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BikeCaffe Small Business Opportunity

BikeCaffe serves up a cup of coffee, or coffee experience like no other. We don't do it in the stuffy confines of a coffee shop - we do it with a splash of sunshine! With a blend of the best coffee roasts mixed with core values and beliefs that pales the greenest of organizations, and unmatched convenience, BikeCaffe is definitely in a class of its own.

Will Shakesheff, an obsessed coffee connoisseur wanted to give the world a truly unique taste of coffee. And he also wanted to give back to producers of great coffee and the world in which they live. He create BikeCaffe and began working to create a blend of coffee that met our exacting requirements for taste and would be reliably available. We obtain our coffee by contracting with 100% Fair Trade coffee producers who guide their operations in accordance to the ethical and environmental standards that shapes our core business philosophy. BikeCaffe runs a 100% environmentally friendly operation that can genuinely boast of a 100% recycling policy and a footprint that leaves no trace except satisfied customers.

Beginning just outside of London in Stratford-Upon-Avon England, the BikeCaffe immediately took customers by surprise and they quickly grew to become a loyal and passionate repeat market - craving for the coffee we served AND the way we served it. Britons reveled in the opportunity to enjoy an awesome cup of coffee while supporting a business with sound environmental practices and business ethics.

BikeCaffe Small Business OpportunityBikeCaffe is more an earth-friendly, greener than green, fully equipped "rolling" caffe (spelled the Italian way). Our trained Baristas can create the same hot, made to order coffee & espresso drinks you now rely on from the plentiful, but typical brick and mortar coffee shops to serve. We work diligently to serve only coffee blends that met our exacting requirements for taste by coffee producers who guide their operations in accordance to the ethical and environmental standards that shapes our core business philosophy.

The current BikeCaffe menu includes:

  • Espressos
  • Lattes
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Mochas
  • Hot Chocolates
  • Chai Teas
  • Tea Roobois
  • English Teas

  • Smoothies
  • Iced Coffees
  • Iced Teas
  • Limited / Special Blend Teas
  • Limited / Special Blend Coffees
  • A Variety of Flavoring Syrups
  • A local selection of chilled bottled and canned drinks
  • A local selection of exceptional snacks

BikeCaffe Small Business OpportunityBikeCaffe is the top choice for an environmentally reflective business. It's an opportunity that's exclusive and boasts of a tradition of excellence. If your goals are to own your very own business while making a positive impact on your community, then BikeCaffe may be the perfect franchise opportunity for you.

The BikeCaffe franchise is not just a business - it's a lifestyle. When you're looking for a franchise, you'll want to find the right combination of brand recognition, ethical values, positive industry trends, protected territories and comprehensive support services. That's more than a handful to handle for prospective first-time business owners. But for you, there must be something more - a sense of doing something that matters and makes a difference in your community. It must offer a meaningful service and enriches the lives of those you reach. You'll also want the flexibility, purpose and fulfillment that money alone cannot provide.

BikeCaffe Small Business OpportunityProbably the greatest benefits of owning a BikeCaffe, is the extreme versatility in choosing where you will operate your BikeCaffe. The BikeCaffe is regularly operated in a variety of public settings, and many of our owners operate their BikeCaffes in numerous locations, depending on factors such as weather, pedestrian traffic patterns, event schedules, competition and their desired work schedules.

While you can operate your business from any legal location, BikeCaffes are typically operated at location such as:

  • High Pedestrian Streets
  • Parks & Recreation Areas
  • Cultural Facilities (ie. museums, exhibits, landmarks etc)
  • Shopping Areas
  • Sporting Events & Venues
  • Concert Events & Venues
  • Universities
  • Courthouses and Civic Centers
  • Festivals
  • Outdoor Markets
  • Indoor Shopping Centers
  • Large Office Building / Centers
  • Construction Areas
  • Airports & Train Stations
  • And more....

Fact is, you can choose (and frequently change) how and where you operate your BikeCaffe, so why not take it just way you like it, just like your perfect cup of coffee!

  • With every BikeCaffe franchise purchase you will receive the following:
  • Personal assistance to order a correctly equipped, custom built and proprietary BikeCaffe Coffee Bike, complete with power supply and coffee preparation equipment.
  • An initial inventory of coffee, cups and serving supplies and other accessories needed to prepare the BikeCaffe menu.
  • An initial supply of custom marketing materials and Operator Dress, including BikeCaffe Aprons and other branding items.
  • Comprehensive training manuals, covering all aspects of the BikeCaffe operation, including mechanical topics, menu preparation and customer service requirements.
  • A copy of the BikeCaffe franchise operations manual.
  • On-going support and training from our office, where needed.

The BikeCaffe business opportunity is simple & pure - just like a good cup of coffee.

BikeCaffe Worldwide
1-877-PEDAL ME

BikeCaffe Europe
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