely reliable. We have two controllers which utilize microprocessors to control functions and provide vending flexibility. Some competitors who utilize less sophisticated relay controllers speak against microprocessors. Often home computers problems are cited as an example against microprocessors, but this is not a viable comparison. Home computers use microprocessors for operations but the problems occur with the integration of various software programs and RAM memory overload. An overwhelming majority of vending machine manufacturers use a dedicated controller and software to produce extremely reliable products. The world’s electronic manufacturers use the proven microprocessor. Water Vendors by Us backs its microprocessor controller with a ten-year warranty.

  • Over 25 years of trial and error expertise has been used to design a machine which is easy to service and maintain. Many competitors have over engineered machines and created complexity which makes it more difficult to troubleshoot.

  • Water Vendors by Us uses only the highest quality components. Our philosophy is –extra quality/investment to do the job right up front will keep the customer happier in the long run. We have bet our business life on it. One machine working reliably 24/7 has more value than five machines down due to malfunction problems.
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "Is this business difficult to manage?".

Consider these facts. There are no products to stock and fill like other vending operations so a big truck is not needed. The main operation is to keep the machine clean, especially the vending chamber. A typical visit to the machine requires a vend test, checking water quality, picking up money and cleaning the machine; all of which should take about 15 minutes. Some unscheduled service calls can most likely occur around the coin or bill acceptance function. This can either be a coin jam or dirty bill validator. Many issues can be avoided by doing preventative maintenance. The machine runs 24/7 to make money for you if you follow simple steps.

Water Vendors by Us
1425 Market Boulevard
Roswell, GA 30076
Toll Free :877-846-2408
Tel : 770-454-7023
Fax :770-454-1025

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