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Vs Barbershop
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V's Barbershop Franchise Opportunity

A hair cut is just a hair cut, right? Wrong! At V's Barbershop, a hair cut is a ritual. It's an experience that brings back the nostalgia of simpler days when men gathered at the corner barbershop talking about anything and everything from business to sports to current events. At V's Barbershop, we mix the familiar old-style short hair cuts with contemporary, trendy styles. Whatever you need - whether it's just a quick touch-up or The Whole Deal, we've got everything covered, from hair cuts to shaves, facials to massages and even cigars for special occasions and shoeshines!!

V's is the old-time barbershop that Dad took you to when you were a kid. The same old-fashioned ones that seem to have vanished. In today’s age, men must choose between overpriced women’s salons or low-cost, low-experience “chop shops”. We’ve had thousands of guys tell us the same thing: “Until V’s, there were no good choices.” We’ve created a concept and an environment that men enjoy. From the real barber chairs to the hot lather old-fashioned shave and the relaxing massage you enjoy before you leave, V’s has brought back the best of the old and set a new standard for men’s barbershops. Your customers will love the classic, old-time feel of their neighborhood barbershop. You’ll love that growing your own business really means hanging out with the guys. And you don’t have to be a barber!

If you haven't already gotten the gist of what we're saying, we'll say it straight - V's Barbershop is an authentic, old-time barbershop offering traditional barbering services in an upscale and uniquely masculine environment. Haircuts, old-fashioned straight-edge shaves, facials and complementary shoe shines. Our concept is simple - A Real Barbershop for Real Men. Yes, it's a guy thing.

V's Barbershop Franchise Opportunity

We're proud that many local and international publications also think we're great :

“Consider an afternoon at V’s…
Welcome to the new American barbershop - still a place to get your mop chopped and jaw about sports, but updated with higher-end services and all the comforts of a great sports bar or an exclusive men’s club.” ~ Men’s Journal

“A man who has never had a professional barbershop shave simply doesn’t know what a close shave truly means. The traditional hot towel, face lathering, straight razor shave is to a gentleman what a good facial is to a woman—a relaxing skin-pampering treatment. The newest place for an uptown guy to get a good shave ..is downtown at V’s Barbershop….It is the perfect alternative for the guy who is tired of the swivel chairs, feminine chit-chat and the $30-cut-plus-tip involved at most beauty salons.”~ Item Magazine

That's not all. V's Barbershop has consistently proven itself to be a winner and creating a buzz:

  • V’s is a eight-time winner of “Best Full Service Barbershop” by Phoenix Magazine, the leading lifestyle magaizne in the Valley. We’re humbled to be given this award year after year and thrilled that we’re the Valley’s favorite Barbershop!
  • V’s Ranks Top 10 in Ranking Arizona, the largest business opinion poll in Arizona. In 2007 V’s was the #1 ranking barber shop on the list and #3 overall in Arizona, competing with over 5000 barber shops and salons in the state! In 2009, V’s was ranked #2 overall in Arizona for all beauty & hair salons, including upscale women’s salons.
  • Newspapers, magazines and television networks are already reporting on the success of V’s Barbershop. The end result is powerful brand recognition that delivers dynamic results for our franchisees. V’s has been featured in Men’s Journal, A&E Television Network, Sunset Magazine, Foothills Magazine, Scottsdale Magazine, KTVK Channel 3, KPHO-TV (CBS) , KSAZ-TV (Fox), Where Magazine, Launchpad Magazine, Item Magazine, Phoenix Bride & Groom, Arrowhead Life and many others.

V's Barbershop Franchise Opportunity

Why you should consider starting a business in the men's grooming niche :

  • Men’s grooming is the fastest growing segment of the grooming industry.
  • Growing faster than the US economy, the hair care industry offers a stable foundation for store performance and barbershop franchise expansion.
  • Since hair cuts are not a commodity-priced service, price increases can be maintained.
  • The industry is currently dominated by mom and pop shops and low price convenience shops.
  • Most current chains targeting mens’ and boys’ hair cuts, including those who call themselves “barber shops”, have adopted a salon model. That is, they employ mostly cosmetologists to provide barber shop services and do not include shaving or men’s facials as part of their service offerings. The only thing that they have in common with real barber shops is that they have targeted men and boys as their customers.
  • Demographic trends suggest that baby boomers will have a great impact on the economy. They are at their peak earning potential and value life’s small luxuries. Most have to be properly groomed and look good for work and tend to turn conservative as they age. That just described the V’s customer!

Now consider the financial advantages:

  • Recession resistant industry
  • Continuous growth – No matter what the economy looks like, hair keeps growing!
  • Consistent cash flow – On average guys get a haircut every 4 weeks. It’s predictable.
  • No waste – Unlike a restaurant franchise, nothing spoils.
  • Underserved market – Guys currently have no good choices for hair care. There are approximately 110 million men in the U.S. and they all need a haircut!

Also consider the business advantages:

  • Unconsolidated Industry - Our competitors are largely made up of "mom and pop" shops and low-cost, convenience, salon-style shops.
  • Fully Developed Concept – We've got a proven system for maximizing sales and streamlining operations.
  • Best of Class – V's has been very successful in attracting and retaining the best barber talent in the industry. We provide that same support to you.
  • Training – You'll receive a week of on-site training plus 3 separate step-by-step manuals on how to open and operate your shop.
  • A Team of Experts – The V's management team have a combined 50 years experience in the barbering industry and another 40 years experience in business management and consulting. We're here to help you.
  • It's a Barbershop! A business investment has never before been this fun.

V's Barbershop Franchise Opportunity

V's Barbershop is more than just a franchise - it's a business opportunity. You'll be your own boss in a recession-resistant growth industry and be part of a business that's reviving an American tradition. You'll be serving upscale clientele with a team of professionally-trained employees who are trained and supported with the latest technology, proven operating philosophy and an experienced, knowledgable management team.

As a V's Barbershop franchisee, you'll receive comprehensive training on operating your OWN V's Barbershop, from pre-opening, operating and employee training. V's has created comprehensive, detailed manuals full of step-by-step instructions on each aspect of site selection, hiring staff and learning V's distinguished approach to hair cuts, shaves and facials. We'll also train you to operate our state-of-the-art computer system, how to market your V's Barbershop and give you access to pre-selected vendors for everything you will need to purchase : barber chairs, cabinetry, artwork, towel warmers, shaving cream, straight razors - literally everything you will need!

We believe that the secret to V's Barbershop is to make sure every one of our franchise partners are successful. That's why our professional management team - with a combined 50 years in business management and consulting - is always available to assist you. While we work in partnership with you, YOU will be in business for yourself, NOT BY YOURSELF. We succeed because YOU succeed.

V's Barbershop
4801 E. Indian School Rd. Suite 3
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: (602) 414-4800
Fax: (602) 414-4803
Visit their website

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