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EZ Breathe
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EZ Breathe Small Business Opportunity

One of the most critical aspects of caring for your home (or building) and its inhabitants is to ensure that there is adequate and proper ventilation. The health, safety and comfort of a home depend on proper ventilation. Improper ventilation can include condensation on windows, musty odors and stuffy air. The lack of proper ventilation can cause :

  • Polluted air leading to illness and mold growth
  • Health issues such as asthma and allergies
  • Mold growth that can cause structure damage
  • Comfort concerns such as humidity levels
  • Odors that can cause headaches and nasal irritation

EZ Breathe Small Business OpportunityThe global push for better building and home insulation to conserve precious energy resources comes with an overlooked, yet serious consequence - we're all breathing stagnant, oftentime toxic air. As the media educates the public about this growing and very dangerous health hazard, public attention continues to focus on the need to couple proper ventilation and energy-saving insulation measures. Homeowner are also becoming increasingly aware of the need to keep their homes well ventilated. They're improving their existing homes and in the process, creating a $10 billiion market for products that improve indoor air quality. E-Z Breathe now enjoys a significant share of this market and the demand just keeps on going up!

E-Z Breathe is a maintenance-free, easy to install, attractive, quiet and cost-efficient solution that :

  • Eliminates excess moisture in the home or any enclosed structure
  • Reduces indoor humidity
  • Expels poluted air
  • Improves indoor air quality

E-Z Breathe accomplishes these tasks in three simple steps:

  • Ventilation. E-Z Breathe draws moist, stale air out of the building or home.
  • Replenishment. E-Z Breathe replaces moist air with fresh, dry air; in fact, a complete air exchange occurs about ten times each day.
  • Regulation. Airflow is monitored to reach and maintain a desired level of humidity.

EZ Breathe Small Business Opportunity

And unlike similar products, E-Z Breathe backs its product with an unparalleled 10 year warranty, which is one of the biggest reasons why the demand for E-Z Breathe ventilation units is experiencing unprecedented worldwide growth. Due to this growth, we're looking for distributors who either :

  • Are interested in adding E-Z Breathe installation sales and service to their already existing, perhaps complementary business (such as waterproofing, radon inspection/mitigation, gutter installation/repair, mold remediation or basement remodeling/finishing), or

  • Want to build their own full- or part-time home ventilation business from the ground up following our proven path to success.

E-Z Breathe offers you a business opportunity that is probably one of the best you'll ever be able to find. For a small, one-time start-up investment, all our distributors are guarateed these important benefits :

  • The ability to turn a $1K profit on each and every unit they sell and install
  • Comprehensive two-day training by our technical, R&D, sales and marketing experts at the company’s headquarters in Macedonia, OH, including all of our proven techniques, approaches and tricks of the trade
  • E-Z Breathe Certified Installer Certification
  • E-Z Breathe Marketing Manual
  • E-Z Breathe Master Installation Manual
  • E-Z Breathe Direct Mail Campaign
  • E-Z Breathe Marketing Video
  • One free E-Z Breathe unit
  • $500 advertising voucher
  • 100 free, 4-color, tri-fold E-Z Breathe brochures
  • Co-op advertising program option, which allows you to capitalize on E-Z Breathe’s nationwide branding initiatives
  • Access to our customer financing program, which allows for 12 months same as cash for qualified buyers
  • Distributor pricing on complementary products

Once you become an E-Z Breathe distributor, you will:

  • Have no monthly minimums or fees to pay. All you’ll need to run your business is transportation (A van or truck is ideal!), approximately $1,500 worth of tools ($900 of which can easily be rented at first.) and the ability to lift an E-Z Breathe unit, which weighs about 26 lbs.
  • Not only experience E-Z Breathe’s outstanding and ongoing commitment to you as a business owner, but to your customers as well; our customer relations support is the best in the industry, which speaks volumes about the brand name you are representing
  • Be furnished with leads in your territory to get you started.

EZ Breathe Small Business OpportunityEZBreathe Ventilation Distributors are earning as much as $30k in additional PROFIT PER MONTH within 2 months of joining the EZBreathe team! You leave the 2 day Top Gun EZBreathe Training program, with the tools, knowledge, marketing plan, and proven path to starting up your new business, or jumpstarting your existing business.

E-Z Breathe is confident that we're offering our distributors the most complete, well established, supportive and proven business opportunity of its kind in the home ventilation business today. If you enjoy educating people and helping them to solve problems and you have the desire to own your own business, becoming an E-Z Breathe distributor may be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

349 Highland Road East
Macedonia, Ohio 44056
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