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Home-brewed Herbal Tonics
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he Chinese swear by it - their medicinal herbal tonics, I mean - brewed from mixtures of herbs and roots. There's apparently a cure for every ailment known to man, from headaches to lack of appetite to diabetes. These recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and some have been medically proven to be effective in combating the specific ailment for which they are used. Brewing these concoctions are a tedious task though - some require simmering over a hot stove for hours - and many people simply don't have the time to do it although they love the benefits these tonics give them.

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If you love to cook and you have a keen interest in herbal tonics as a means of natural healing, then you could start a business brewing tonics for people too busy to do it themselves. You could run this business from your home, but to make any decent money, you would have to advertise your business or perhaps operate somewhere with a lot of people who appreciate such tonics. You would ideally need to open a stall in your local marketplace or mall.

You should always have the ingredients to brew specific tonics like health and appetite boosters and cough and flu remedies. You could take orders from customers who come to you for tonics for specific problems. Bear in mind you may need to get the approval from your local health authorities before doing this business. What you need to do is prove that your tonics are basically all-natural ingredients derived from roots, shoots and leaves. A great way to help people and your bank balance stay healthy!

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