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Personal/Public Services

Idea TitleViewed
1.Adult Day Care4351 times
2.Air / Private Charter3627 times
3.Apartment Preparation / Cleaning3677 times
4.Apparel Alteration3278 times
5.Appliance Repair3275 times
6.Art/Photo Representative4255 times
7.Art/Photo Restoration3775 times
8.Astrology Readings3113 times
9.Automotive Detailing3969 times
10.Baby Photographer3524 times
11.Banquet Services4098 times
12.Bed and Breakfast3313 times
13.Blade Sharpening3224 times
14.Building Maintenance Services3881 times
15.Business Incorporation Service6756 times
16.Canopy Rental3720 times
17.Car Number Procurement4075 times
18.Car Repair / Service Technician3944 times
19.Car Wash / Polish4373 times
20.Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning3757 times
21.Childcare Referral Service4382 times
22.Christmas Tree Service3883 times
23.College Admission Specialist3334 times
24.Color Consultant7834 times
25.Construction Services3778 times
26.Cooling Station3386 times
27.Costume Making and Rental9266 times
28.Custom Embroidery4213 times
29.Customization Specialist3565 times
30.Dating Service3054 times
31.Digital Imaging3912 times
32.Disc Duplication3156 times
33.Document Restoration2905 times
34.Dog Walker3391 times
35.Drunk Driver Assist4534 times
36.Education Finance Consultant6117 times
37.Elderly Residence4637 times
38.Entertainment Reservations Service3037 times
39.Environmental Consultant4399 times
40.Errands Service4212 times
41.Etiquette/Protocol Courses4212 times
42.Event Organizer5512 times
43.Express Hair Cuts3418 times
44.Family Genealogy2899 times
45.Feng Shui Consultant3404 times
46.Fish Tank Cleaner3524 times
47.Florist / Floral Arranger3906 times
48.Food Delivery Service4475 times
49.Freelance Beautician4779 times
50.Freelance Writer3816 times
51.Fund Raising Specialist3575 times
52.Gardening Service3559 times
53.Government Contract Consulting4743 times
54.Graffiti Removal Service3704 times
55.Guard Dog Service3597 times
56.Handwriting / Face Analysis3529 times
57.Handyman Network4486 times
58.Haulage / Garbage Collection3477 times
59.Holiday Decorator2845 times
60.Home Catering4232 times
61.Home Entertainment System Specialist4779 times
62.Home Healthcare Worker3353 times
63.Home Schooling Consultant7482 times
64.House Cleaning Service4069 times
65.House Watcher4074 times
66.Image Consultant3341 times
67.Jamming Studio5048 times
68.Jewelry / Watch Repair3698 times
69.Kennel/Cage Cleaner3424 times
70.Lactation Consultant6766 times
71.Landscaping Consultant3513 times
72.Laundry / Ironing Service3431 times
73.Letter Writing Service3956 times
74.License/Permit Renewal Service3688 times
75.Maildrop/Doordrop Service3482 times
76.Management / ISO / Quality Consultant3399 times
77.Marketing Consultant3807 times
78.Massage Therapist3564 times
79.Mattress Cleaning Service3519 times
80.Mobile Barber6125 times
81.Mobile Car Inspection / Repair4329 times
82.Mobile Car Wash5789 times
83.Mobile Computer Repair3803 times
84.Mobile Hairdresser5028 times
85.Moving Service3127 times
86.Mural Painting4646 times
87.Music Instruments Repair3618 times
88.Nail Painting Salon3355 times
89.Nanny Service3605 times
90.Nappy Service3587 times
91.Notary Service3272 times
92.Overnight Delivery Service5261 times
93.Packing Service3404 times
94.Paint / Touch Up Professional3801 times
95.Paralegal3180 times
96.Party Planner3767 times
97.Personal Coach3723 times
98.Personal Menu Service6841 times
99.Personal Organizer3166 times
100.Personal Shopper3705 times
101.Personal Weight Loss Consultant6162 times
102.Personalized Poems4062 times
103.Pest Control3462 times
104.Pet Funeral Parlour3563 times
105.Pet Grooming Service3132 times
106.Pet Hotel5044 times
107.Pet Waste Removal3802 times
108.Photocopy / Fax Service3725 times
109.Plant Sitting Service3983 times
110.Polishing Service2994 times
111.Pool Cleaning Service3115 times
112.Post Natal Care Network3547 times
113.Power Cleaning7801 times
114.Private Tutor3308 times
115.Property Damage Restoration6796 times
116.Proposal Writer3173 times
117.Queueing Service3778 times
118.Rare Book Dealer4249 times
119.Recycling4226 times
120.Relocation Service3824 times
121.Reminder Service3495 times
122.Resume Service3025 times
123.Retirement Financial Consultant7059 times
124.Retirement Planner3116 times
125.Road Tax / Insurance Renewal3966 times
126.Security Escort3923 times
127.Singing Telegram3630 times
128.Small Business Consultant3276 times
129.Small Engines Repair3380 times
130.SMS Reminder Service3874 times
131.Snow Removal Service3346 times
132.Special Diet Catering4231 times
133.Speech Writer3166 times
134.Standardized Test Preparatory Service3145 times
135.Stress Busting Center3302 times
136.Stress Management Counsellor3668 times
137.Tanning Booth Operator2873 times
138.Taxation Service2994 times
139.Themed Parties4129 times
140.Time Management Consultant3994 times
141.Travel Consultant3786 times
142.Tree Doctor / Pruning Service3980 times
143.Vacation House Sitter3692 times
144.Vegetarian Catering4279 times
145.Wedding Planner3313 times
146.Woodwork Restorer3447 times
147.Word Processing Service4467 times
148.Workers Compensation Consultant3099 times
149.Workshop For Hire2877 times

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