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Windows Renew
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Computers start off amazingly well out of the box, but constant use eventually gets things in a tangled mess. It's a cycle that repeats itself as early as six months from the purchase of a new computer. And getting good, qualified servicing for your sick computer is a headache in itself. Surveys reveal that consumers are frustrated with slow, problem-prone computers as much as they are with dealing with their local computer geek trying to sell them services and upgrades they don't need. All they want is a fast, friendly and efficient service that will give them predictable, reliable solutions totheir problems, and that's exactly what Windows Renew gives them.

Windows Renew has perfected the ultimate solution for tapping into the hugely profitable home computer user market. The computer consulting market is a desperately under-served industry that's worth up to a whopping $40billion. Because there's very few professional and reliable computer service companies available, the industry is primarily run by computer geeks and fly-by-night mom-and-pop shops. Just look in the Yellow Pages or do a search on Google for computer repair and you'll see what we mean. The industry is filled with unqualified computer repairmen trying to sell you services and stuff you don't need. And they fail where it counts the most - marketing themselves, offering services that consumers really need, communicating with consumers in easy-to-understand terminology and providing and turning an unpleasant computer situation into an enjoyable experience.

Windows Renew Small Business OpportunityWindows Renew, however, is the single most effective way to eliminate 99% or all computer problems. We provide a systematic method so there is no guesswork in diagnosing or troubleshooting. Our service does all the work for you. But we're more than just a computer service system. We've developed a complete business model that provides you with a full year's worth of marketing campaigns, your own website, a customer and appointment management software system, comprehensive training on how to talk to clients, how to close appointments and how to perform the service on-site at someone's house. We completely take the guesswork out of starting up, running and growing your Windows Renew business. In fact, you could say we've perfected the ultimate plug-and-play computer servicing business. You could be up and running and making a full-time living in 4 weeks or less. Anyone with basic knowledge of how to operate a computer can learn and profit from this business.

In fact, we're so confident of our Windows Renew system that we dare give customers a 5-part "Complete Peace of Mind" Guarantee :

  • Guarantee #1: We promise your 100% satisfaction or it's FREE! We back all of our services with a 30-Day "Money Back" Guarantee. After all, if you are not completely satisfied with our work, we don't deserve to keep your money. We'll refund every penny back. No hassle.

  • Guarantee #2: Stress-free flat rate pricing. Unlike other computer consultants that charge an hourly rate in case of "unexpected circumstances," we will provide you with one flat rate per project and guarantee to deliver you the solutions you need without charging a penny more. You'll never have to worry about the possibility of getting hit with a bill that is 2 or 3 times higher than you anticipated.

  • Guarantee #3: We'll help you save money by involving you in the solution. It's not uncommon for computer consultants to purposefully leave clients in the dark with the solutions they provide. This makes their clients dependent on them and guarantees future work. We don't feel this is right and we believe in building long-term relationships. That's why we will involve you as much as possible in the solutions we provide to teach you how you can perform easy problem-solving tasks yourself.

  • Guarantee #4: We service recommendations consist of ONLY the services you need. You'll never have to worry about paying for services you don't need again when you become a Windows Renew client. We approach every client with personalized attention and provide you with a detailed explanation of the problems you are experiencing, what solution we recommend, and why.

  • Guarantee #5: We won't confuse you with "Geek Speak". Technology doesn't have to be complicated. We are people-oriented and dedicated to providing that neighborly, personalized support you need. Our solutions are easy-to-understand, extremely effective, and never expensive.

We know that we can talk all we want but what counts is what our clients think. So here's just a few testimonials from our many satisfied customers :

"My computer is working better now than it has for the past year. My programs are loading faster and those funny errors are gone for good! The wireless printing you setup is so convenient." ~ Barbara D, Atlanta GA

"I tried your service last Thursday, and Wow, what a find. Ryan was personable and prepared, and the price was more than reasonable. Now, here I am on the road and my laptop works like a charm. Your service is far more than I expected......" ~ Brooks D, Pittsburgh PA

"Your company's service is wonderful. There are many people like me who are not very savvy about the internet and reluctant to impose repeatedly on their friends who do know. No doubt we will meet again...." ~ Ken W, Alexandria TX

"You are the greatest - I really appreciate it. I love the service we have received and continue to receive - I will continue to call upon you for all of our computer needs, as well as refer you to others in the neighborhood! ~ Kimberly F, Los Angeles CA

We believe that Windows Renew is a fantastic business opportunity and here's 9 reasons why we believe it's the right opportunity you've been looking for :

  1. Our niche business is recession-proof
  2. The market is poorly underserved and virtually untapped
  3. You can run our business from your home and grow into a multi-million dollar company
  4. It’s very easy to startup (even if you are completely new to the computer consulting industry)
  5. It’s perfect if you are working with a shoe-string budget
  6. You can get setup today and start earning substantial income in 4 weeks or less
  7. It’s very profitable (our clients average $65 - $75/hour)
  8. It requires only basic computer knowledge
  9. We provide you with a complete “business in-a-box” that contains 1-years worth of “done for you” marketing campaigns, training material, a full-blown website, our easy-to-learn proprietary “Windows Renew” service, business forms, unlimited support from our staff, and a network of other “Windows Renew” business owners you can collaborate with.

Windows Renew Small Business OpportunityA Windows Renew business is so easy to start up and run anyone with basic knowledge of computers can do it. All f the marketing support we provide focusses around one service. When you start this home-based business, you will be a specialist in just ONE service - solving 99% of all computer problems. That's why it's such a valuable niche. While almost every other competitor computer repair shop chases the same business clients with the same services and ads, you will be jumping in to dominate the hugely profitable home computer user market using our unique, branded service designed to eliminate all the real problems people have with their computers. This is what 95% of customers need when it comes to computer problems and you'll be the only one in your area providing this service! Plus, our experience shows that the best price to charge to perform our Windows Renew service is $150. Averaging at 2 hours to perform the service, you should be making $75 an hour in profits and you keep 100% of this! Even better, if you let clients drop off their computers at your home or office, you can service up to 4 computers at a time in about 3 hours - which translates into over $200 an hour. If that isn't a nice way to make money, we don't know what is.

Windows Renew - Headquarters
2-17 51st Avenue #519,
Long Island City, NY 11101
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