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Tasty Image
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Tasty Image Small Business Opportunity

Imagine if you could use your own creativity to establish a profitable business where you are not just your own boss, but you help to brigthen people's lives with chocolate and gifts. As a Tasty Image franchisee, you will be the center of attraction at parties and events, as you create memorable moments in people's lives. You will be running a business that is fun, interesting, rewarding and if you're a true chocolate lover, you'll love being surrounded by chocolate the whole day!

Tasty Image is a one-of-a-kind business opportunity that no other franchise in the world offers. We help our franchisees produce personalized products and gifts made completly of chocolate! As a Tasty Image franchisee, you'll be introducing your friends and family to something that touches their hearts and amazes all their senses. You'll have an absolutely unique opportunity and product line to be your own boss, make money, enjoy a lifetime of fun, excitement, glitz and glamor.


There are many reasons why Tasty Image is such a gold mine :

Chocolate is recession proof. Not many industries can stand up to the financial crunch when the economy is bad. In fact, it's those times that chocolate sales continue to soar. Research have revealed that chocolate is a comfort food, a simple, affordable treat that people consume in times of recession. The chocolate industry has been recognized as one of the most stable - and profitable.

Chocolate is a healthy, tasty treat. Scientist have found that chocolate posesses important health benefits. Chocolate is a mood enhancer, helps lower blood pressure, increases red blood cell count and contains healthy antioxidants which our bodies need. While all these medicinal benefits of chocolate continue to be reasons chocolate sales continue to soar at an approximate rate of 7-12% each year, the simple truth is that chocolate tastes great!

Personalized. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an edible picture must surely be worth a million! People love receiving personalized chocolate gifts - from their names on chocolate bars to their photos/images on mouth-watering slices of chocolate. With a picture and a personalized message on chocolate gifts, you're not only hitting all the sense, but melting people's hearts!

Personalization is a multi-billion dollar market with an ever-growing market of consumers. Consumers have increasing expectations of retailers and ultimately, that involves catering to personalized tastes. Tasty Image offers personalization that is not offered anywhere else in the world. The ability to print full-color high-resolution images on chocolate, we combine the lucrative chocolate niche with personalization to enable you to grab a piece of the multi-billion dollar pie! Throw in the fact that there is a virtually unlimited market and you have a gold-mine of an opportunity.

Tasty Image is never limited by any specific list. We train all our our creative experts are sure to find the best personalized and delicious solutions for any event, occasion and budget.

  • Presentations. Chocolate products with personalized message will make important impression in every speech, making it effective and memorable.
  • Negotiations. Tasty Image chocolates with personalized message will dispose the opposite side to fruitful dialogue and bring negotiations to the appropriate course.
  • Exhibitions & Tradeshows. One of the most effective marketing tools is to give out Tasty Image treats to participants at the door. Print vendor’s logo, booth number, location, contact information. Rest assured that visitors will appreciate the unique chocolate gift. Tasty Image chocolates with personalized messages will pique a great interest in visitors to company booth. Free food items are always a big hit at exhibitions & trade shows.
  • Family & friends. Chocolate bars with personalized greetings will become an unexpected and delicious surprise for your family & friends.
  • Romantic gifts. A personalized chocolate piece decorated with declarations of love will become a superb romantic gift for someone in love.
  • Weddings. Chocolate invitations from a groom and a bride will be a pleasant surprise for all guests. Such invitations cannot be rejected - it can only be accepted. Just imagine the bride and groom's faces imprinted beautifully on the heart shaped piece of rich gourmet chocolate! What a truly wonderful and memorable wedding favor.
  • Game day spirit. A clever way for sports fans, soccer moms and football dads to add an extra team spirit to the game. Bring personalized chocolate treats to provide to team members, parents and fans.
  • Conferences & Workshops. Promote a conference agenda or incentive to renew membership using personalized chocolates. This is a lucky find for traditional coffee breaks: small chocolate bars not only stimulate intellectual activities of the participants but also show that the meeting was arranged very thoughtfully.
  • Business Card. Sales people are always looking for a way to leave a lasting impression on their customers to ensure their products are remembered. Since most of these individuals work on commission, this is a unique way for them to market themselves. Salespeople could imprint information about their company's products on our chocolates.
  • Parties & Gatherings. A well thought of loose scatterings of personalized chocolates will make any party the most stylish in this season. Different size chocolates with different messages look especially modern.
  • Restaurants & Cafes. Chocolate coins with the logo of a restaurant or cafe can become a sweet addition to a cup of coffee. Chocolate menus are both informational and delicious at the same time. Wonderful promotional product for guests to appreciate this fine gesture and to come again without fail.
  • Hotels. Small greeting chocolate coins or truffles awaiting guests in each room will emphasize hospitality and cordiality in the best possible way.
  • Hospitals. Birth announcements, get well, fast recovery wishes printed on our chocolates will make the day of every patient a little sweeter.
  • Schools. From preschools to college, all schools are interested in finding a new, affordable and more creative ways to appeal to public for fundraising. Game dates, school closing dates, and many more can be a wonderful opportunity to use our personalized chocolate bars for fundraising activities. It will surely encourage public to participate and support. And don't forget dancing, acting, art, karate and other schools or clubs of this type. They also are in need of ways to raise money.
  • Festivals and outdoor events. Tasty Image chocolate coins or cookies with a festival logo are perfect promotional products for any organizer to complete his marketing effort. Chocolates could be imprinted with a raffle number, admission ticket or some message.
  • Clubs, Casinos, Cinemas. Any club can offer personalized chocolates with his trademark symbol to his visitors so that the next time they will know for sure where to invite their friends or colleagues. And if they forget the address - they will be able to read it on their chocolate treat!
  • Planes & Steamships. Name of a ship or an airline can be placed not only on the sides of a vessel but also on small chocolates, so that any flight or voyage will be easy and memorable for the passengers.
  • Advertising & other agencies. Tasty Image chocolate bars will become a unique offer of every agency. The delicious personalized treats will definitely leave a strong impression on customers. With our personalized chocolates they will be sure they are in the right place.
  • Image making. Nobody will ever blame you for tastelessness if you hand over a chocolate visiting card to your interlocutor when you introduce yourself. And it will never occur to anybody to write down somebody else’s phone on it.
  • Diplomacy. Even the smallest chocolate bar will open the doors of the appropriate rooms in a magical way. There is hardly a secretary who can resist such a nice gift, especially if such a secretary is a woman.
  • Improvisation. If you are invited to a birthday party - don't rush from shop to shop like mad looking for a gift. A small chocolate bar and an eloquent toast to health of the person whose birthday is celebrated is a great present for any party!

Tasty Image Small Business Opportunity

Tasty Image is in a class of its own, but there are other factors that make us a truly remarkable business opportunity. Unlike most other Franchises, Tasty Image offers you OPTIONS. We have two different Business Models from which to choose. Each model contains a core product-line, which we provide for you. Additionally, you may choose to incorporate a variety of other items specific to your geographic region and population demand. This is a very rare option among worldwide franchises and just one more demonstration of our unique qualities. We want you to embrace your new found business and enjoy the path that you’ve chosen.

  • TASTY Express in a Nutshell
    This model requires approximately 800 square feet of retail store space. Within the retails space, a variety of homemade truffles, dipped confectionary items and imaged chocolate are displayed for immediate purchase. Within this business model, you may offer custom imaged chocolate gifts through an extensive display of unique chocolate imaged pieces. Ordering these from the corporate office is simple and speedy. With just the click of your mouse, your order is ‘e’ transferred to the design team who will create the image, print the order and ship it out to you (or your customer) within 72 hours.

  • Ultimate IMAGE In the nutshell
    This Model requires approximately 1,000 square feet of retail store space and has all the benefits of the Tasty Express Model. Additionally, within the retail space, you will house our proprietary imaging system which prints directly onto the chocolate, cookies and other confectionary products. Along with the products and services offered to the customer, you are able to image chocolate while the customer watches. The benefit to operating the imaging system is vast. Primarily, you can take the system to live events and print before the audience. You will also be able to satisfy smaller/last minute orders and offer actual samples with a custom image on the spot.

Tasty Image Small Business Opportunity

Which other Franchise, in the world, do supply customers with some of the fondest memories of their lifetime? The excitement and delight you see in Tasty Image customers’ eyes makes for a truly priceless experience each and every day! Tasty Image offers limitless possibilities as we cater to many different markets; entertainment, corporate, wedding, floral, party planning and event coordinating just to name a few. The Tasty Image model allows you to promote your business in so many different ways, your income potential is endless.

Perhaps you never thought owning your own chocolate shop would be possible. We are here to make the impossible your sweet reality! If you are ready to meet all your life goals and make all your dreams come true we are ready to guide you every step of the way!

The response to Tasty Image has been absolutely overwhelming. The desire and excitement to get involved in this groundbreaking franchise has been remarkable. You too can get started today, and begin dreaming of chocolate tonight.

Tasty Image Inc.
6390 W. Indiantown Rd Suite 54
Jupiter, FL 33458, USA
Phone: (561) 745-9974
Toll Free: (877) 742-COCO
Fax: (561) 745-9975
Visit their website

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