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Bake to Order
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o people always compliment you on your delightful cakes and cookies? Can you whip up a pie in a jiffy? Do you love baking and do you love it that people enjoy your tasty masterpieces? Well, maybe you should consider starting a Bake-to-order business. This is a business you can run at home while the kids are at school. If you're a retired mom with lots of time on your hands, even better! Many people long for mom's good ol' home-baked pies and cookies and while they could get what they want at their local shop, nothing beats a home-baked pie bursting with filling!

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What you want to do is tell your neighbours and friends that you're doing this as a business. You'll want to have enough supplies on hand, ready to bake a selection of cakes and cookies anytime.However, if you stay near a supermarket or grocery store, then you could accept any order because you just need to pop over to the store and get what you need. Your customers would basically call at least half a day in advance to order their cakes, cookies or pies. You'll need to schedule a pick-up time. Then all you have to do is bake an hour or two before they arrive so your cakes are hot and fresh.

If you keep this purely as a home business, you'll probably make quite a nice sum of money, but if you can supply freshly baked cakes to your local grocery store, you can increase you income quite substantially. Of course an increase in production would require additional equipment. You probably won't be able to keep up with orders if you just have your regular home-oven. Keeping it a home business shouldn't be much of a problem but keep in mind that you'll need to check with your local health and business regulations about selling your home-baked products to the shops. This is a great way to keep busy, make new friends and make extra money!

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