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Personal Touch Products
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Personalization has an incredible appeal that's universal. People love to see their names in print. It's even more special when it's on a beautiful background and with a touching, meaningful message. The days of waiting for weeks for a personalized gift to be ready is gone. Today, it only takes a couple of minutes from start to finish sound to produce amazingly professional personalized gift? A Personalized Gift business is a great business to set up at malls, flea markets, swap meets, or anywhere there is foot traffic.

The love for personalized products isn't a passing fad. Personal Touch has sold more than 4 million art backgrounds to personalized gift retailers worldwide. Most people who purchase these types of product usually become repeat customers. The gratitude and joy of giving a Personal Touch gift that they experience often brings them back for other occasions. Much like someone who purchases a greeting card for someone special, Personal Touch gift customers keep returning for more of our professional personalized and treasured gifts.

As the proud owner of a Personal Touch personalized gift business, you will be able to offer your customers a wide array of thoughtful, professionally crafted and timeless personalized gifts. Personal Touch's personalized gifts are high quality personalized items that anyone would be proud to give as gifts.

How does the Personal Touch Gift system work?

You will need a Windows based computer and a laser printer. We will provide you with our proprietary software, specialty art backgrounds and personalized gift supplies. That`s it! We also provide you with a list of additional wholesale suppliers for items such as acrylic items, ceramic items etc. that you may wish to sell..

  • Large & Small Framed Items
  • Mouse Pads
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Acrylic Key Chains, Mugs
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Clocks and Calendars
  • Address Books
  • Many more...

What kind of profit can I expect?

The examples that follow may be used as a guide to determine retail price and therefore, your potential profit. A minimum markup of 300% to 400% is suggested, but this depends on the personalized gift. Your choice of frames and supplies and your local demographics should also be considered to help you determine your actual selling price and profit more accurately.

Shipping costs have not been factored into the following examples.
Due to the increased time it takes to create Family-tree type gifts the suggested retail price, markup and profit is significantly higher than for "personalized poetry gifts" or "first name meaning gifts." The following examples that include frames and mats do not reflect the higher pricing you could charge for this type of gift.

Personalized Family Tree type gift printed on an Art Background
Cost: $0.45 to $0.60
Retail price: $14.95 to $19.95
Markup%: Up to 4000% +
Profit: Up to $19.50
Total Time: Approx. 10 minutes

Personalized Poetry Gift, First Name Gift printed on an Art Background
Cost: $0.45 to $0.60
Retail price: $7.95 to $12.95
Markup%: Up to 2900% +
Profit: Up to $12.50
Total Time: Approx. 2 minutes

Personalized Poetry Gift, First Name Gift enclosed in a Double Fancy-cut Mat
Cost: $3.20 (based on $2.75 mat, + $0.45 art)
Retail price: $12.95 - $19.95
Markup%: Up to 600% +
Profit: Up to $16.75
Total Time: Approx. 3 minutes


Personalized Poetry Gift, First Name Gift in an 8.5x11 Wood Frame
Your cost: $5.95 (based on $5.50 frame, + $0.45 art)
Retail price: $19.95 - $29.95
Markup%: Up to 500% +
Profit: Up to $24.00
Total Time: Approx. 4 minutes

Personalized Poetry, First Name gift in Double Fancy Mat & 11x14 Wood Frame
Your cost: $9.70 (based on $6.50 frame, + $2.75 mat, +$0.45 art)
Retail price: $29.95 - $44.95
Markup%: Up to 450% +
Profit: Up to $30.25
Total Time: Approx. 5 minutes

Personalized Poetry, First Name in an Etched Floral Curved Glass Frame
Your cost: $6.95 (based on $6.50 frame, +$0.45 art)
Retail price: $29.95 - $44.95
Markup%: Up to 600% +
Profit: Up to $38.00
Total Time: Approx. 3-4 minutes

How does it all work?

The Personal Touch Gifts on Art Software was designed exclusively for this business, it contains numerous highly specialized yet simple to use proprietary tools that allow you to create personalized gifts quickly and easily.

Here is an overview of a typical sale:

  • Your customer selects any art-background from your "Master Art Book"
  • Your customer selects name, poem or verse from your "Master Poetry Book"
  • Your customer decides how they would like to personalize their gift - For example "Dear Mom" for an opening, and "I love you very much" as a closing.
  • Now you take over using the Personal Touch - Gifts on Art Software:
  • Select your customer's chosen art background, and it will then display on your computer.
  • Select your customer's chosen poem or first name, and it will then display right on top of the art-background ready for you to personalize it.
  • Personalize the poem for your customer.
  • Insert the "specialty art background" into your printer and press the PRINT button.

Voila! Your Personalized Gifts-on-Art Printout is now complete and ready for framing or can be inserted into a host of other personalize-able gift items!

Make people happy while to make money

If you love making people happy and have a desire to make money using your computer, Personal Touch Gift Products is a simple, enjoyable business opportunity that you can run on a minimal budget. This is an excellent opportunity to tap the virtually unlimited market for personalized gifts.

Personal Touch Products, Inc.
2187 Vista Court
La Verne, CA 91750
(877) 593-1249 or (909) 596-1166

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