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Battery Services International
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Battery Services International Business Opportunity

Millions of batteries are discarded. Batteries that start motorcycles, cars & trucks, batteries for running golf carts, boats, forklifts, heavy equipment and alternative energy, batteries for telecommunications, transportation, hospitals, military and businesses - they're all being thrown away usually because they die prematurely due to sulfation build-up. Most people don't realize that batteries are a huge market. In fact, the $50 billion global battery market is estimated to grow at a rate of 6 percent annually. With the strongest market gains taking place in China, India, Brazil, the Czech Republic and South Korea, statistics report and estimated yearly demand of batteries worth $14 billion in the US alone. Energy-hungry electronic devices and technologies as well as new hybrid automotive engines are emerging as a super fast rate everyday, increasing the demand for batteries worldwide.

Unfortunately, the cost of lead - and obviously, lead batteries - is also increasing almost in tandem with the world's voracious appetite for energy. Lead is also in short supply due to the high demand by industrilizing countries like China, India and Latin America. As the cost for lead and petroleum continues to increase, it directly affects a host of products derived from these two raw materials. This drives consumers - business and the general public - to value cost reduction cost solutions related to batteries.

Battery Services International Business OpportunityBattery Services International owns the technology and guaranteed restoration process that revives dead batteries, prolongs the live of batteries and rejuvenates old batteries. In addition, we're a trusted battery specialists in routine and preventive maintenance services, diagnostics and troubleshooting all types of lead-acid batteries.

Using our Genesis Battery Restoration Technology, our special equipment Genesis & XCharger, our unique battery additive recipe PowerPlus, coupled with our intelligent business strategy and personalized training, we help you build your own niche in the battery replacement market. The in the process, we help you make thousands of dollars annually. Our turnkey business opportunity is easy to run, safe to operate, financially reliable and guaranteed to give you quick return on investment.

Battery Services International will teach you how dead batteries can be turned into fully functional, long-lasting batteries. In addition we'll teach you how to :

  • use our unique battery restoration process
  • rejuvenate weak batteries of any size and application
  • provide routine and preventive maintenance to all types of lead acid batteries
  • execute diagnostic tests and troubleshooting
  • use our sophisticated regeneration equipment Genesis and XCharger

Battery Services International Business OpportunityEvery battery we service is processed to match the quality and capacity of a new one from the same battery group. Best of all, reconditioning a battery with Battery Services International costs only a fraction of a new one and you can sell it with a warranty of up to 18 months. Our battery restoration process system has proven to be reliable, safe and easy to operate - giving peace of mind to all our associates and yielding cost savings for you and the consumer.

Our battery restoration dealership business opportunity offers you various dealerships opportunities:

  1. If you want to start small, the Start Up Dealer is for you. This system gives you capabilities of doing 16 batteries daily generating revenues way above $3000.00 monthly. This dealership will require from you only 3 hours daily. It is an awesome side business you can do from home. Territory rights included and all necessary equipment, tools, and marketing.

  2. The Automotive Dealership program is design to restore 32 batteries daily. You will be able to restore cars and truck batteries. Territory rights assigned. It will allow you to easily make over $6000.00 monthly.

  3. The Industrial Dealer was designed for those business oriented individuals that wants to grasp a larger share of the market. You can service all battery consumption market segments such as automotive and industrial forklift batteries. You will be able to make over $8000.00 monthly. Short return on investment period. Territory rights included.

  4. The Master Dealer is for investors that want to have multiple sites and serve a larger territory. Revenue potential surpasses US$10,000 monthly for the first year. This system also includes the Genesis equipment that was designed to restore forklift batteries of 18, 24, 36, and 48 volts. It requires a site and a full commitment to implement the complete Battery Services International business strategy. Territory of over 1.5 million people.

  5. Finally, if you are serious about investing and making much more money, the Battery Services International Corporate Division Dealer is for you. This opportunity will allow you to service an entire country or state and to represent our corporate organization in that territory selling our business opportunity to others. This is the most ambitious dealership opportunity and it is only offered to those that qualify.

Battery Services International Business OpportunityYou can start any of these lucrative opportunities from your garage or your workshop working part-time while keeping your present job. You can be a full time battery dealer operator or a commercial oriented entrepreneur that markets services to other businesses and to to the general battery consumer. We provide you with all the equipment, working tools, accesories, a business plan and marketing tools, safety attire, work uniforms, technical support, a step-by-step instructional manual. We also provide on-site training for at least one week to teach you how to properly operate our technology and business strategy.

Battery Services International’s Be Free Opportunity is absolutely one of the best businesses you can own and operate for the following reasons :

  • Quick return on investment
  • Low investment cost for very high revenue making opportunity
  • Turnkey business offer that includes literally everything
  • Technology and business strategy proven successful
  • Training includes all aspects of the business operation
  • Exclusive territories and ownership rights
  • Multibillion market that grows at a rate of 6% yearly
  • Various dealership opportunities to choose from
  • You can visit to see in action prior to purchasing

If you want to own a very successful, easy to operate small business you have come to the right place. We have expertise, experience, and business knowledge in dealing with and handling all sorts of batteries. We take pride in the fact that we want to honestly share our know-how all around the world.

Battery Services International
1642 SW 12 Street, Miami, FL 33135
Florida (786) 317-7857
New Mexico (915) 256-5649

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