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Reminder : Listing on our business opportunity index DOES NOT imply endorsement by PositiveMoneyIdeas.com. You are advised to practice due diligence before entering into any business and/or financial dealings with any business opportunity provider.

TeleVenture trains and helps you startup your own home based business as a home entertainment systems setup specialist.
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Admats is a simple to operate small business opportunity that allows local businesses to advertise via traymat and table mats in restaurants and eateries.
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DVDNow is a business built around a technological breakthrough that allows DVDs to be rented from a machine just like an ATM.
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Friendly Folks
Friendly Folks is an established and respected company with indredible potential that produces personalized gifts.
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Bits Bytes and Bots
Bits Bytes & Bots opens the world of computers, robotics and stop animation films to kids in a variety of fun, creative, problem solving projects.
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Battery Giant
Battery Giant is the leader in battery retail sales for general and specialized battery needs.
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Fresh Healthy Vending
Fresh Healthy Vending is poised to dominate the fresh food vending industry as it rides a global wave of healthy eating and fresh food consciousness.
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Keepsake Stuffer
KS International Inc. manufactures and develops balloon stuffing machines as well as produces the largest lines of gifts in balloon ideas.
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Animaland is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of Stuff-It-Yourself plush animal systems, animal plush, outfits and accessories.
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BallStars' revolutionary technique is the only process in the world that can heat transfer images, logos or text onto full inflated sports balls.
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Grout Medic
Grout Medic's comprehensive restoration services are engaged all over the world to clean and seal tile and grout and for a host of other related services.
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Conwin Online
Conwin Online supplies a complete range of balloon decor products and the Balloon Decor Master Series Instructional DVD set on how to set up your own balloon decor business.
...read more

Oxi Fresh
Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning leads the carpet cleaning industry with experience and innovative products that have proven to make carpets like new right before the customer's eyes.
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Pak Mail
Pak Mail is the world's premier packing and shipping company, packing and shipping anything and everything all over the world for well over 25 years.
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Junk King
Junk King is an efficient, reliable, professional junk removal service that handles just about any item that you need to be discarded.
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