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Tea Garden
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h... you read about it in books and you see it in movies - people sitting, relaxing and having a cuppa in a beautiful garden or beside the beach, enjoying the light breeze on a beautiful sunny day. People love to have their favorite cuppa, chatting with friends - even more so if it's somewhere nice and comfy.

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Do you love making tea? Do you love having friends over for a chat? Do you have a large, cosy yard with lots of shady trees and flowers or do you live somewhere with a spectacular view of mountains or the sea? You do? Well, this business is great for you then. You could open for business only on weekends or if you're a retiree, then maybe this could be a great way to spend your days. You'll basically have a few tables under your nice shady trees and serve tea and desserts. Make sure your yard and trees are free from bees and such insects - they're a definite no-no.

This business offers you the perfect opportunity to get to know people. You'll play host and maybe have a chat with your customers, making them feel at ease. You don't necessarily have to make your desserts yourself - you could buy them from your local shop - but customers probably would enjoy it more if it's home-baked by you! Just be yourself - treat your customers like guests to your home - and they'll be sure to make a date to have their regular cuppa every weekend at your place.

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