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Peace Frogs
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Peace Frogs Small Business Opportunity

Peace Frogs is a fresh, fun, green AND profitable business. Our active sportswear and merchandise is easily recognizable by our logo - the Peace Frog - that sets it apart in the specialty apparel industry. Peace Frogs is a truly recognized brand throughout the U.S.A.

Founded in 1985 in a dorm room, we started promoting and selling Peace Frogs t-shirts through Rolling Stone magazine. We took our merchandise out to the masses at concerts and festivals and sold them out of the trunks of cars and vans. Since then, we've grown into one of the most easily recognizable brands with the help of our youthful designs and world class manufacturing and distribution center in White Marsh, Virginia.

Probably the most unique key signature of Peace Frogs is how we present our merchandise. We pack tons of colorful, vibrant and youthful Peace Frogs t-shirts and products into VW/vans - restored and decked out in psychedellic colors - and roll them into malls, festivals and public events all over the country. They're also part of store displays wherever they're needed. The VW/Van Stores draw people in droves who in turn buy PEACE FROGS merchandise. We recently were chosen as one of the Top 2009 Cart/Kiosk Start-Up Businesses by a major shopping center industry publication.

Peace Frogs Small Business OpportunityPeace Frogs is family-friendly apparel with a special focus on the 10- 24 year olds market. Peace Frogs also produces pet wear, medical scrubs, stickers, magnets, jewely and much more. We believe in keeping with the times, so our designs are always contemporary and fresh! Best of all, Peace Frogs is cool enough for kids towear without being offensive to parents and the public in general. With a line of organic cotton t-shirts that are ultra soft, we sell close to 1 million t-shirts annually that are not only comfortably cool but also environmentally friendly. In fact, we care so much about our environment that a percentage of all sales goes towards funding research for the study of amphibians and their declining populations around the world.


Peace Frogs Small Business OpportunityWe're looking for people who have the unquenchable thirst for success - people who have the entrepreneurial spirit to run their own business. Peace Frogs has two business opportunities available to entrepreneurs.

  • Peace Frogs VW Van Kiosk. For first time business owners, a VW Van Kiosk in a mall makes a good beginning. We customize VW vans from the 60's and 70's, turning them into psychedellic works of art to display and sell our complete line of apparel and accessories. Our award winning concept has the lowest start-up capital requirements of all retail options. An entrepreneur can open and fully stock their Peace Frogs VW Van Kiosk for as little as $15,000. A van store is usually up and running in less than a month once a location is secured. This unique use of the van has been proven to attract customers in droves and is highly successful in amusement parks, malls and festivals.

  • Peace Frogs stores. Peace Frogs is looking to open new stores in resort communities worldwide. A Peace Frogs stores takes a minimum investment of $30,000 to open. High traffic tourist areas offer the best locations. Peace Frogs offers help with design and merchandising. This is a proven concept with years of success.

Peace Frogs Small Business Opportunity

Our business opportunities are NOT franchises. Peace Frogs does not charge or take a percentage of your sales. Instead, Peace Frogs charges a small annual license fee for the use of the Peace Frogs name and logo. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to see our partners succeed, so we give you all the support and guidance you need to make your store a successful Peace Frog business. You'll be working for yourself, being your own boss and spreading the Frog!

Many of our owner/operators started as customers who fell in love with PEACE FROGS and embraced the concept by opening stores or kiosks. So if you think you have what it takes to be a successful Peace Frogs entrepreneur, we encourage you to hop over and jump into the pond!

Peace Frogs
546 John Clayton Memorial Highway
Toll Free 1.800.44.PEACE

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