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Laptop Xchange
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LaptopXchange Business Opportunity

LaptopXchange provides a franchise opportunity that allows entrepreneurs to be a part of the technology growth by providing technical solutions and superior customer service. LaptopXchange helps you :

  • Become part of a proven business model offering a wide range of products and services
  • Build multiple revenue streams in retail and service
  • Provide customers with high-end, cutting-edge products coupled with superior service
  • Enter the laptop industry without having to become tech experts.
  • Help customers fulfill their computing needs while you strengthen your financial future by making lots of money!

LaptopXchange Business Opportunity

Founded in Las Vegas, NV in 2003 by Mike and Tim Smith, LaptopXchange aims to fulfill the simple goal of beinig a one-stop laptop solution for customers. LaptopXchange provides equipment, technical expertise and service that broadly falls into the following categories :

  1. We buy laptops. LaptopXchange® is the premier retailer of quality, factory recertified, off-lease and previously owned laptops for as little as $99. All computers and accessories purchased at LaptopXchange® come with a 90-day warranty. Additionally, one and three-year extended service plans are offered for most laptops.

  2. We sell laptops. LaptopXchange® will also buy old laptops for cash or offer a trade-in value after the laptop undergoes a quick, in-store estimate process.

  3. We service laptops. LaptopXchange® specializes in laptop and desktop repair for all makes and models. Our on-site LTX Certified technicians understand the issues that occur with individual machines. We can have computers fixed and back into customers’ hands faster and cheaper than the competition.

  4. We upgrade laptops. LaptopXchange® upgrades laptops as well. Need more RAM? A bigger hard drive? The LaptopXchange® service center can upgrade laptops to enhance operating performance.

LaptopXchange Business Opportunity

LaptopXchange® franchisees do not typically begin their relationship with us as tech experts. However, the one common factor is they have the necessary skills to manage a business. Our partnerships provide a win-win situation for both franchise and franchisee. We believe that our success depends on the success of our franchisees and that means we focus on equipping our franchisees with all the necessary skills to launch and grow their LaptopXchange® store. This includes training in the following areas :

  • Business Management. This section of training will focus upon orientation, the company overview, store organization, understanding your store’s pro forma, proper staffing and additional information on how to successfully run your LaptopXchange® store.
  • Marketing. You will further explore your store location, merchandising, signage, advertising, budgeting and you will work with the media buyer on your opening campaign. At this time, you will also work with LaptopXchange® on a grassroots, local marketing campaign.
  • Operations. The final piece of training will cover product knowledge, vendors, product ordering, point of sale machines, customer service, buying used products, backroom/tech room operations and sales.

LaptopXchange Business Opportunity

Apart from the comprehensive training and development mentioned above, there are many advantages to being a LaptopXchange® franchisee:

  • You'll be part of a proven business model that evolves as technology evolves and the needs of consumers change.
  • You'll enjoy multiple revenue streams from service, sales and an eBay store, in addition to the ability to offer mobile Internet access – all of which contribute to greater business margins.
  • You'll be operating a business in an unsaturated market in which you will be one of the front-runners in all areas of your business by offering a better price with more knowledge behind your service and sales.
  • You'll enjoy assistance from a preferred media buyer who completes all the media buying in your market, including local and national television and print advertisements.

We believe in sharing the collective experience and expertise of all our staff with our franchisees. On-going support is one of the most crucial aspects of being a successful LaptopXchange® franchisee. This includes :

  • Grand Opening assistance
  • Ongoing communication between corporate and franchisees
  • Personal review of weekly sales figures to ensure proper growth
  • Continuous networking between franchisees
  • Planned yearly convention
  • Continuing research and development

If you're ready to be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and probably the most needed one in the business world, join LaptopXchange®. We'll work side by side with you to make you a successful LaptopXchange® business owner.

Laptop XChange : 888-582-0550

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