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Unfinished Furniture Association
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Unfinished Furniture Association Small Business Opportunity

In a world where profits come before anything else and products are made from cheap, sub-standard or worse, fake materials, people have begun to value real, all-wood, custom-designed finished furniture. It's one of the few quality products that has never lost its appeal. And let's face it... box furniture may have pieces customers like, but they rarely come in the quality, size, style and finishes that meet a customer's "just right" needs. The fact there there are only about 600 unfinished retail outlets in the U.S. means that the potential market is wide open for the first-time business owner who wants to be his own boss.

If you've always dreamed of being your own boss, now is your chance to own your very own niche business as an unfinished furniture retailer. The Unfinished Furniture Association (UFA) is the nation's only non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting and expanding the unfinished furniture industry. We may be living in the high tech 21st century, but most of us still have a yearning for natural elements in our surroundings. That's why there's always a demand for real wood furniture with an even greater demand for customized, unfinished, real wood furniture. When you join UFA, you'll have all our members' combined expertise at your disposal as you business your very own business.

Unfinished Furniture Association Small Business OpportunityWe are the Unfinished Furniture Association (UFA), and our motto is, “Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way®.” It's precisely that same sentiment that holds true for the way we want to support you as you become an independent unfinished furniture retailer. You'll have complete flexibility to do things YOUR way because that's exactly how we like to operate - letting you do YOUR thing while we provide you with all the encouragement, training and ongoing support to start you off and get you on your way to success. Depending on where you live, the demand for the products and services only you can provide as an unfinished furniture dealer in your area are potentially huge!

Unfinished Furniture Association Small Business Opportunity
Unfinished Furniture Association Small Business Opportunity

Becoming a UFA member/dealer has many privileges. As an unfinished furniture retail member with the full support of the UFA, you will:

  • Start out with a passion to be your own boss in a rigorous, customer service- oriented business.

  • Be an independent owner-operator, who structures your business as you see fit and is able to secure the necessary financing to get started. (Start-up financing costs will vary depending on the store size in question; we’ll help you figure it all out!).

  • Have NO franchise fees, contracts or monthly fees of any kind!

  • Receive our FREE GUIDE to opening an unfinished furniture store, which includes information about creating a business plan, selecting a location and marketing your business, plus tips on all aspects of opening and running a successful retail store of this kind.

  • Fill a much-needed niche market in an ideal demographic area of 100,000 population or more.

  • Have the full support and guidance of UFA membership in creating your business plan, starting and sustaining your business.

  • Network with UFA’s manufacturer members and other dealers to secure floor samples and inventory to provide your clientele with a full range of customized unfinished furniture options, as well as finishes.

  • Utilize manufacturers’ in-store and on-line, full-color catalogs to feature an incredible variety of products, including hundreds of styles and thousands of items in any size or finish your clientele could ever want or need…all available to you at WHOLESALE prices!

  • Enjoy the flexibility to run your business your way, including the options of incorporating it into an already existing business endeavor and/or featuring additional, complementary products/services.

  • Promote your business with access to UFA’s full library of proven advertising and become certified to use UFA’s national brand and logo, “Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way®”.

  • Grow your business with customer referrals and a link to your own website as a result of being featured as “Premium Retailer” on UFA’s consumer-oriented website.

  • Participate in UFA’s annual industry trade show, featuring a range of keynote speakers and educational seminars, in addition to the inspiring displays of merchandise by manufacturer members, and.

  • Keep up to date on new products and trends through the association’s bi-monthly, email newsletter.

Unfinished Furniture Association Small Business OpportunityWe believe this is a truly fantastic opportunity for you to open your very own niche business and become a part of the exciting, unique and environmentally friendly unfinished furniture industry. Fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss, providing customers with high-quality, real-wood heirloom furniture that can be customized THEIR WAY!

If you’re looking for just the right retail business at just the right time, you just may have found it…consider becoming an unfinished furniture retailer today!

Unfinished Furniture Associatioin
P.O. Box 520
Spofford, NH 03462
Tel: 800-487-8321 or 518-832-7939
Fax: 518-824-5719

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