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Under The Sea Indoor Playground
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Under The Sea Indoor Playground Small Business Opportunity

Under The Sea Indoor Playground is the newest talked about children's entertainment center franchise. It's about kid enjoying themselves and having FUN, FUN, FUN, in an exciting environment with magnificent floor-to-ceiling- murals depicting the under-sea world, pirates, mermaids and other amazing sea life. At the Under The Sea Indoor Playground, kids will be bouncing on the Moon Bouncer, sliding down the Turbo Slide and crawling or climbing up sea castles. It's more than a fun place, it's a place where families can learn, have fun and bond at the same time.

If you're looking for a place that offers your Birthday Party guests a private, safe and fun environment, then Under The Sea Indoor Playground is IT! We're staffed by experienced, well-trained team members who will ensure each and every party is a magical celebration. Our live mermaid, pirate and clown charactes entertain kids with games and fun that's age appropriate. We do everything for you - from setting up, to entertaining your guests to the cleaning up. We're firm believers in keeping children occupied and happy with safe, educational and fun play time, so our facillity is equipped to accomodate children of all ages.

Under The Sea Indoor Playground Small Business OpportunityThe Under The Sea Indoor Playground Franchise is a time-proven concept that's gone through years of development and refinement. We've created a system that allows first-time entrepreneurs the opportunity to bypass the most common first-time mistakes and fast-track them to the development and growth phase of their business. We've combined our unique format for high-traffic locations and facilities for play-time and totally private, safe birthday parties into a very successful business model. We're an outstanding service provider and we've developed the highest recognition in today's "family fun" marketplace. We believe that every one of our franchise partners will find Under The Sea Indoor Playground to be more than just a business - we will be their passion and pathway to reach a better and more successful life.

Under The Sea Indoor Playground Small Business OpportunityA lot of people are currently working for someone else, yet longing to be their own boss by owning their own business. Others are recently retired and seeking a way to get back into a new line of work. Still others just might be looking for a change and a way to improve their lives - and enjoy the benefits of running their own franchise business. We believe that you'll find your business home in the Under The Sea Indoor Playground family. We'll support you with all of our resources. All of our systems, techniques and people will be geared towards helping you achieve your objective of being a successful entrepreneur. As soon as you qualify for and Under The Sea franchise, you'll learn the ins and outs of setting up and running one of the most unique playgrounds there is! We'll be there to stand by you and back you up with professional training and support - the essential building blocks that you'll need to set up and open your business. But it doesn't end there. We believe that the only way Under The Sea Indoor Playground can be successful as a business is by making sure ALL our franchise partners are successful - all the time. That's why you'll benefit from built-in sales and marketing strategies, brand recognition, our solid franchise presence and an established relationship with an exclusive supply plan.

Under The Sea Indoor Playground Small Business OpportunityWith years of operational experience and knowledge, we provide all our franchise partners with a solid foundation for their business. We've assembled some of the most experienced people in our management and franchise support teams to help you every step of the way. Our Operations Specialist will be there to help you guide you in your opening and setting up operations, including equipment, employee hiring and training and other critical operational tasks. Once you're open for business, Under the Sea will guide you in such areas as personnel, marketing, and management. Throughout the lifetime of the franchise, we will provide ongoing communication and guidance to help you in your approach to operations, management, and marketing.

As a Under The Sea Indoor Playground franchise owner, you can enjoy amazing benefits and rewards unique to any other type of business including :

  • Being part of a uniform operation sharing the same look and feel of the service and products you are providing
  • Professional training on how to open, operate, and maintain your business
  • Purchasing power advantage
  • A lower risk of failure and/or loss of investments than if you were to start your own business from scratch
  • Exterior and interior unit design concept
  • Guidance in site selection
  • Counseling and guidance from field supervisor
  • Operations training
  • Seminars and other activities that can promote business
  • Inventory control system
  • Web site services and information (when put into operation)
  • Accounting & reporting system
  • Group advertising and public relations power
  • Research and development

Under The Sea Indoor Playground Small Business OpportunityOne of the most critical aspects of starting and running a business is training. Under the Sea management training and support includes both classroom and in-shop training in areas such as sales skills, sales activities, product knowledge, inventory procedures, administrative duties, merchandising, promotional techniques, personnel selection, scheduling and personnel management, agency operations, record keeping, and sales analysis. At our headquarters in our training center in Los Angeles, California, you and a key management employee will receive orientation and training. Through "hands on" instruction you will learn operational and management skills, as well as our Under the Sea procedures, proven effective over the years.

Our training curriculum includes:

  • Management
  • Personnel management
  • Equipment usage/maintenance
  • Product knowledge
  • Hiring and training
  • Accounting procedures
  • Operations management
  • Customer service
  • Budget control
  • Marketing
  • Research and development

If you're ready to own a business that's family-oriented and fun, we believe you'll find Under The Sea Indoor Playground to be a perfect fit for you. As you grow towards success, we believe you'll look back on your decision to join us as one of the smartest decisions you've ever made in you life!
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