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Retirement Planner
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large percentage of people do not give much thought to life after retirement and whether they will have enough funds to support themselves. However, statistics show that awareness about this problem is growing. Many more people now realize that with insufficient funds, they may be living below the poverty level in their twilight years. The need to start planning begins decades - not years - before retirement.

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As a Retirement Planner, you'll convince them that you're meticulous at developing financial strategies tailored to their unique financial situations. You'll take a good look at their current employment and financial situation, their potential earning power in the years to come, and formulate the strategies based on their expectations for life after retirement.

You'll analyze and recommend investment strategies on a case-by-case basis because each client is unique. You need to have a good grasp of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that may suit your client's long term investment, bearing in mind though that your client has the final say about such investments. You will build a reputation when you approach your clients with a genuine concern for their future. Referring clients to specific companies that offer retirement or investment plans may also help you develop a relationship with these companies, earning yourself a reputation as their unofficial sales specialist.

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