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Chocolography Small Business Opportunity

Chocolography™ Food Imaging System is a revolutionary system that prints high-resolution, full color images, photos and text directly onto the surface of food products. With the Chocolography™ Food Imaging System, a huge array of unique products can be created for lucrative personalized candy and food marketplace. At The Chocolate Printing Company, the developer of Chocolography™, we've built more than just a machine or device - we've created a total package of hardware, software, food products, marketing tools and administrative tools that enable interested entrepreneurs to immediately start their own business built around our Chocolography™ system or to add a whole new range of products created by our Chocolography™ system to their current product offerings. Our goal is to make it easy for people who purchase our Chocolography™ Food Imaging Systems to run their own business and to immediately make money doing so.

Chocolography Small Business Opportunity

But you may be asking "Why Chocolate?". Well quite simply, chocolate is an affordable luxury that everyboy can't seem to let go of, no matter what the economic climate is. We at Chocolography™ and those lucky enough to be in the chocolate business know that not only is chocolate delicious, provides energy, enhances moods and is a healthy power boost, but it's also a great source of revenue! Not many industries can stand up to the financial crunch that the economy regularly puts us through, yet chocolate sales continue to soar. Research reveals that both chocolate and alcohol sales will steadily rise during recession. There is no doubt that the chocolate industry can withstand recessions.

Chocolography Small Business Opportunity

It would be nearly impossible to list all the market segments that you could produce products for using the Chocolography™ Food Imaging System, but here's a small selection of possibilities :

The Wedding Market

  • Large wedding shows and facilities
  • Synagogues
  • Wedding, party and event planners
  • Rental companies, caterers, photographers, and others.

The Business Market

  • Real Estate Agents and companies, Banks, Title companies and Lending Facilities
  • Decision makers in human resources and advertising /promotions departments
  • ASI companies
  • Large party and event planning shows and facilities
  • Party, event and corporate planners
  • Special events, parties, outings, trade shows and conventions.

Some of the most popular items in this segment are chocolate business cards, year-end gifts and new product announcements.




  • Non-profit organizations, seminars and workshops put on by the large corporate/private industry.
  • Schools, churches, synagogues, charities
  • Sport clubs and teams
  • High-awareness and special events
  • Fundraising specialists, and others.

Special Occasions

  • Sweet 16
  • Quincinerra
  • Engagement
  • Anniversary
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Retirement
  • Holidays
  • Baby Shower
  • Bon Voyage
  • Housewarming / Open House

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Market

  • Large party and event planning shows and facilities
  • Synagogues
  • Party and event planners
  • DJ and rental companies
  • Kosher caterers, photographers, and others.


Chocolography Small Business Opportunity

We believe that the Chocolography™ Food Imaging System coupled with the recession-proof chocolate industry is a great way for you to start your first business because :

  • We offer unique products for every budget and occasion. Personalized products made from chocolate and candy and so much more - what could be more precious? In fact we're so sure our products are sure-fire winners that the only hard decision is whether to keep the gifts for rememberance or to eat them!

  • Recession Proof. No matter what the state of the economy is, people always buy Chocolography™ products because of their wide appeal and our proven business model. What better way than to get your money's worth - gift, greeting, novelty, AND a tasty treat all in one!

  • Established Markets. There are hundreds of established markets for personalized chocolate and confectionary items. We've listed just a few above, but believe us, Chocolography™ Food Imaging System can be worked into practically any industry or business niche.

  • Flexible Business Model. Chocolography™ systems are designed for speed, flexibility and simplicity and can be easily operated from your home, a store or a factory. Chocolography™ products can be resold through retail stores, party planners, caterers and other channels, amplifying the profitability potential.

  • Quality and Personalization. Unmatched quality and flexible customization options make Chocolography™ products superior to existing offerings, while preserving price competitiveness.

  • Broad Range of Retail Prices. Chocolography™ has products targeted to a multitude of price points, ranging from an inexpensive lollipop to a beautiful 2-pound truffle set.

  • High Markups. For $100,000 in sales, your average product cost will be about $30,000 including ink and freight or a 233% profit margin.

  • Effective Marketing Tools. We provide you with powerful marketing materials, a versatile sales program and a professionally designed e-commerce website, all custom-tailored to your business requirements.

  • On-going Training and Award-winning Customer Support. Our comprehensive initial training program fully prepares you providing you with all the tools to start your own successful Chocolography™ business. Our on-going technical and product support are always there to help your business grow.


Simply put, the Chocolography™ Food Imaging System is about 3 unique features :

  • Unique Technology. Our system prints high-resolution images directly on the surface of chocolate and other food products. It's portable and can fit on the smallest of spaces. It has unlimited customization capabilities and its ease of use enbles you to produce up to 620 pieces per hour. The beauty of the Chocolography™ Food Imaging System is that you can make 1 single piece or 1000 pieces economically.

  • Unique Products. Our system produces top-quality products that have an exclusive feel yet has a broad market appeal for every budget, event and occasion. The ability to customize any product creates high perceived value and that translates into high profits. Every item can be personalized at reasonable retail prices, so that puts it in the "popular" category for kids with small budgets and adults with larger needs.

  • Unique Opportunity. Chocolography™ is highly profitable, fun and easy to operate. Best of all, it works any way you want it to work - as a home-based business for your retirement or part-time income source or a full-blown store-front business. Because we manufacture everything ourselves, you get to make high profit margins and still keep prices reasonable for your customers. We confident that your Chocolography™ Food Imaging System can produce thousands of dollars in retail sales per day. It's also a great attraction at parties and events, where people can actually see you producing their personalized products right before their eyes!
Chocolography Small Business Opportunity

And finally, we at Chocolography™ believe that it's not just about a system or business - its about people. We're People Who Truly Care About You and Your Success! Everyone at the Chocolate Printing Company is personally committed to helping you succeed. Whether you need business advice, technical support, fresh supplies or encouragement, we are always here for you!

Chocolate Printing Company
600 Bayview Avenue
Inwood, NY, 11096, USA

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