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Mr Fire Safety
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Voted #1 as the nation's fastest growing commercial exhaust hood cleaning franchise in 2008 and 2009, Mr. Fire Safety provides top-notch service to our clients by our service providers who are NFPA Certified, insured and bonded. As the leading specialist in the government-madated exhaust hood pressure cleaning and fire extinguisher services niche, we provide our highest level of service to any establishment that has a food preparation area or requires fire extinguishers to be placed at their premises. ALL WORK IS MANDATED BY NFPA LAW and enforced by all township fire inspectors and insurance companies nationwide. With cleanings required anywhere from once a year to every month, being part of the Mr. Fire Safety franchise ensures you get high profit margins (40-60%) and lots of repeat business. In fact, we work hand in hand with you to get you customers and help you grow your business.

Mr. Fire Safety now operates in 18 states and currently cleans McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Kentucky, Zaxby’s, Hardee’s and many other national chains. We are the leader in our industry and we offer kitched exhaust hood systems cleaning to the following entities:

  • Restaurants & Bars that have cooking kitchens
  • Schools with Cafeterias
  • Hospitals with Cafeterias
  • Nursing Homes with Cafeterias
  • Motels, Hotels, Cruise Ships, Casinos
  • Any businesses that have a commercial kitchen

Mr. Fire Safety didn't get to be the leading specialist in our niche by being ordinary. We got there by being the best, and doing our best consistently. As we work with our partners, we offer them much to succeed. We believe that to be successful, we have to help YOU be successful. That's why Mr. Fire Safety offers you the following advantages :

  • Intensive training. You will attend a comprehensive world-class five day training & certification in our Orlando, Florida facility and exclusivity for your territory plus marketing assistance to jump start your business.

  • Top-class facilities. This can be run with low overhead, from your garage or van. We will teach you how to manage the business during the day and subcontract the cleanings out at night. One crew of 2 people ca do 2 cleanings per night and we charge $350-$700 per cleaning, which takes about 3-4 hours per cleaning. Fire extinguishers are all serviced during the day, once a year.

  • Low Competition. One of the top selling points of this business, is that there is little certified competition. Most of the current hood cleaners are uncertified and unprofessional and do not offer the full cleaning and maintenance thatMrFireSafettyCleaning we do and fire extinguisher. Our aim is to be the #1 name in exhaust hood cleaning & fire prevention company in the United States.

  • Growth/Expansion. Territories are sold by county and are priced according to density from $25,000 to $50,000 and royalties of 5%. This includes training, certification, tools & equipment, if you mention this ad.

  • Mr FireSafety Cleaning Support/Training. We offer ongoing technical and sales & marketing support to help you grow and jump start a successful business. We also have a message board for all our franchisees to share any topics to enhance their businesses. When you join Mr. Fire Safety, you join our family and stand united with us. Our goal is to help you achieve a 6 figure income and profitable business because your success is our success.

To give you a rough idea of the profitability of this niche, here's a table of fee estimates and frequency of service.

KitchenExhaust Hood Cleaning $350 - $1,500

2-12 Per year

Fan Maintenance Service $50 - $100

1 Per Year

Filter Cleaning Service $35 - $50

1 Per week

Complete Kitchen Detailing $1,000+

2 Per Year

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning $100+/ each 1 Per Year
Dumpster Areas Cleaning $75+ 4 Per Year
Grease Trap Cleaning $150+ 2 Per Year
Awning Pressure Cleaning $200+ 1 Per Year
Walkway Pressure Cleaning $250+ 1 Per Year

And to top off the high profit margins, as you join Mr. Fire Safety's franchise family you'll get :

  • Five days of class & field training on how to operate your own exhaust hood cleaning business; this includes intense hands on training on a real hood, estimating, marketing techniques and much more.
  • You'll get the Level III Exhaust System Cleaning MFS Certification
  • Training on “How to Get Bonded & Bid on Public Entity Schools”
  • Full color, double sided, UV coated professional Business Cards for marketing your business
  • Phone and email support for questions regarding your Franchise
  • Full color post cards for mail out purposes to you to jump start your new business
  • Live Mr. Fire Safety 800# operator answering service for your customers, patched directly through to your cell phone via text message, so you don't miss any customer leads
  • New construction project leads of new restaurants and School bids through BidstreetUSA.comOngoing phone support and consulting from Mr. Fire Safety when you are on the job, no matter what time it is
  • Professional Polo shirt, T-shirts, Cap, 2 truck magnets, CD of over various forms you will need, stationary on CD, art work and much more.

So if you're ready to be a part of a really HOT business, give us a call.

Mr Fire Safety
407-610-0029 Day Hours
407-509-1449 After Hours
866 722-3473 (Toll Free)

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