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Dine-In Delivery
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Dine-in Delivery Business Opportunity

Dine-In Delivery, Inc. is a corporation that assists others in entering one of the most sought after and fastest growing niches in the multi-billion dollar restaurant industry - delivering restaurant meals to customers in their homes or offices. Many restaurants would like to emulate the multi-billion dollar pizza industry, that gets two-thirds of its revenue from delivery or take-out orders, but they find it extremely difficult to run a successful delivery service for a full-service restaurant. However, a 2009 industry survey by the National Restaurant Association found that more than 50% of full service restaurant customers would readily use a direct delivery service to their home or office if it were available. That's were Dine-in Delivery comes in.

Dine-in Delivery Business OpportunityDine-in Delivery is the only national operation that specializes in meeting the needs of this relatively neglected niche by delivering meals for restaurants without a delivery service. By specializing in delivery and offering food from dozens of restaurants, consumers get more choices and both the restaurant and our operators profit. Delivering meals for restaurants is a HUGE, untapped business opportunity.

A food delivery business can actually generate more profits than the restaurants they deliver for because :

  • You can run your restaurant delivery service round-the-clock if you want without running the costs that restaurants do like staffing, power and security.
  • You don't have Accounts Receivable because this is a cash business - customers pay before you pay the restaurants
  • You don't prepare the food so you don't have any inventory costs.
  • You won't have cash flow problems because this is a cash business.
  • You don't have to sell - the menu guide does the selling for you.

And if the reasons above haven't convinced you, here's more benefits :

  • You don't need an expensive business location - you can run your Dine-In Delivery business from home
  • You only need a small investment to start up because you don't need a fancy business location.
  • You don't need full-time employees, relying instead on cheaper part-timer or independent contractors.
  • You can run it with partners - each handling a different area - to increase your market coverage.
  • This restaurant delivery service can quickly increase in value
  • Change from a food delivery service business you operate to one you oversee to one you just own
  • Prestige due to the restaurants and hotels you will become affiliated with

Dine-in Delivery Business OpportunityThere are 2 ways you can get involved with Dine-In Delivery - by running your own Dine-In Delivery service operator, or being an Area Developer.

As a Dine-In Delivery service operator, you will have a magazine-like booklet printed which essentially serves as a menu guide. This menu guide will consists of menus from participating restaurants. A typical operation will have 6-20 different restaurants representing a variety of food. You distribute these menu guides to your market area by direct mail, house-to-house delivery or placing them in hotels or any public place. Then it's a matter of waiting for the calls to come in. Most people are familiar with pizza or fast-food delivery from single restaurants. Because you will be offering to deliver food from a variety of places, you'll find people readily embracing this new-found convenience, and they'll be ordering again and again.

Dine-in Delivery Business OpportunityThe Dine-In Delivery service basically works like this : When orders come in, your dispatcher takes down the relevant informatioin and calls the restaurants to order the food. Your delivery person then goes to the restaurants to pick up the food and deliver the complete order to your customers. There's no selling involved. You just put out the menu guides - the more you put out, the more orders you get - and handle the orders. Obviously, you will need to have a basic knowledge and keep up to date with the menu items in your menu guide. There will be frequently asked questions that you should be familiar with - for example, how big is the portion or whether the food is spicy and other general questions. Although having one or two regular staff might be prudent, you can rely on a network of independent contractors or part-timers to pick-up and deliver orders. When you're delivery people check back at the end of the day, they turn in the money collected from customers. You will be paying the restaurants from the payments you have already received.

We'll show you the in's and out's of your Dine-In Delivery service and how to partner with local restaurants to create a truly win-win situation. The restaurant makes a much better margin on food sold minus the service time and costs involved, and you make money on food that you don't even have to cook!

If you like the business concept of DID but are not especially interested in operating one yourself, you might like our Area Developer opportunity instead.

Dine-In Delivery has openings in several major metro areas for Area Developers for our unique concept.
The DID Area Developer opportunity is quite different from a Franchise Area Developer. Here’s how . . .

  • You are not restricted to your own area. Although your focus may be a specific metro area, you are free to help us find operators anywhere in the US or Canada where we have openings.
  • There is no selling or travel required. All you need do is convey the facts about the business as you see on this web site and provide qualified prospects to corporate. A corporate officer will travel to meet with your prospect and close the sale.
  • There is no additional investment required to become an Area Developer. You are only required to invest the same $17,500 that an operator would pay. You can, if you choose, recoup that entire investment with your very first sale.
  • You will also receive an equity participation in the planned sale of the parent corporation. A sale of the parent corporation will not change any agreements you have with our corporation.

Dine-In Delivery is business that easily ranks as one of the most sought after business opportunities because it can :

  • Provide a huge income in your first year of operation
  • Become profitable almost immediately
  • Give you time freedom letting you “set it and forget it”
  • Be set up and ready to run in weeks, not months
  • Generate positive cash flows month after month
  • Be run in your part time from any location … including your home!

Come join Dine-In Delivery and discover a world of convenience!

Dine-In Delivery, Inc.
1100 Nautilus Court
Lafayette, CO 80026

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