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Reminder : Listing on our business opportunity index DOES NOT imply endorsement by PositiveMoneyIdeas.com. You are advised to practice due diligence before entering into any business and/or financial dealings with any business opportunity provider.

The Back Rubber
The Back Rubber's vending massage chairs that are not only leading the wave of vending technology, but they're also a truly great business opportunity.
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Windows Renew
Windows Renew has perfected the ultimate solution for solving 99% of all computer problems, and tapping into the hugely profitable home computer user market.
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Wireless Neighborhood
Wireless Neighborhood locations are hotbeds of exciting and fast moving technology, a premium retailer of Verizon Wireless.
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Vs Barbershop
V's Barbershop is the leading name in the men's grooming industry, providing old fashioned hair cuts to upmarket clientele.
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MVPLogo helps you start your own business selling and marketing a wide range of promotional gift products - from apparel to stationary to novelties.
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EZ Breathe
E-Z Breathe is a maintenance-free, easy to install, attractive, quiet and cost-efficient solution that improves home and building air ventilation.
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Griffin Waste Services
Griffin Waste Services bring convenience and efficiency of the commercial waste industry to home owners by providing convenient and easy to load waste containers.
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Tasty Image
Tasty Image's revolutionary technology allows you to print virtually any image on chocolate, so you can personalize chocolate as gifts.
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BikeCaffe is in a class of its own, serving up gourmet roasted coffee in a most unique way
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Under The Sea Indoor Playground
Under The Sea Playground is an sea-themed playground and party venue that provides safe, educational and age-appropriate facilities for kids to have FUN.
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Mr Fire Safety
Mr Fire Safety is the leading specialist in the government-madated exhaust hood pressure cleaning and fire extinguisher services niche.
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Unfinished Furniture Association
Unfinished Furniture Association helps promote and support entrepreneurs to start up a niche business in the highly profitable unfinished furniture industry.
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Push Models
Push Models is a top-class agency that provides promotion and events models and staffing all across the country.
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Chocolography's system allows you to print high-resolution images onto chocolate and food, so you can make profit from the lucrative personalized food business industry.
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Battery Services International
Battery Services International provides a business opportunity using its technology and restoration process to revives dead batteries and rejuvenate old batteries.
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