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Green Concepts
Concepts rents beautiful, luscious, fresh plants organizations that want to create an impression.
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The Homesteader
The Homesteader is a newspaper that has been published monthly since 1990 and is mailed directly to new homeowners.
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Eureka Woodworks
Eureka Woodworks gives you the opportunity to build and sell quality, natural hard wood furniture that's always in demand.
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Great Windows
Great Windows is a leading manufacturer, supplier and service/business opportunty provider of quality, custom window treatments.
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Kwik Kerb
Kwik Kerb is the leader, innovator and original decorative concrete landscaping edging business opportunity.
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Dr Glass
Dr. Glass Window Washing offers a comprehensive turn-key system for developing your own residential window-washing business.
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SCM Engravers
SCM Systems provides high speed, glass etching, engraving and sandblasting tools that you can use to start up your very own engraving business.
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PuroClean is one of the fastest growing property damage remediation franchise organizations in North America, specializing in fire and water damage restoration works.
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InjectASeal produces and markets a superior foam injected insulation for homes and buildings.
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Glass Doctor
Glass Doctor is glass repair specialist and leader in helping entrepreneurs and glass professionals build strong and successful glass businesses.
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All American Decorative Concrete
All American Decorative Concrete is a specialist in interior and exterior decorative concrete overlays for residential and commercial properties.
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Maid Brigade
Maid Brigade is a leading residential cleaning service, operating over 400 franchise cleaning specialists in the United States and Canada.
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EZ Breathe
E-Z Breathe is a maintenance-free, easy to install, attractive, quiet and cost-efficient solution that improves home and building air ventilation.
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Unfinished Furniture Association
Unfinished Furniture Association helps promote and support entrepreneurs to start up a niche business in the highly profitable unfinished furniture industry.
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Engrave-A-Crete is the world's premier manufacturer of decorative concrete engraving equipment, providing a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs.
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