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Press A Dent
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PRESS · A · DENT is a leader in paintless dent removal. Since 1991, PRESS · A · DENT has been restoring damages vehicles to their original condition, without painting or fillers, in less time and cost than any conventional body shop alternative. We've been removing door dings, small dents and hail damage from vehicles, saving thousands of satisfied customers a lot of money and impressing them with superior and efficient service.

Most importantly, PRESS · A · DENT is the best NO INVESTMENT opportunity for enterprising craftsmen to get into business for themselves. PRESS · A · DENT exclusively trains and equips every one of its craftsmen. Every craftsman receives hundreds of hours of one-to-one, supervised training over a comprehensive range of domestic and imported vehicles. PRESS · A · DENT insists on every craftsman being certified for commercial work by our national training center. This guarantees that the workmanship meets the highest uniform standards set by us.

PRESS · A · DENT does not sell franchises, tools or training. We train and help ambitious, enterprising people develop their own paintless dent removal business by providing extensive, personalized paid training. Upon graduating, PRESS · A · DENT licenses its processes to these trained Craftsmen (i.e. Trained Independent Contractors) who will use them in operating their own business in the chosen service location. Our based commission structure is the best and it includes start-up bonuses for initial remittance of 95% of revenue directly to our Craftsmen. Be believe in investing in our Craftsmen. We won't make a dime until they start making money for themselves first.

PRESS · A · DENT's low overhead and non-franchise structure allows most of the repair charge goes directly to the craftsmen doing the work. As a result, we can take the extra time to do the full range of repairs you need at a competitive, per-panel charge. As a PRESS · A · DENT Craftsman, you get to keep most of the revenue you generate. After the ten-week salaried training phase of our program, you become an INDEPENDENT contractor paid on a commission basis. The commission levels start at 95% of your billings. Over a periof of several months, commission levels gradually phase in to our long-term commission levels for your geographic area. Higher commission levels are available for major, more competitive markets.

PRESS · A · DENT provides a complete set of tools (along with toll free customer number, pager, business insurance and everything a Craftsman needs to be in business) to the Craftsman, at his option, for a very low modest fee. Most Craftsmen use their own vehicle for business purposes. However, if a craftsman needs a vehicle for his/her business, small pick-ups with bed covers and PRESS · A · DENT decals are available for lease on a monthly basis from the company at preferred rates.

PRESS · A · DENT believes that :

  1. We help people get started in the paintless dent removal business, and
  2. Our program offers attractive income potential for a Craftsman and his/her family, and
  3. We provide an excellent career opportunity for someone to operate their own business,

... then we will both share long term success.

1154 S. High St.
Denver, CO 80210

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