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Wireless Neighborhood
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Wireless Neighborhood Business Opportunity

The world is cutting wires. The days of messy wires and cables that connect us are ending, and the world is going wireless. The wave of wireless technology is undeniable and as the nation's largest carrier, Verizon Wireless is connecting people faster and more efficiently via a network of premium retail and service outlets - Wireless Neighborhood.

Wireless Neighborhood locations are hotbeds of exciting and fast moving technology. We are the first place customers come to look for PDAs with high-quality cameras, email clients like Blackberrys, music and video players, GPS services, Netbooks, WiFi connection devices and even phones. With technology literally changing every aspect of our lives, Wireless Neighborhood is at the forefront, helping us change the way we consume entertainment, communicate with one another and get business done. Wireless Neighborhood prides itself on offering customers a unique place to try out the latest equipment and expert, superior service in finding the solutions that best meet their needs.

Wireless Neighborhood Business Opportunity

Being part of the Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer program means that Wireless Neighborhood get to leverage the powerful and well-known Verizon Wireless brand in ways that many other retailers - even those that sell Verizon Wireless - simply cannot. Our relationship with Verizon Wireless allows Wireless Neighborhood retailers to enjoy the status of "Premium Retailers". This means more than just a fancy title. It translates into benefits that may other retailers do not enjoy. For instance, your location may appear in Verizon's own advertising or be included in their online store locator. You may even qualify for certain funds. Plus, you'll enjoy the immense benefit of support from an organization that's build a reputation on quality and reliability. We don't charge fees of any kind. In fact, we'll help pay for part of your start-up costs! And because we know that it takes a special breed of entrepreneur who cares about giving great customer service and representing the best products in the industry, we're constantly on the look-out for partners. In return, we help you become the success that you've always dreamt of while maintaining your own freedon and being part of a growth opportunity.

Wireless Neighborhood Business OpportunityWireless is a Growth Industry. The Wireless industry continues to change people’s lives by empowering personal communication, entertainment and business services. Best of all, many areas are growing rapidly including:

  • Accessory sales – Expected to grow 38% to $80 Billion by 2012 (ABI Research).
  • Smartphones – Expected to double their market share by 2013 (Wireless Week).
  • Mobile Internet – US mobile broadband subscribers will more than triple by 2013 to more than 140 million subscribers in 2013 (Parks and Associates).
  • Netbooks – Expected growth of 127% in 2009, from 2008 (IDC, Research Firm).
  • Music – Over 48 million songs were downloaded on VZW network in Q1 of 2009 (Verizon).
  • Photos & Videos – Over 3.8 Billion photo and video messages were sent on the Verizon network in Q3 of 2010 (Verizon).
  • Texting – 183 Billion text messages were sent over the Verizon network in Q3 of 2010 (Verizon).
  • Replacing Landlines – More than 1 in 5 households are “wireless only” (USA Today).

Wireless Neighborhood Business OpportunityAs cell phones become increasingly powerful, consumers rely on them more and more not just for personal communication needs, but also for their business needs. In fact, surveys continually reveal that cell phones are one of the most important technology in their lives. Verizon has been at the cutting edge of the wireless niche for a long time. With well over 90 million customers - more than any other carrier in the nation - Verizon is considered by most as not just the biggest wireless carrier, but also the best. But it's not just a matter of reputation or status. We firmly believe that we DO what we claim to be. We believe that we are the best carrier in all of the most important ways :

  • Best Network – Verizon Wireless has the fastest, most advanced 4G Network in the country.
  • Best Value – Verizon customers switch carriers at the lowest rate in the industry. That’s because Verizon delivers true value, not just gimmicky promotions and low up-front costs that mask larger coverage charges. Verizon customers pay some of the lowest monthly rates, can access high-end services and can call over 86 million fellow Verizon customers, and up to 10 non-Verizon customers, at no additional charge. No wonder their customers are so loyal.
  • Best Brand – Not only is Verizon Wireless one of the most recognizable brands in the world, their name is synonymous with quality products and wireless service. Verizon also consistently wins awards for the best customer service in the industry.
  • Best Future – Having the best network, providing the best value and maintaining the industry’s best brand makes for an incredibly bright future. And you can be a part of it!

As a Wireless Neighborhood business owners, you get to leverage all of this by being a Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer.

Wireless Neighborhood is not a franchise. We're not like other businesses that charge thousands of dollars of up-front fees and thousands more after you start up. We work on a different model. In fact, we will even help you meet some of your start-up costs. We do this because we're interested in investing in your long-term success. We want you to have greater freedom to run your business the way you want to, with the full support of an experienced organization. This experience encompasses :

  • Sales Support – Our Dealer Representatives will walk you through the registration, set-up and opening process. Then, they’ll visit your store regularly to make sure you have the support you need.
  • Dedicated Hotline Support – A wireless expert is always just a phone call away. You’ll get to know your representative well. He or she is available to walk you through our systems, discuss new promotions and answer any questions.
  • Fast Cash™ – Our exclusive Fast Cash™ program pays your employees extra cash for selling the most profitable plans and features. Not only do they get rewarded, so does your bottom line.
  • Training – Wireless Neighborhood™ dealers receive a variety of in-depth trainings that have been delivered by web, in-store and in more intensive 2-day sessions at our national headquarters. We’ll show you the best practices of the wireless industry necessary to drive sales, profits and your personal success.
  • Equipment – All our dealers have access to our entire inventory of Verizon Wireless handsets, smartphones and Internet devices as well as over 6,000 accessories. You can order online 24/7 at competitive prices and even receive exclusive Dealer Rebates and free shipping from one of our many warehouses around the country. Plus, we have a unique capability in the industry to give our retailers the ability to sell product they don’t have on the shelf! You can close the sale in the store and have a pre-activated device shipped from our warehouse directly to your customer the next day. You never have to lose a sale!
  • Marketing – We’ll help you plan the build-out of your store and your grand opening. You will also earn co-op marketing dollars you can use to drive traffic to your store throughout the year.
  • Other Services – As a Wireless Neighborhood™ retailer you will also be able to offer your customers (and profit from) Wireless Protection Plans, Phone Trade-Ins and our exclusive EPINs™ system for prepaid airtime sales.

Wireless Neighborhood Business OpportunityWe are looking for smart, hardworking, financially stable entrepreneurs who want to build a successful wireless business in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas. If this sounds like you, then let us know today, so we can start building your future as a successful business owner.

Remember: No franchise fees. No ongoing fees. No hidden fees. No fees period. We'll even help you pay your start-up costs. No previous industry experience is required, but we ARE looking for smart hardworking entrepreneurs. If this sounds like you, then we'd like to talk to you!!

6119 E. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
Toll Free: (888) 205-1449
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